Sunday, March 15, 2015

Srisun Express - If not here, where else?

Mee Goreng ($4+)

Roti Prata, plain x2 ($1+ per piece)

Location is kind of perfect at Srisun Express, a quiet and windy corner just off busy Hougang-Kovan central. A place that you enjoy your kopi session with a prata, watching the slow turning traffic.

Still, they don't serve the best goreng around. And almost nothing for the less oil and lighter palate. The prata is quite enjoyable though, being lightly fluffy and happily stretchy. We however wished they improve their less-spicy and powdery-tasting curry sauce that was served together.

If not here, there's other place else.

Nasi Goreng ($4, takeaway) 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Yogurt Diet - It Works!

Yoplait low fat yogurt, 1kg ($7.85)

Objective - Rest the digestive system, feeding it with good bacteria and improve bowel movement. Weight-loss that comes with this exercise is an added bonus!

Returning to work in a new office; the initial rush and anxieties are putting a strain on my digestive system again - the embarrassing Constipation, you called it.

Chinese medical program Xdoctor, 《我是大医生》 by China Beijing BTV Channel, gave the idea to start this 2 days Yogurt diet. If you are really determined, repeat the diet of Day 2 for Day 3. Hosted by real doctors, the informative program is available on tv.Sohu website.


Day 1 Menu - 1 bowl yogurt, with 1 banana (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

On a non-working day, my ordeal began. Quite amazingly, i don't feel hungry, just a tad weaker than normal. Does my morning Qigong and Taiji exercises, full laundry, light gardening and cross-stitches craft. In between meal time, drink some water shall you feels hungry. After my 2nd cup of yogurt for lunch, i began to fart frequently and foul-smellingly; which are evident that the good bacteria are fighting against the many bad bacteria in my system! If you've got a balanced digestive system, this wouldn't happen. So i advise you stay home for the day.

Total intake today is 1kg of yogurt and 3 raw bananas. I rested early for the night, no hunger pangs, feeling just right and light, with a flattened tummy!


Day 2 Menu - 1 bowl yogurt, with 1 banana (breakfast), 1 bowl of rice and vegetable salad (lunch), high-fiber mains and vegetables (dinner)

After my morning exercises and breakfast, my bowel starts moving (and spontaneously for the rest of the week!). The gases in the tummy are less and they don't smell so badly anymore. Therefore, after breakfast i could go out with friends! And that's when i noticed my easily satisfied appetite, both today and the many days that follow! I am eating less, effortlessly!


You are advised to perform the yogurt diet once a month, or more frequently on alternate weeks. But feeling so bright and freshen up with an emptied bowel, i'm going to do it again this weekend! This is so much safer and healthier than any starving diet or expensive detox juice!

You've got to try this, ok!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

海春板面, Hai Chun Ban Mian - Fresh fish slices in one of Singapore's most quiet corner

Ban Mian ($2.80)

Fish Porridge ($3.50)

Strictly speaking, you wouldn't recommend this stall (#01-06 in Blk 1A) in the categorizes of gourmet food, but the faithful stall which stays open during the Chinese New Year festive and offers large serving of their mains with fresh fish slices clearly won our hearts. This is also some quiet dining in laid-back Tanglin Halt Food Centre. You go slow on weekends, don't you?

Being one of Singapore's most remote hawker centre, business is good at Hai Chun; many residents going for their fresh fish slices vermicelli soup/ or porridge, dine-in or packing away - that's how the stall caught our attention actually.

We enjoyed their slurping hot Ban Mian equally; their fried dumplings were just to fill the gap of the overly healthy dinner.

Fried Dumpling ($4)

Rare Looking Blooms - you don't see on the streets of Singapore

The Chinese Lunar New Year bought us back to beautifully flourishing National Orchid Garden; admiring the beauty of flowers is quite a New Year thing to do as we welcome Spring. You may have notices the sculpture - this being the year of the goat.

Having blogged about the orchids here previously, let's just look at some amazing plant species which we are seeing for the first time. And i was surprised that these which flourish under full sun condition, were not planted along the Singapore's roadside?

Callistemon citrinus 'Little John'

Callistemon citrinus 'Little John' - A small bushy shrub 1-2 metres tall; blue/green foliage. Masses of amazingly soft, red brush flowers sprouting from individual speal that forms the sphere of blossom!

Acalypha hispida (Chenille Plant)

Acalypha hispida (Chenille Plant), Red Hot Cat Tail - A very striking plant with soft, bright red furry flowers that hang down like a cat’s tail.

Now, i couldn't locate the name of this tulip-like, dark red colored flowers plant with thick green foliage. It doesn't take our tropic heat, and so is staying comfortably in the Cool House. Pretty yeah! I will find out its name soon.

Bonsoy - best taste of packaged soy milk!

Organic Bonsoy, 1 litre ($4.95) 

Bonsoy is my best tasting packaged Soya milk! Comes with a heftier price tag too. But it sure tastes good - natural, full bodied with a subtle sweetness which further enhances its mellow aroma. I thought it is only second rated to mum's fresh grated ones from home.

If you aren't into fancy health terms like 'organic' or 'non-genetically modified' in your food list, try the NTUC Fairprice housebrand fresh Soya milk (1 litre, reduced sugar, priced at S$1.55) from the supermart chilled section. Be surprised by its richer 'beany' flavor when compared with other premium branding that is costing more.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Flowering Fertilizer for Bougainvillea

With all rational, Bougainvillea easily blossom in the tropics, that includes Singapore. But in our house, they don't. We have the violet, yellow and pinky white; only violet's getting the neighbors' attention - it blooms all year, without fertilizing.

Well, that wasn't the case, many years back.
The yellow and white were doing really well back then, together with violet. Then we had them uprooted, shifted to the adjacent ground; that was when the 2 boycotted till today.

We tried several flowering fertilizer from Malaysia; helpful neighbor also chipped-in to provide good fertilizers, but to no avail. Until a leftover pack of "Flowering Fertilizer for Bougainvillea" from an old neighbor came along - an old and tattered plastic package, i disposed of it as soon as i emptied the bag to a container.

Little do i expect it to work this time! It all happened within 3 weeks, with 2 occasions of light rain and minimum watering, when we finally saw the precious sight of yellow and pinky white flowers. Reunion with violet!

Pity i fail to document this fertilizer that worked. I'm sure it wasn't Bougain which is advertising so aggressively. The packaging looked more local with a few Chinese wording; and its granular, red feeding looked just like the Serbajadi 48. I'll try source it out locally and post it here. Meanwhile, try using the remainder sparingly...