Monday, February 25, 2013

Fremantle Seafood Market

 Battered Cod Fish in Burrito wrap

I didn't know about full priced dinner, but keep your fingers crossed when you have set lunches at the  Fremantle Seafood Market; yes, named after Perth's famed Fremantle Harbour Port. We wished it was an accident that they served out stale, not so fresh seafood.

We were on their weekday $15 nett set lunch that include 1 main, a soup of the day/ or homemade dessert.

Spaghetti Vongole with Littleneck Clams

While the seafood isn't its freshest - both the ones in the soup, the spaghetti and the cod fish; the battered cod fish is well executed, so is the Spaghetti Vongole with al dente pasta and a flavorsome soupy sauce. Bad ingredients sure wasted a good cook.

And we were just glad to get away without a stomach upset.

Soup of the Day: Clam Chowder

Dessert: Creme Brulee

Monday, February 18, 2013

深利, Chin Lee Restaurant

Now that i learnt about Ric's sentimental story behind the Teochew Yusheng, i decidedly plan to make this meal a yearly affair; disregarding the much elevated price during the CNY. The dish reminds him of his late father who used to prepare it for the family.

Teochew Raw Fish Salad ($38+)

And we had always preferred the traditional Teochew Yusheng to that of the Cantonese for its abundance raw fish, loads of fresh green lettuces and the ultimate plum sauce dressing. The generous serving of raw fish makes this a healthier and value for money salad too.

If you hasn't try this Teochew version, you die die have to. We are at Chin Lee Restaurant, 115 Bedok North and it is full house. Remember to do your reservations.

 Half Roast Chicken ($18+)

Conpoy + Fish Maw Thick Soup ($18+)

Ric ordered by memory and these were some of their Signatures. While the roast chicken missed the mark today, the rest of the menu scored high! The chunky fish maw thick soup had us going gaga; nobody offered the other party his extra bowl!

Teochew Kway Teow ($8+)

And i couldn't take my eyes off the plate of well-charred Kway Teow noodle as it arrives on the table. 'Splendid!' was all i heard myself repeating as i hastily cleared my plate to receive it!

Dessert: Teochew Yam Paste w Gingo Nuts ($3.50+)

Even when you are all too full after the heavy meal, try getting a little bowl of their traditional Teochew yam paste to share. It isn't cloying and promises to complete your experience of Teochew cuisine.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

新一品, Xin Yi Pin Buffet Catering

Butter Crayfish, Teriyaki Chicken Chop, Tempura Prawn, Takoyaki Octopus Ball (clockwise)

Every guest agrees that the butter crayfish from Xin Yi Pin Buffet Catering looked impressive. This is from their Emperor menu which offers choice of 9 dishes, 1 dessert and a drink at $14.90+ per pax; a minimum order for 25 pax applies.

How's the food? It's kind of like home-cooked. Nothing too fanciful nor impressive, no MSG overdose, mildly seasoned - just the type of food that attracts me. Fairly well presented; it is edible food and we aren't disappointed.

If i have to get fastidious and phase out some of these dishes, it would be the cereal fish which is simply Dory fillet and probably the floury Takoyaki octopus ball. They ain't bad, just a matter of likes - if you have kids running around, order the octopus ball for them which i believe they should like it.

Seafood Ee Fu Mee, Broccoli with Pacific Clam, Vegetarian Fried Rice

Pork Rib w Red Wine, Cereal Fish, Butter Clayfish

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kallang Sliced Fish Soup

There's a hidden gem in the Marine Parade Market & Food Centre. Away from the mainstream stalls, it is located nearer to the end of the hawker centre. But it was conspicuous by a constant queue during the lunch hours; we noticed it was up till 2pm!

Fresh Fish Soup Bee Hoon ($3)

Here you have a wide selection of noodles to go with the fish soup - Mee Sua, Yee Mian, Kway Teow, coarse Bee Hoon or the fine Bee Hoon. We go along with the most popular choice of fine rice Bee Hoon. And it doesn't go wrong.

The fine Bee Hoon was served in a big portion and enriches the savory soup so well, i was close to emptying the bowl! Maybe its fish quality doesn't registered as one from the best stall, but it is still considered good and fresh.

Their full flavored, clear soup broth will make us beat parking woes at the Parkway Parade, just to be here again.

Fried Fish Soup Bee Hoon ($3)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hjh Maimunah Nasi Padang

A la Carte Lunch ($23.20)

You have to agree that it is during the CNY, when many food stalls were closed, and when we weren't invited for gathering feasts; we either eat instant noodles, fast food or Malay/Indian food. Bless our non-Chinese compatriot!

Being the New Year season, we decided to have a good meal at Hjh Maimunah Restaurant. It is sited at 20 Joo Chiat Rd, right next to the iconic Geylang Serai Market which houses several renowned Malay hawker stalls. Therefore, the restaurant really has to rise itself to the challenge; both in food selections and pricing.

Tahu Telor Jakarta ($4.50)

Sambal Goreng Jawa

Sundanese BBQ Chicken, $4 per serving (2 servings shown)

Our previous visit here wasn't as memorable as today's. And it had to do with our selection of food. Today, their signature dish of Sundanese chicken got me. While looking cold and dry, it is actually tender, sweet, smoky pieces of meat.

The 'smoky' flavor is especially spellbound. And i have the dish on my mind for days after; never mind the slight hefty price tag. I would say, "Aye, aye, here lies the spirit of the meal."

