Thursday, August 21, 2014

童年故事 - 47 x 50cm

童年故事 - Childhood Story

This is the simplest cross-stitch piece Ric purchased off Taobao - a China-based website. There is another 5 pieces which will take many years to complete as they were all full-frame stitches - it would be tiresome but awesome when completed. I can't wait!

It is certainly helpful when these new generation cross-stitch sets came printed with washable color markings, making the sewing easier as we need refer less to the instruction booklet for stitch count. It is a lot time-saving. Just 2 full months (20 Jun - 21 Aug) to complete this piece.

Of course, i got careless and smudged the top right corner of the piece with rainwater. It was therefore magical and satisfying when i could finally wet the entire piece to reveal its true, clear colors!

The cute picture says - "I didn't mean to make you angry." Which the girl replied, "But sometimes you just made me angry." Oh! So true and candid.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fish Bee Hoon in Tong Lai Eating House, 东来餐室

It's always a headache for us, when i have craving for a bowl of hot fish soup while we were stuck in the West. There didn't seem to be any good ones around, is there?

I was therefore so happy to discover this stall at Blk 283, Bukit Batok East Ave 3, in the Tong Lai Kopitiam. They are not the best, but surely above all average.

Fresh Fish Slice Bee Hoon ($4)

We appreciate that soup was served steaming hot, and comes with strong hints of ginger and dried sole fish (扁鱼干). No extra charges for our request of Bitter Gourd vegetables. It would have been perfect if less seasoning was used on the fried fish, and no salt on the fresh fish slices.

While the stall serves only fried fish heads, the meat is fresh and firm - we're simply happy that fish heads are still available at this afternoon hour.

Fried Fish Slice Bee Hoon ($3)

Fried Fish Head Bee Hoon ($4)

Carambola Tree - Star Fruits!

I am a sweet Carambola tree, 
young and mature at 2.2 meters tall.

The ants love me.
Butterflies and bees too.

Can't help blooming full blossoms
with such strong sunshine blazing on me each day!
Oh! And the delightful showers! 

I am growing up to be large and sweet like this!

 Just this morning, i'm being photographed at my home 
by someone who is all the 'wows' and 'woos'
about my flowering tresses.

Yes, I am beautiful.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

风味小厨 - Fish Heads!

Assam Curry Fish Head ($15)

Fish heads are fabulous eat. To one who love eating fish, all the fishes' bony parts offer much tender meat and the joy of carefully sucking each individual pieces, clean!

I love fish heads and the bones. To Ric who can't figure out the complicated structure, he gets the prized portion of the head - fish cheeks!

风味小厨 at Changi Village Hawker Centre, Blk 3 impresses us with their fresh seafood and culinary skills; today we return to have our fill. Sucking on the plump Assam fish head, i had thought i'm working on sweet, meaty Crab's chambers. Yes, it was this good.

We noticed the stall having some promotional items - with one being the "Bean sauce steamed Song fish head" at $12! Looking good... from several other tables. We'll come back for that!

Sweet Sour Pork ($6, promotional price)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cat and the Fiddle - King Cat of the Mountain!

1/8 slice of 'King Cat of the Mountain' (Whole cake approx. 1.1kg, $35.20)

This cake from online store - Cat and the Fiddle has got to be our most interesting cheese cake, for we never had it with durian before, and a Mao Shan Wang at that! I dislike biscuit base but this is yummy. Just the right proportion of cheese and durian, it is excellent.

Our first purchase from Cat & the Fiddle, and we are placing high hopes to more, from their very affordable and tasty cake's creation.

This has got to be our pet dog's happiest day as he ran around and rubbed himself against me!! after i fed him a bite size of his favorite cheese and durian. No other cheese cake has this effect on him ")

Ng Ah Sio - Braised Pig Trotters!

Braised Pig Trotter ($8+)

There are 2 Ng Ah Sio's signatures we crave unceasingly - their premium pork spare ribs and gelatinous braised trotters.

A repeat of what we had 2 months back, with the braised trotters playing center stage this time. It was really good. Their premium, most pricey serving of spare ribs is value for the money - juicy and sweet, it is quality meat.

Ng Ah Sio remains our favourite BKT; possibly the best in Singapore.

Signature Spare Ribs Soup ($8.50+)