Thursday, June 1, 2017

乔记面馆, Qiao Ji Noodle House

You like pancake with stuffing? I love it.

It is a basic staple food in China, but in Singapore we tend to pay a premium for it. This stall (#01-72) we are visiting at Blk 90, Whampoa Food Centre serves an economical one. Only a dollar fifty for a palm-sized piece. And they were fattened with stuffing!

Now we love to dip them into the vinegary sauce, complete with ginger strips. Yum.

韭菜盒子, Chives Pancake ($1.50)
猪肉馅饼, Pork Pancake ($1.50)

葱花饼, Spring Onions Pancake ($1.50)

Friday, May 26, 2017

Ri Ri Hong, 日日红麻辣香锅

Prawns, Dried Cuttlefish, Chicken, Pork, Glass Vermicelli, Beancurd Skin, Oyster Mushrooms, Black Fungus,
Winter Melon, Ridge Gourd, Broccoli, Taiwan Lettuce 'Mai Cai' ($35, include 1 rice)

Our first encounter with the Mala fragrant hot pot was here, in 2014. It was our first, and best experience of Mala pot. But my China friends kept peddling - the Ri Ri Hong at People's Park Food Center. And we made it today, on a cold rainy day, which is perfect for the spicy meal.

Most stalls (almost all) allow you to pick the ingredients, in the amount you want, then proceed to weight each and charge you accordingly. Here, RRH has a standard serving size for each type of ingredients you picked - 6 prawns mean 1 serving and price, you can't take 4 prawns. We didn't know that. So we ended up with a huge bowl, as we are used to picking up a variety.

The Mala spices doesn't stand out from the rest. It was fairly average, or a little disappointing. Now, we don't understand RRH's overwhelming popularity. We were lucky to be early, because the snaking queue shocked us when we were finished for the night.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Hainanese Set Lunches at Foo House

Day Soup - Pumpkin Soup

I have clearly forgotten, how much we enjoyed set lunches at the Foo House. My posts in 2008 and 2009 recorded their good food and services, winning them full houses. Today, the little cafe was deserted.

We had their usual creamy pumpkin soup. Other choices of main available are the mutton soup and chicken curry, but we stayed with the pork chop. It was all good old cooking. Savory curry naughtily triumph over the sweet, sourish tomato sauce; both doused on the familiar pork chop. It was appetizing. The chai choy was disappointingly, a little cold.

Good simple food is just not enough, to keep up with novelty of new cafés.

Hainanese Pork Chop, with braised Chai Choy and buttered rice. ($11.90+)

Curry Pork Cutlet, with braised Chai Choy and buttered rice. ($11.90+)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Indonesian Ayam Bakar

Ayam Bakar Sambal Lado ($4)

Ayam Bakar Diving ($4)

I have always loved Indonesia-styled grilled chicken, so i got pretty excited to see a short queue at this stall in the Changi Village Food Centre. We follow suit and ordered 2 of their main signatures like everyone else.

It was standard grilled chicken for all, then finished with the respective sauces according to your order. Clearly, the ayam sambal was the spicier one. The popular ayam diving was doused with sweet black sauce and a dip of sweet, piquant sambal was provided! Both include a serving of aromatic rice cupped in heart-shape, dark-sauced pineapple salad, and a warm soup which tasted like Thai Tom Yum. It was many tastings in one plate!

We haven't got this excited over hawker food for a long time.


Saturday, May 6, 2017

蒸得好, Steamed Meat and Boiled Soup (I)

Steamed Egg ($2.50), Steamed Pork Patty with Lotus Roots ($3.50)

We were finally back to the steamed food stall at the ABC Brickworks Food Centre, planning to try out their 2 main dishes here - steamed egg and the steamed pork patty! These are so popular, you see them on every order on the neighboring tables.

The steamed egg was especially mild tasting and smooth; i could eat it on its own. The pork patty was savory and tender, helping to down our large bowl of rice! Lastly, some warm herbal chicken soup to nourish the body. And we are good.