Ikan Asin Bombay

Padang Beef Rendang, $3 per serving (2 servings shown)

Together with their many well executed dishes; this is such a hearty meal - even my Dad who is used to being nonchalant, warms up to it. I thought, "This is the place i would be proud to showcase the Malay dining culture to any foreign guests."

Teh Halia, Ginger Tea

Saturday, February 9, 2013

We are Apple together, finally...

Apple iPad Mini-16GB, 3G ($618) with iPad A6X-16GB, 3G ($828)

On Chinese New Year Eve, we were finally reunited! We had both decided on iPad tablet and it is quite final. Not i who is undecided; but Ric who is more IT-savvy. He has been going from Samsung Galaxy Tab (7.0) to iPad 2, back to Tab 2 Plus (7.0), Tab (8.9), upgraded to Galaxy Note (10.1), Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) while staying faithful to his Macbook Air.

It's not hard to understand why he chooses to stay with Android tablet as Android operating system gives its user more control and selective setting options.

But i didn't fancy the cluster of options and was a convert to Apple iOS 1 years back. Holding an Android phone was more than enough as i had preferred iOS to serve the bigger screen. The switch from iPad 2 to the latest iPad A6X marked my conviction. With a retina display so pretty, it was a meeting too late but not too little - the money should have LONG been spend on this upgrade! (Now Ric is jesting, "Told you.")

My only grouse is the weight of the iPad A6X. At 662g, it is 49g heavier than iPad 2. But at least decent photos could now be taken with the improved 5MP camera.

The iPad Mini is a sleek beautiful masterpiece. I would have chosen it if screen sizes could be compromised. Ric loves its portability and good readable display but noted its shorter battery life compared to the full-sized iPad.

Both new iPad from Ric.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

大姐, Da Jie Famous Wanton Mee

Wanton Noodle ($2.50)

Couldn't resist pinching on the fried dumplings while Ric is busy fumbling with the camera. I believe that besides their popular braised chicken feet here; fried dumpling should be rated 3nd; 2nd place goes to the red barbecued pork.

But ultimately, it is the tasty mixing sauce that made up a good plate of wanton mee. Get it going with the springy egg noodles and we are planning return visits to Da Jie Famous Wanton Noodle at 209 Jalan Besar (Sam Leong Road).

Braised Chicken Feet Noodle ($3)

And they have the best braised chicken feet from a noodle hawker! Lightly sauced, yet amazingly delectable; all plump and soft with zero area of tough skins - i never hanker after braised chicken feet noodle, but that should be a turnabout now.

Then at night, I kept imagining having a plateful of the chicken feets...

Poh Hwa Fuzhou Oyster Cake

Fuzhou Oyster Cake, $1.40 ($1.80 for extra ingredients)

During Singapore earlier days, we were introduced fried oyster cake from our forefathers who are China immigrants. These were later named 'UFO' for its resemblance to UFO spaceships. How cute. These days, few stalls sell this snack.

In the coffeeshop with Da Jie Famous Wanton Mee stall, at 209 Jalan Besar (Sam Leong Rd), we have this Singapore styled UFO. And it is pretty good. Why do we say it's the Singapore UFO? Because seaweed and bountiful cabbage were missing from its ingredients. Instead, you have some minced meat, prawn, oyster and crunchy peanuts - not bad at all.

The closest we have to that from Fuzhou, China (with seaweed and cabbage) is from this one food stall at Sims Ave. The stall is still there after these many years and you should go try it; without having to travel all the way to China to get the real stuff.

大同, Tai Thong Year Cake

Year Cake, 年糕 ($9 for 1kg)

Tai Thong Cake Shop is one of Singapore's legendary old pastry shops to stand the test of time; during the festivities of modern wedding or traditional festivals like the Mid-Autumn and Chinese New Year, business is brisk.

Mom made deliberate trips to the Chinatown for their Year Cake every year; and promises to prepare (Cantonese styled of pan frying this sticky cake after coating with eggs) it for us after the Chinese New Year.

The Year Cake is sold by weight and unlike the stiffen ones sold in supermarket; this is soft and conventionally steamed in banana leaves. Yes, it has to be banana leaf for the nostalgic aroma.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Venezia Gelateria (Guthrie House)

Butterscotch and Rum & Raisin, Durian and Tiramisu (2-flavors cup, $4.90 each)

Couldn't get any information about the Gelateria Venezia from the website, and thus my guess that it is a locally run business that doesn't originate from Italy. We especially felt so after getting a taste of the gelato.

While having the correct lightness of a gelato, the individual flavors lack strong characteristic - Butterscotch was hard to differentiate from the almost alcohol-free Rum Raisin; mild tasting Durian fruits and Tiramisu that made me forget it should contain some espresso.

Many gelato parlours are similarly named and it's easy to mistook one stall from the other, but we shall specially remember Gelateria Venezia.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Glove, 棒球之爱 (2011)

It's been weeks of watching movies that failed to move me, and i was dead wishing for one to come sweep me off my feet. Don't you like that? Well, GLove does exactly that last night. I cried, laughed, and cried harder again. It felt great.

Based on a true story of the Chungju Sung-Shim baseball team, located in North Chungcheong Province, Korea. It recounts how 10 baseball players, who were deaf, strive to excel in the game, overcoming their inferior complex of their handicap, learnt to stand up for themselves, their belief and dreams.

You don't have to love baseball to catch the movie; it will grow on you after.