Friday, March 15, 2013

The Face Shop - Real Nature Sheet Mask

Real Nature Mask Series, 20ml (Retail locally, 4 for $10)
Lemon, Aloe Vera, Pomegranate and Red Ginseng (clockwise)

I feel repulsive towards thick, sticky face mask. With slimy residue that has to be washed off in the morning as it couldn't be absorbed by the skin. Some comes with strong, artificial sense that sent shudders down the spine.

Sweet smelling (rather strong) face mask from The Face Shop is quite unlike those inferior products. I too was skeptical at first - as i peeled open the thick slimy paper, kept it on for 30 mins and remove without rinsing away the rich essence that stayed on the face. Just before falling to sleep, i feel the skin had slightly dried up but still feels damp. "Oh well, another slimy wash in the morning..." i had thought.

But no, it wasn't. Just a pretty normal wash; if i didn't remind myself of the application the night before. And my cheek feels and looked 'pumped up'! Seriously. Even the extra essence in the packing which i had coated on my arms makes the skin feels tight and hydrated.

The 'good feel' lasted 2 days, and i'm looking forward to another evening of face-masking. I have now regained some confidence in heavy face mask.

Many thanks to Nic and wife for buying these gifts for us on their Korea trip.

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