Herbal Chicken ($6)

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tom's Kitchen

Pork Cutlet ($5.50)

Taman Jurong Market Food Centre might be the most unlikely place for a weekend meal because of its secluded location, while it is noteworthy for its many little stalls of good cze char. But tonight we wanted something new. We hopped around and saw the hustling at Tom's.

Youngsters were ordering up spaghettis, baked rice and the usual cutlets and chips. We called it the KFC-sauced chicken - gravy that goes with our cutlet and chop tastes like the whip potato sauce from the KFC! 

Your average salad, crumbly cutlet and a well-grilled chicken that is crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. Pretty mediocre fare, you may say. But it was decadent and characterizes by the KFC sauce! Not bad for a weekend.

Grilled Chicken Chop ($5.50)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Warung Nenek


Heartwarming name of 'Warung Nenek' at the Changi Village Food Centre actually means 'Little stall of Grandma' in Malay. Sweet.

Their main stay is some well-toasted fritter (Chinese 'you tiao') and beancurd puff (Taupok), stuffed with raw cucumber strips and blanched beansprouts, done rojak style. Great for those who prefer their rojak without the pineapples and turnips. Seems familiar with what we usually have from Chinese rojak stall? But the shrimp paste used in the sauce here is much lighter, yet very palatable. We like it.

Next we followed others in buying up their little banana fritters, lightly coated with thin, savory batter. Served dipping hot. Surely, this is the best pisang goreng we had, from a Malay stall.

Rojak Bakar ($3)

Pisang Goreng ($2 for 8)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Changi Village Satay

Beef, Mutton Satay ($0.70 per stick), Lontong ($0.70 x2)

It doesn't go unnoticed that the most popular satay stall among the Chinese patrons, in the Changi Village Food Centre is Jason's, while our Muslim friends went for Changi Village Satay. We first caught sight of them on a Chinese table - fat chunky sticks of grilled meat! And i told Ric, i want those!

And we have. Sweet, juicy sticks of grilled mutton, with very little too tough to chew. This is good. The beef was understandably tougher, but equally aromatic. No regret for my whimsicality.

Friday, April 14, 2017

THAI Food @ Woodlands

Pokémon-ing brought us to the 'ulu' north of Singapore which we were not familiar with. A friend recommends this little Thai stall which packs a good crowd during the lunch hours; head chef by a capable Thai lady at 186, Woodlands Industrial Park E5, right behind the Singapore Safety Driving Centre.

We were told that their stir-fried rice and noodles are the sell out here, and so we had.

Green Curry Fried Rice ($4.50)
Fried Drunken Noodle ($4.50)

Serving is large! Never a pinchpenny. Aromatic food fragrance is the first thing to strike our senses, albeit the missing wok-hei. Next, we found ourselves sobbing from the spicy green curry, and seeking respite from the sweetness of the fried kway teow. Feeling upbeat, we added a Thai beef salad to our meal, which only means another nose-blowing episode. It was spicy, but very satisfying. 

Surely, i wouldn't hesitate to return for more of their rustic Thai fare - the seafood Tom Yam, Thai omelette minced pork, lemon grass beef or the classic pineapple rice. A good meal, when we weren't rushing after Pokémons.

Beef Salad ($5)

Friday, April 7, 2017

Oleh Oleh Bandung

Chicken and Mutton Satay ($0.70 per stick), Lontong ($0.50 x 2)

Another satay night at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village; there are so many Malay satay stalls here, we vowed to try them all!

Compared to Haron, stall 55 which we tried earlier, Oleh Oleh, stall 50 is lighter on the taste buds - less coating of spices on the mutton, and lesser salt in the peanut sauce. We welcome the lesser salt part, but were missing the spices. It was good, nonetheless.

Then we chanced upon our best Mee Goreng (on the background of the photo)! More on that later.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Yourself to Blame

If things go bad for you --
And make you a bit ashamed,
Often you will find out that
You have yourself to blame ...

Swiftly we ran to mischief
And then bad luck came.
Why do we fault others?

