Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cupid’s Night Out at the Bandstand

Romance is in the crisp, fresh air.

Spent our second Valentine's Day attending a live concert at the Singapore Botanical Garden's bandstand; the atmosphere was magical, prettier than last year's, and looking carnival-like with the addition of colorful bulb strings. It was beautiful.

We watched and listened from this distance as the ground was rather pack, but it felt equally wonderful. With our shoulders touching, Shili and Adi, and Jocelyn Ong delivered familiar love tunes from the 70s.

Then fleeing, as Jack and Rai ascended the stage at the last hour, singing appallingly... ;)

254 Fishball Minced Meat Noodle, 鱼圆肉脞面

Fishball Mee Pok, dry ($2)

Would you believe a good $2 fishball noodle exists in year 2015?!

Yah, we knew about San Yuan Groumet $2 mee pok with fishballs; the ones here come with additional fish cakes and minced meat, not mentioning its large, bouncy fishballs! Furthermore, we like their hand-made-like noodle that is less yellow in color and cooked al dente.

It tastes deliciously old-school albeit the strong MSG; but i was overwhelmed with thrill for dining in one of Singapore's oldest hawker centre which retains its high ceiling design after several rounds of upgrading works. And the place is busting with energy, as busy shoppers does their marketing for the coming Chinese New Year!

Long breakfast queue at 254 stall (#01-32)

Friday, February 13, 2015

A LINE Characters Valentine's Day

McDonald's Forever Love Special Edition Box  (S$19.80; available with purchase of an Extra Value Meal™)

Ric left office without lunch, rushing to queue for McDonald's limited release of LINE Valentine's Day plushies - BROWN and CORNY. We both thought they are cute.

The animation of couple bear and rabbit are sweet and candid; even when they are in disagreement! And as very different individuals who came together, we fought so much. The cartoon illustrates our love relationship playfully and explicitly - we quarrel, we fought but staying very much in love... Heheheheh...

Happy Valentine's Day, BROWN!
CORNY loves you too. Heheh...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

驰名西餐, No. 1 Western Food

Pork Chop ($5)

Chicken Chop ($5)

Yay, we all know about famous "Chef Hainanese Western Food" at Blk 1A, Tanglin Halt Food Centre, but since they only open sharply at 6-thirty pm, and we were early, we could only turn to "No.1 Western Food" who is already up and serving, with a queue! 

The chicken chop was mediocre, but you could really give their pork chop a spin - i marveled its taste of a good roasted pork belly! With BBQ smokiness and lusciousness of a red meat slab. Just be warned that their simple sides only consist of thick cucumbers, tomatoes slices, fries and canned baked beans.   

I'll try their much faves about Chicken Cutlet, next. 

Neo Garden Catering

Neo's Deluxe B Menu ($15.99+ per pax)

Had always wanted to try out Neo Garden Catering again, because of their familiar surname; wouldn't you do such thing?

Food presentation and table arrangement were this pretty and neat that our expectations rose - Sin Chow Bee Hoon/ Thai Pineapple Rice, Chap Chye with Black Fungus, Cereal Fish, Signature Curry Chicken, Crispy Butter Prawn, Sotong You Tiao, Yam Ring with Prawn and Ice Jelly with Cocktail. We were silently hoping that none of them tasted too salty. But alas, wonder which of these pretty dishes gave us that after-MSG effect - so thirsty!

It is commendable that they uses 100% biodegradable paper/ plastic utensils.

Chap Chye with Black Fungus

Crispy Butter Prawn

Yam Ring with Prawn

Sotong You Tiao

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tiffany Cafe Revisit

Cakes & Dessert Counter

Tiffany Cafe is a well-known Halal restaurant in Singapore that serves reasonably priced buffet dinner at $59.80++ per pax; often with a 1-for-1 all year promotion. 

While Tiffany never does extensive buffet spread, we always appreciate their good quality fresh prawns and Salmon sashimi, which are our priority. There'll definitely be enough choice of food; while i photographed just what i really enjoyed tonight - nice Hong Kong Dim Sum to note.

We didn't have to dine with big rowdy crowds, and sitting is cozily comfortable. The buffet table was constantly replenished, even by 9-thirty when we were leaving.

Beef Rendang, Roasted Potatoes with Herbs, Fresh Prawn and Salmon Sashimi

Steam Buns, Shrimp Dumplings, Japanese Sushi