Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bio-Life, 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

26 Apr 2014, Sat

Woke up on Saturday morning and hurried to check at the mirror - cos i was amazed to feel my stubborn pimple finally subsiding! Just after 1 night application of the Tea Tree Oil! 

You had no idea how disturbed i was when this pimple stayed for weeks and refused to go away by itself - which it usually does. Being such a pig head, i refused to apply my trusty Hazeline Snow cream. Then every salesperson i met during this period tries to recommend products for pimples! That was when i realized how glaring my redness was. Believe me, it was a swelling red, much worse than this first photo. I became desperate.

No stinging pain when i first dripped the oil onto my broken pimple that Friday night. Just a little stinging followed by an amazingly cool peppermint sensation; i was grateful. A few more applications on the weekend while i left the pimple alone on the busy work week, checking back and administering it only on the weekends. See it is healing? Slowly but surely.

4 May 2014, Sun

11 May 2014, Sun

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Beary said...

It works wonderfully for itchy, sensitive skins! Just discovered that. More effective than my trusted Mentholatum!