Whatever happens to us,
Here are the words to say,
"Had it not been for so-and-so
Things wouldn't have gone that way."

And if you are short of friends,
I'll tell you what to do --
Make an examination,
You'll find that fault's in you ...

You're the captain of your ship,
So agree with the same --
If you travel downward,
You have yourself to blame.

~ Mayme White Miller

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pikachu Cup Noodles

Sapporo Ichiban Shoyu Ramen ($3.50)

This price tag is definitely hefty, for the little cup that doesn't fill you.

There was no seasoning pack to open, as it was already peppered within the noodles. You just need to pour in hot water and wait for that 3 minutes. And voila...

Cute Pikachu faces on the tiny fish cakes greet you when you tossed over your noodles; I counted 4-5 of them. The instant noodles are of the standard texture, having no difference from the average. The soup tastes not bad at all, none overly salted, smelling delicious also.

A real treat for that little Pokémon fans.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Jason's Place Satay

Chicken, Pork Satay ($0.60), Ketupat ($0.60)

Disappointed with their signature pork belly satay previously, we didn't want to risk it tonight. We chose to stay with the standard fare instead. A slow evening at the Changi Village Food Centre, and serving is fast and well done.

There is much lesser overburn, and the satay remains sweet, juicy and subtly charred. It is good. Not forgetting to mention the scarce addition of pineapple purée in their spicy peanut sauce. Maybe, another try on their pork belly next time.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Bottega Rose Gold

Pinot Nero Spumante Brut, vol. 11.5% (200ml)

The little bottle was complimentary when we purchased some hard liqueur from the Changi duty free. A sparkling wine series from Bottega, which places a safe bet with the Pinot Noir grapes.

It was sparkling fresh, and distinctly flowery with scent of mixed berries, mainly currants. But I remembered enjoying the Jacobs Creek's better.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pranakorn: Authentic Thai Food

Stir-Fried Spicy Basil Minced Pork & Egg w/Rice ($5.80)

Homemade Fried Pork Cake w/Special Dipping Sauce ($6.80)

Thai Style Stick Noodle with Minced Pork in Tom Yum Soup ($5.80)

The ultra savory Tom Yum soup from Pranakorn had us startled, awake! And Ric waved off any further offering of it. Haha. Yes, the heavier seasoning at Pranakorn seems to be authentic Thai, and not tweaked much to suit the local taste buds. I thought it was a good appetizer, though, as i'm not having much of an appetite lately. And i love chewing on the thin, chewy stick noodle. The dry Tom Yum rendition, without the soup, might be the next thing to order.

The Basil minced pork was also more salted, but acceptable. Very tender minced pork in the Tom Yum soup, and sweet juicy fried minced pork cake, that can be liken to the taste of our local sweet sour pork ribs.

Steamed Thai Rice Cake w/Pandan & Coconut Milk ($3.50)

Now, if i could just delicate this entire post to the steamed Thai rice cake - soft, melt in the mouth kueh kueh, tasting layers of light sweetness and tartness at the same time. It was delish.

A simple street dessert, which often pales in comparison with the popular mango sticky rice and Thai Chendol. But no. We say you order this dessert, and start the weekend on an uplifted spirit.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

益生, Tiong Bahru Yi Sheng Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee

Fried Hokkien Noodle ($5, prices start from $4)

Step into the ABC Brickworks Food Centre, one cannot miss the snaking queue at Yi Sheng (#01-13). What impresses me is the white-haired hawker at work by his big scalding wok.

We ordered a $5 plate which comes with 2 good sized prawns and generous serving of fresh sotong. Being the last plate from the wok, our noodles have lost its texture, but are still very wet. Flavor wise, we couldn't detect good wok hei, nor fragrance. Their good sambal chili is the saving grace.

For avid fans, many still call in at 9862-9296 to place large orders.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Haron Satay 55

Beef, Mutton Satay ($0.70 cents per stick), Lontong ($0.50)

How cool! When we don't eat on proper table and chairs; felt like a kid all over again. A sense of fun ignites as i sat by the beach and asked Ric to fetch some satay from the nearby East Coast Lagoon Food Village. The weather was amazing tonight.

