Thursday, December 7, 2017

Curry Fish Head @ Sri Veera's

Curry Fish Head

Couldn't resist a 5 course curry fish head set for 2 pax, at $15 only. Badly wanted to see the genuineness of the offer, because they say - good things don't come cheap.

Most importantly, the fish head is fresh and meaty! We were served a full Grouper fish head, in piping hot Indian curry. Side vegetables of the day, with our choice of Masala chicken and sweet fried fishes (we didn't choose the mutton) on banana leaves. What's not mentioned on the deal was their offering of fresh, crisp papadum crackers for us too! It was enjoyable.

You might be pleased, that the little eatery is pleasantly air-conditioned.

Cucumber in Yoghurt, Brinjal, Gourd (Day Vegetables),
Masala Chicken and Fried Fishes.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Physics of Love

An object needn't be large
to have great mass.

That girl, as tiny as a violet
That girl, drifting in the sky like petals of a flower
draws me to her with a force greater
than the one exerted by the earth.

In a single moment
I fell and rolled toward her without rhyme or reason
just as Newton's apple did.

With a thump.
With a thump-thump.
My heart bounced from the heavens to the earth in a dizzying pendular motion.

Such was the moment
I first fell in love.

- Kim In-yook
GOBLIN (episode 5)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

德记, De Ji Cooked Food

Noodle Soup ($3)

At this corner of the Kebun Baru Food Centre, tables were easily littered with red, empty bowls from De Ji. The bowls looked worn out, with visible scalding marks on them! Never mind melamine leaching; i'm simply looking forward to slurping in some good, hot soup.

The flavorsome soup, made thicker by the flour from the sheng mian (noodle) used, is seriously toothsome. I almost emptied the bowl. The ingredients are simple, but fresh - fish cakes, fish balls, pork slices, pork liver and lettuces. A comforting lunch, after a busy morning.

Be warned. The lunch hour queue does get a little too long.

Noodle Dry ($3)

Stall #01-23

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi

Hot Kamo Nanban Soba ($18++)
Thin soba noodles, sliced duck meat, spring onion, duck meat balls, dashi, snap peas, yuzu, soy sauce

Ni-Hachi means 2 and 8 respectively. The golden ratio of 20% wheat flour and 80% buckwheat flour for the perfect soba. The texture and taste achieved, was surely exceptional. Nadai Fuji Soba, at 100AM Mall holds one of my best experiences with soba, which is far and few between. My favourite Japanese noodle is Udon.

Albeit the simple food, the experience was refined and elegant. The flavors of food, kept pure and delicate. Such are the characteristics of Japanese cuisine, giving you that feel of tranquil. Even the sukiyaki soup base seems mellowed to suit the local taste. Try the duck soup; we like that it is slightly more flavorful than their standard soup base.

They have a current facebook promotion for doing a  "check-in & upload" for the restaurant. And we were rewarded with a complimentary Matcha ice-cream, dribbled over with light caramel sauce. It was bitter and non-overly-milky. An ice-cream well worth paying for, really.

Hot Ebi Tempura Soba ($18++)
Thin soba noodle, shrimp tempura, snap peas, dashi, yuzu, soy sauce

Friday, November 17, 2017

Japan Garden Foods - Sizzing Hot Stone

Oyako Don, Chicken ($8.80), Curry Rice, Broccoli ($7.80)
Includes Miso Soup.

X'mas shopping at the Orchard Rd? You may like to make a deliberate visit to the new basement food court at the Shaw Centre. A dimly lighted place with good air flow for a restful, late lunch. The noisy lunch crowd was over by this hour. Good.

The oyako don came across as the eye-catching one with wobbling raw eggs! I was tempted to make a double order for it, but glad we decided on the vegetarian curry don too. The smoky flavor of the spicy curry compliments the sweetness of the oyako don, perfectly.

The meal is a carbo galore, with the usual ingredients of poultry, onions, eggs and broccoli. Nothing quite spectacular, except for its delish burned rice at the bottom of the hot stone pot - charred but remained slight chewy for that enjoyable bite! Very unlike our Chinese claypot rice, which over-burned all these lovely grains.
You may like their other options of beef curry, cheese curry or the salmon egg too! This is interesting.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

福粿园, Kueh Garden

Soon Kueh ($1 each)

Congratulations to Kueh Garden! Who actually manages to pull off their first year at the quiet Jurong East shop house. When we arrived, there was a 15 mins wait for a new batch of steaming to fulfill our order of 16 pastries.

The taste was how we like it - light, down-to-earth, home-cook. Make no mistake with a small bite, which might just register the taste as bland. Take a big mouthful into the plump kueh, and you'll satisfy your taste buds with a good aroma of fried shallots, crunch of the black fungus and pure sweetness of turnips and carrots. My folks love this.

We usually don't have the dark soy sauce, preferring to savor the original taste of food. But dip in a little into their non-sweet, natural-tasting chili sauce. It is good.