Tuesday, July 26, 2016

大中 (山仔顶), Tai Dong Teochew Duck Rice

Braised Duck, Duck's Gizzard, and Pig's Ear + Rice + Stewed Cabbage ($13 for 2 Pax)

Where exactly is 'Shan Zai Ding' (山仔顶) that the signboard reads? It is near to the old Boat Quay area, more commonly known as the 'Chai Chuan Tou' (柴船头). Both names were used in our parents' generation. (山仔顶) is the Chulia Street/ South Canal Road now. Many of our now famous, traditional Teochew street food originate from the old Boat Quay area. It was there, where Teochew hawkers congregate, bartering their trades in olden Singapore.

Tai Dong is one such hawker established since 1981. And we were humbled to taste their extraordinary braised duck today. It is savory and of utter fragrance when you bite into the slightly toughen texture of the meat; there is so much character! Yet, you have not tasted the best till you dunk into their specially concocted chili sambal. Then, savor the high grade soya sauce used in their braising gravy by drizzling it generously over the bowl of steaming rice. The last tip is that you order their Teochew stewed cabbage.

We finished the meal, reminiscing the 'old' taste of food that we had once thought was lost... Thank God, it hasn't.

Teochew Stewed Cabbage with Pig's Skin

Saturday, July 23, 2016

2001 Camus Bordeaux

Camus Classic Wines 2001, 12% vol (350ml)

Camus, the French Cognac company since 1863, had offered this selection of red from the famous Bordeaux region of France in 2001. The bottle has aged well - the alcohol still has the bite, but proven futile; smooth tannis with a clear taste of the grapes.

Notice the old logo of Camus? If this is a bottle of Cognac reserve since 2001, we would have struck gold and wouldn't be drinking it.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Supper @ 飘香小吃

Porridge ($1), Economic Bee Hoon Mee ($1)

This is a very late dinner at nine-thirty pm. Many food stalls are now closed, but i know people in the West flocked to supper at the Tanglin Halt Market Food Centre. Still, the queue at 'Piao Xiang Xiao Chi' jolted me. I was reminded of the scene here in 2014 (when I first visited the stall) where waiting diners rushed to form a queue, as soon as the stall lighted up at 6pm!

In truth, the food is nondescript. It tasted like how mum would have whipped up at home. It tasted home-cooked. And i guess, people just love how seasoning is kept in check here. This is, after all, a light meal after all the partying.

Some warm green bean soup and porridge to comfort the rumbling tummy; glutinous rice and fried vermicelli noodle to fill the void. Add savory fried chicken wings, fish cakes and stuffs to satisfy your gluttony. Then you are all warm fuzzy for a good night's sleep. Just don't overeat.

Fried Chicken Wings

凤珍卤面, Feng Zhen Lor Mee

Fish Lor Mee ($3.50)

We have known the stall for 15 years, when the Taman Jurong Market Food Centre was the nearest hawker centre to our office. Many a times, we tried to stop eating the braised sauce noodle because of the thirstiness we suffered, often after having it for lunch. We never realized the fame this stall had garnered on the internet these recent years. So today was a revisit.

Still yummy. Still enjoying their fried meatballs and a generous helping of fried fish flakes, all done the traditional way. But the noodle still left us, very thirsty.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fish and Chicks

Fish & Chips ($6.90)

Fish & Chicks is one new favorite on social media, so i tend to revolt it. I am skeptical because such trendy food for the young just might not suit an auntie's taste.

There was no more queue at the stall, and we obtained our food promptly. We did not pay the $3 extra for top ups of their salted egg or chili crab sauce; we prefer our fillets crisp and fresh. And i think we made the right choice.

Because of the similar pricing, we can't help comparing the fish fillets with that from Long JS and the Manhattan Fish. Fish & Chicks definitely win hands down against LJS. Their Dory is fresher and juicier. And the batter less salted. The onion rings are real stuff too, and the fries satisfy. But LJS has much better tartar sauce with pickle relish, than the floury, tasteless one here. For a meatier affair, try the Manhattan.

By hawker centre standards, however, Fish & Chicks is impressive.

进春, Chin Choon Prawn Noodle

Prawn Noodle Soup, add Pig's Tail ($4, +$2)

Sited in an eating house at 826 Upper Bukit TImah RoadChin Choon prawn noodle doesn't taste like our usual prawn noodle with chili sauce, theirs are toss in dark soy sauce instead. The soup is also on a sweet note, and lesser the prawny dizziness that often took our breaths away. This is Malaysia-styled prawn mee.

The ingredients are decent though. But i thought we wouldn't travel all the way westward for this. We are more accustomed to Singapore-styled prawn mee.

Prawn Noodle Dry, add Pig's Tail ($4, +$2)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

勿洛亚坤, Bedok Ah Koon Fish Soup

Pig's Trotter ($6)

Sambal Sweet Potato Leaf ($7)

Don't be deceived by the sparse crowd at Ah Koon Fish Soup, this was because the Bedok North Market and Food Centre is not a crowded lunch place to begin with. The hawker took up 2 stalls and serve an order of unpretentious fish soup, with a simple Cze Char menu. And it was here that we discovered a very good fish soup, handmade meatballs and egg omelette!

For a start, i'm one who doesn't fancy meatballs. I hate the messy lump of fatty minced meat. But the one here is definitely delicious! I don't need to be coaxed to have a second helping of it.

Then we have the humble egg omelet, done at its best. It was not oily, but crispy on the outside, yet still soft and melted in its center! I really enjoy this. Last but not least, drink up their light, refreshing Batang fish soup. It's the signature, remember?

Fried Omelette ($6) 

Handmade Meatball Soup ($4)

Sliced Fish Soup ($4)