Sunday, August 10, 2014

Restoran Grand Straits Garden

Fishball with Seaweed Soup

Dinner at Grand Straits Garden Restaurant (besides Danga Bay) started out dishearteningly simple and light with fishball soup, bean curd and tomato with eggs... but we have to agree they are tasty and nourishes our tired bodies from the long day.

Then came our much-loved seafood - tender squids and crispy large prawns! Disappointingly, a lesser fancied Seabass compared to the freshness of lunch's Snapper fish, and a heady plate of grilled chicken that tastes like German sausages! I'm sure beer-drinking Dad would loves them.

This is a garden restaurant perfectly set for a romantic evening - piped in music, cool evening breezes, alfresco dining under a vast night sky - even the mood of our big group was lightened as we headed home...

Home-made Bean Curd Hakka Style

Tomato with moist Scrambled Egg

Stir-fried Fresh Squid with Celery

Crispy Oat-coated Prawns

Steamed Seabass in Hong Kong Style

Grilled Chicken

Teluk Sengat (Desaru) Crocodile Farm

Before some shopping therapy at Jusco mall, the tour guide introduces us to the Desaru crocodile farm which houses "more than a thousand" saltwater crocodile species; including 1 oldest, largest (more than 155 years) lizard who simply refuses to come out. You will see later :)

Caretakers with metal pole, 'disturbing' the sun-tanning reptiles.

The farm was built in 1979. And our guide thought we could help by visiting, to finance the farm's continuation. Our group really felt welcomed by the caretakers who brought us around, stirring up excitement in the waters for some photo moments! and performed feeding whole chickens to the pack of voracious reptiles!

It was a pleasurable trip and we were happy to be doing something for conservation.

Open pond with crocodiles of more than 155 years old! So many of them!!

The largest, oldest and most stubborn reptile - simply refuse to budge! He is huge! 

Feeding time by the jovial caretaker - we exclaimed!!

Restoran Makanan Laut Sin Kong, 新光

Seafood lunch is the highlight of our 1 day Desaru Fruit Farm tour. Our trusted guide arranged for air-conditioned dining at Sin Kong Restaurant in Pengerang. Google around, you should read about the restaurant good reviews; including this one.

No doubt about the freshness of their seafood and earnest culinary skills. The steamed fish was especially memorable while we craved for some of their bun-sized mantou to go with the savory chili crab gravy.

A restaurant worth coming back on our own.

Fried Lobster

Deep-fried home-made Bean Curd

White Clams with ginger and spring onions

Stir-fried Venison, deer meat

Steamed Red Snapper Fish

Chili Crabs!

Deep-fried Mantou, at own expenses (RM$ 1 each)

Desaru Fruit Farm - a mature fruitland!

Farmosa Holiday took us breakfast at Gelang Patah before we arrived at the 180 acres land of the Desaru Fruit Farm. What i thought might be another hot and boring plantation visit turns out to be really enjoyable and educative!

Complimentary fruit packs with visit: 
- Banana, watermelon, passion fruit, dragon fruit, guava, rambutan, pineapple and honey jackfruit!

If you are driving in to purchase their fresh fruits and not to visit the plantation (like so many of the visitors here), you do not pay the entrance fees. We caught glimpse of the fruits on display, and can't wait to lay our hands on them!

But our plantation guide says we tour the farm first, followed by some honeybee honey tasting. And we were taught to drink the pricey Cat's Whiskers tea! I like it!

Our plantation guide with a gigantic Honey Jackfruit

Honey Jackfruit tree

Passion Fruits

We were especially grateful that the mature plantation offers much shade for comfort - under the canopy of passion fruits and cooling alley of leafy fruit trees, we strolled!

Papaya trees and Banana trees, aplenty

Pisang Seribu, Thousand Finger Banana, 千子蕉

Pisang Ornata Pink, 指天香蕉花

Roselle, Hibiscus sabdariffa, 洛神花

Misai Kucing, Cat's Whiskers, 猫须草

Kopi, Coffee beans!

Mulberry, 桑树

Friday, August 8, 2014

We Bought A House...

Porcelain piggy from Dad - the day we placed the $1k deposit. 

I never knew the joy of owning a place that could call my own! A joy that overwhelms my never-ending, crabby paperwork in the office - suddenly i found a new meaning for work.

Suddenly it felt grown up!

FEB 24-28th: Furious house-viewing every other day.
FEB 28th: Viewed our most satisfactory apartment. Picked up a lucky 10 cents coin on my way home, thinking, this must be it!
MAR 08th: Last bargain price agreed. Placed the $1,000 deposit for our new home!
APR 26th: 1st appointment with HDB for the purchase interview.
JUN 06th: 2nd Appointment with HDB, received our house keys! We are now the official owner :)
JUL 05th: START with clearing and planning of our new house...
JUL 19-21st: Final Paint Job.
JUL 23th: House Washing.

Five month later, that's today. Our home is ready!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Flor Patisserie

Strawberry Souffle ($7.30 x2), Lavender Earl Grey ($7), Earl Grey ($7 x2)

First try of a Japanese-styled patisserie serving authentic Japanese inspired French pastry - Flor . And it has been exquisite.

Especially lips-smacking is the Earl Grey with dark chocolate meringue and a surprising sweet banana within, which has been delightful! But tasting Lavender, instead of sniffing is a weird experience. Their last Wakakusayma ($7.60) - a green tea roll got snapped up right before us.

If the cakes were considered expensive, please at least have their Ice Cheese Tarts which come in several lovely flavors. We are having their Caramel and Mango. What impresses is their superbly fine and luscious cheese.

Will come back when we are feeling rich again :)

Ice Cheese Tarts, Mango ($3.40)