Friday, March 29, 2013

Himalaya Herbals Mud Pack

Himalaya Purifying Mud Pack, 150ml ($6.90)

Mud mask has always been marketed for oily skin. But i like the product for its cleansing and skin tightening properties and has been using it in moderation for my normal skin type. While applying, the skin tightens as the mask dries; it felt good, and after washing, the skin brightens up, imparting a natural glow! and felt really smooth without the dead cells. Pity it doesn't remove blackheads as claimed. 

But, i thought my face felt slimmer. And for the many days after, the skin felt smooth to touch. This modest product from Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore (founded in 1930) seems to work well.

For my weekly cleansing, only a dollop of twenty-cent coin size was used with water dilution on my wet skin. After which, standard moisturizing must be followed to phase out the drying feel.

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