Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Lady, Finger

It felt wonderful as we watched the first fruit from my ladyfinger plants ripen and grew in size; all within a week time after it shed away its flower bud. Now it is ready for harvesting, lest it become fibrous.

I gave the ladyfinger some light stir-frying with noodles and could taste its nature sweetness and very fine vegetable fiber, right till its tip. It is amazingly good! The tastiest ladyfinger i've ever tasted.

Thanks to my Bangladeshi friend who provided the seeding some months back. The plants are now as tall as i am, and ever ready to bring forth more fruits!

Ladyfinger Yellow Flower Bud, Purple at the base.

Young Ladyfinger Fruit

And i realized how the fine hairy fruit excretes a certain pungent sense on your fingers when you stroke its surface! This maybe how the ladyfinger fruits protect it from pests and birds that may have otherwise eaten it away. Nature is clever.

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