He explained his buy from Haron - long queue and them being listed on the The Business Times & Knight Frank CEO's Hawker Guide. While i was most impressed with their deliberate use of aluminum foil wrapping to keep the satay warm! And the generous pack of sliced cucumber and onions that come with it.

The sizable satay was well marinated with spices, and deliciously aromatic after the barbecue! Eat it plain if you can, because we do suffer from their heavily salted peanut gravy.

Stall 21 @ East Coast Lagoon

Fried Oyster Omelet ($4)

The recent rainy weather makes it perfect for some meaty prime ribs and peppery broth from the Han's at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Also a good excuse for the sinfully crispy oyster omelet, right next door.

The stall next door came without a name, just a tiny stall number '21'. And you might not expect any good omelet from them as they also peddle a variety of many others - Hokkien noodle, char kway teow, carrot cake. Giving an impression of being Jack of all trades.

But they are quite exceptional. Bring back to mind the crispy fried oyster omelet from the Beng Hiang restaurant, albeit the oiliness. And our minimum order of $4 delivers 5 oysters. This is value.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Six Healing Sounds Qigong (六字诀)

Courtesy of 医学百科

I was prompted to pen this post after 2 recent ailments, when my knowledge of the 6 healing sounds truly alleviated my pain. I hope this sharing will benefit more people. So what is this 6 healing sounds?

As according to here, "Six Healing Sound Qigong was found circa 250 A.D. during the Chin dynasty in China. The earliest record of the six healing sound qigong was found in the book called "Nourish mind and longevity record" which was written by Tao Hong Jing (581-681), a famous ancient Chinese medicine doctor, thinker."

Now the 6 healing sound qigong has at least 1760 years of history. In 2003, the China Health Qigong Association officially recognised it as a form of health Qigong, and promotes it nationwide. A practice that uses sounds, breath and movements to improve energy (Qi) circulation to each of our respective organs. Each sound is associated with an internal organ system, and an external sense organ.

1. Liver, (eye) - Sound is “Xu” 嘘, pronounced “She eee”.
2. Heart, (tongue) - Sound is “Her” 呵, pronounced “Her rrr”.
3. Spleen, (mouth) - Sound is “Hu” 呼, pronounced “Who ooo”.
4. Lung, (nose) - Sound is “Si” 四, pronounced “Si ssssss”.
5. Kidney, (ear) - Sound is “Chui” 吹, pronounced “Chui aaa”.
6. Triple Burner Meridian - Sound is “Xi” 嘻, pronounced “See eee”.

No doubt, instructions suggest practicing in standing position with designed hands movement (video here) to guarantee efficiency, but i found it effective in all sitting and lying positions. Using the nose for inhaling and exhale through the mouth, uttering the word softly. Without any body movement.


1. Heart Burn - After a heavy dinner, my pain came in the night, in bed. The agonizing pain came in waves and i curled up in pain, struggling to get back to sleep. Without a choice, i start deep breathing with the 'Hu' sound (thinking it's my gastric pain, as this is my first heart burn experience). It didn't work one bit. I'm still in pain. Then i tired the 'Her' sound for the heart, this time it worked! I continued breathing in, out for about 10 mins, and falling back to sleep. Then i was woken by a second wave of acid attack on the heart. Did my breathing again to subside the pain and got back to sleep.

2. Stomach Upset/ Diarrhea - After a day of discomfort and loose stools, my stomach flipped during the night, feeling of trapped gases. Did the 'Hu' sound for the digestive system for 5 mins, pain subsided and i manage to burp the gases out! Got out of bed to the toilet to discharge. Slept in, but was woken by a second waves of pain. Did the 'Hu' again, the pain subsided, and i managed a burp and a fart. Got back to peaceful sleep. Morning came, and i toilet to clear out a large load.


