Monday, May 11, 2015

Cartier Classics (Jewellers since 1847)

Ballon Bleu de Cartier, 42mm steel (bottom). Pasha C de Cartier, 35mm steel (top)

If Tiffany & Co. has its little blue box, then Cartier has its red. To own a piece of classic accessories, you have to include one of Cartier's. We, each own one of these beauties.

His large convex sapphire floats on his wrist, resembling the curves of a balloon! While trying to be funky, a classy blue sapphire dons the turning crown. Together with antiquated Roman numerals on a guilloche dial, the watch repossesses its elegance.

My polished white-faced enchants with its sharp satin-finished bracelet; reflecting light modestly yet smartly! Big date mechanism was hot on my pursuit. The screw-down crown cap, attached to the case by a small chain shares my illusion of being a pretty mariner! There is never a dull moment with the Pasha.

Both were attached with blued steel hands, a noble color created by heating the steel to the highest possible temperature for a certain period of time. Love Cartier, for often toying with the rules of elegance.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Long House Boneless Braised Duck, 顺记

Whole Teochew Braised Duck ($40), 4x Braised Duck Gizzards, 鸭胗 ($4), 4x Braised Eggs ($2.50)

This remains the island's best Teochew braised duck since 20 years ago, here, near the Jalan Besar Stadium. And that was during our early paktor-ing days. I had placed its name 'Soon Kee' after "Long House" because that's where the stall relocated later and reaches its height of the trade.

From the Long House Food Centre at Upper Thomson, they had now shifted back to the Jalan Besar Stadium, 100 Tyrwhitt Road.

Over the years, we savored few excellent braised duck stall but the taste and memories of 'Long House Braised Duck' lingers. It is unwavering - the neatly de-boned poultry, absolutely succulent and sweet on its own. The thick luscious gravy that famously doused over the entire plate made it even more enticing! Today, we relished on what we missed for a long time; the palates awaken by its most familiar and endearing friend.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Laneige, Korea - Washing, Melting, Peeling!

1. Laneige Pore Clear Wash Off Pack, 120ml ($40),  2. Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel, 150ml ($45),
3. Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel, 20ml ($37.95)

Classic Laneige product in old packaging still proves to be fairly effective. You gotten try these 2. Except for the blackhead melting gel (not in pic); at post time, i don't see my blackheads diminishing in anyway...

1. Both Ric and myself love the pore clear wash-off pack. It is foam-less, in white clay state. It doesn't dry your skins after washing off, in fact the skin feels clean, yet tender and slightly moisten. I like this. The product is most effective on Ric's large pores - after just 1 wash, we both noticed his skin brightening up! Because as his pores tighten, we see less of the blackish spots! And he learns to enjoy the obvious smoothness of his skin. Being one who refuses skin product profusely, the guy now advocates this.

2. I have absolutely no dependence on exfoliating gel or sea scrub, believing that particles that got kneaded off was actually from the gel content itself. I trusted only bath gloves and body mitt, faithfully exfoliating myself on a weekly basis. Then came a crisis - wrongfully applied some body lotion for an extended period, and developed patches of coarse skin on my arms! Working on them for 4 months with my weekly scrub couldn't remove them.

That morning when i decided to use the peeling gel on my arms, i was redeemed. No kidding. I was thankfully relieved when the smoothness on my arms was restored! And i felt certain that those rubbery particles produced from scrubbing weren't from the gel, they were really the dead skins removed; because subsequent scrub produces nothing!

Applying the gel on the face, i discovered my nasty areas to be my nose, mouth and chin. The other zones drew blank. Also don't worry; this peeling gel is gentle and calming to the facial skin.

3. The blackhead treatment gel is one product that many are condemning. Contrary to claim, it is ineffective - from several applications. The nose reddens slightly from the abrasion of the silicon brush that dispenses the liquid gel, and a warm sensation follows. That was all about it.

Washing the transparent liquid off, had me staring blank at my blackheads.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Select Catering - Ala-Carte International Buffet

Ala-Carte Int'l Buffet Menu A: 11+1 Courses ($17.12 with GST, min 25 Pax)

Having the option of going international for home buffet is quite a refreshing change. Select Caterer manages to stage a palatable feast that the family actually enjoy; after our many buffet events. It seems, a change of cuisine is most welcoming.

Albeit the higher pricing compared to what we paid for standard local fare, it was worthwhile that everyone gave the thumbs up for this. For once, the mains of rice and noodle were nearly wiped out! And i didn't even get to taste a piece of the Sushi :)

Here's our selection from their menu A:

Appetizer  - German Potato Salad with Turkey Bacon
Poultry  - Signature Curry Chicken with Potatoes
Meat  - Sautéed Sliced Beef with Lemon Grass
Ocean Catch  - Assam Fish Fillet with Pineapple
Seafood  - Sambal Sotong on bed of Banana Leaf (in chili curry)
Vegetables  - Vegetarian Oyster Sauce Broccoli with Assorted Mushrooms
Main Course (rice)  - Baked Butter Rice with Assorted Hams & Fried Shallot
Main Course (noodle)  - Italian Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Colourful Bell Peppers
Finger Food  -  Japanese Sushi and Maki Platter
Pastry  - Selection of Mini Fruit Tartlets
Sweet Dessert  - Chilled Lychee with Mango & Crystal Grass Jelly

Japanese Sushi with condiments

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Teochew Kueh - melting in the mouth!

Mushroom Rice kueh ($0.80), Mushroom Soon Kueh ($0.70), 'Gu Cai' Kueh ($0.70)

Melting in the mouth Teochew kueh at Sims Vista Food Centre, stall 01-23. Not everybody appreciate the texture that you could easily crush between your tongue and palate; but we really thought our old pioneers might rejoice in this, for they have such weaker bite. Personally, we would prefer the chewy version.

For the price, these were palm-sized large and definitely affordable. Its strong aroma of dried shrimp and fried garlic entices you, and fillings were generous. But their use of MSG is something we can't ignore; therefore, just maybe we will return for more.

Geylang Laksa & Prawn Noodle

Upon reading this stall from Dr Tay at ieat, Ric says we drive down Sims Drive to 'eat wind' and noodles for breakfast :))

According to Dr Tay, the stall serves "old school" Laksa which he defines one that is "very fragrant but not overly spicy or overly rich such that you can down a whole bowl and not feel jelak. (bloated)". Well, that was exactly how it feels like. But because it doesn't bowl you over, you might simply register it as any typical bowl of good Laksa from your neighborhood hawker.

Ingredients are plentiful. Both for its Laksa and Prawn Mee. Lots of cockles and fresh prawns for the Laksa; even more prawns for the Prawn noodle! Between the 2, i actually enjoyed the light and flavorful prawn broth over the curry Laksa. You tell me?

Laksa ($3)

Prawn Noodle Kway Teow Soup ($3)