Now if you can't remember all the 6 sounds, just remember those which your body is more susceptible to attack. In my case, i have a weak digestive system, so the 'Hu' and 'Her' are my life savior. If you commonly suffer from sore eye, then consider the 'Xu' sound. Or the practice of the 'Chui' sound to strengthen a weak kidney. 'Her' to soothe a tongue/ mouth blister, 'Si' to relieve flu symptoms. And 'Xi' to improve bowel movements.

Our body. It is this amazing.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Spanish Moss!

Tillandsia usneoides (Spanish Moss)
This is a gift from Sis when she visited the 41st Chiang Mai Flower Festival during the CNY. Pretty?

Named the Spanish moss, it is an epiphyte which absorbs nutrients and water through its leaves from the air and rainfall. Commonly known as an air plant. A semi-desert plant which loves plenty of sunshine, and requires minimum care.

We left 2 larger ones to hang naturally on the plants in the garden. (Pics below).


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Boiled Cockles (See-Hums)!

Boiled Clams ($8)

Dinner was decided on Hua Kee BBQ Seafood as i wanted Ric to try their BBQ squids which i thought he might be fond of. But what really blew our minds tonight are the boiled cockles! Not our first time having them, but it was a long, long time since we last had. This is just bloody gratifying!

The minus point on ordering the clams is having the rest of our dishes served cold - we guess the server waited for us to finish cleaning up our bloody fingers, before serving up the mains...

BBQ Stingray ($12)

BBQ Squids ($15)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Chinatown Beef King, 牛车水牛腩王

Mixed Beef Noodle, Dry ($4)

We say this is closer to the Taiwanese beef noodle, served with pickled vegetables. In fact, the hawker speaks with an accent of a Taiwanese at his stall (#01-115) at the ABC Brickworks Food Centre.

Taste is great, without being overly salted. It was well balanced and appetizing. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised with the generous serving of ingredients - cow stomach, tender beef slices and tendons in our minimum order. Great value found today.

Beef Tendon Kway Teow, Soup ($5)

Friday, February 3, 2017

安溪肉丸, Anxi Meat Balls

Weeks nearing the CNY, and i suddenly have craving for the Hokkien meatballs, one which mum used to prepare for us to go with her signature Lor Mee (braised sauce noodle)! And she suddenly planned to do it today! I could saliva as i'm typing this.

500g Minced Meat
200g Water Chestnut, skinned and diced
3 pcs Onion, diced
1 pc Carrot, diced
1 raw Egg

2 tbsp Flour
1/4 tsp Salt
2 dashes of White Pepper

1. Add minced meat to water chestnut, onion, carrot and seasoning. Top up with an egg. Mix well.
2. Form the meat balls with your hands. Then fry them in wok with oil till fragrant.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

Kambing Panggang, grilled lamb

We are back to the Kintamani for our yearly gathering, with prices up at $55++ per pax now. Compare with what we had in 2011, the food has maintained its standard, with some toothsome addition like the grilled lamb leg.

With their 1-for-1 promotion still valid with major credit cards, this is definitely value.

DIY Station - Mee Rebus

DIY - Gado Gado Jakarta

Another memorable dish would be their ayam panggang which has a nice ginseng aroma! Besides the typical fresh fruits and ice-cream for dessert, there are also hot bubur cha cha, chilled chendol, crispy goreng pisang and the special lolos beras.

A buffet i would love to return on the very next day.


Udang Rebus, fresh boiled prawn on ice

Mutton and Chicken Satay

Ayam Panggang, grilled chicken served with special black sauce

Sayur Lodeh, stewed vegetables with coconut gravy

Sambal Udang Balado, tiger prawn with sambal balado

Rendang Daging Sapi, richly beef slimmered with coconut gravy

Tumis Kailan Saus Tiram, kailan with oyster sauce

Ikan Goreng Colo-Colo, deep-fried Dory fish

Fresh fruits - Guava, Watermelon and Jackfruit (Longan and Passion fruits not in picture)

Nonya Kueh Assortment