Saturday, March 26, 2011

鲍圣, Oceanus Kitchen - Cheapest Cafe in Orchard Rd!

This is exciting - to the discovery of a Chinese Cafe that boosts of restaurant service standards, minus hike charges from wet towels, pickles and tea! Complimentary Chinese Tea and well-chilled Fruits were served to all diners here!

The best time to visit is during their Tea-break promotion from 2:30-5:00pm when all normal priced entrees are discounted by 20% while the following items are their tea time hour specials!

Baked Whole Abalone & Pork Chop w/ Fried Rice ($12.80++)

Yes, it's Abalone and we were skeptical. How good can you expect the Abalone at such pricing!?

BUT, it is good! And we learned never to judge an abalone by its size! It definitely tasted better than any canned stuff! Do chew the tenderly baked shellfish by stuffing it graciously into your mouth and enjoy its flavor... ...!

The Special Abalone Rice set has a choice of either Chicken steak, Fish fillet or Pork Chop served atop the acutely egg-rich Fried Rice, ladled with lip-smacking Tomato sauce!!

Braised Meehoon with Mushroom & Conpoy Set (5++)

Then comes the ultimate - their ONCE AGAIN discounted High Tea $5++ Set Menu that includes Hot Tea/ Coffee/ Soft Drinks! The $5 meal ranges from Fried Chicken w/Fries, Pork Chop, Chicken Chop, Dumplings Noodle Soup and Braised Beehoon options.

And do not scorn their coffee offering if you have not tasted it. View it here.

So, tell me, where can you find such sweet deal with good service along swanky Orchard Road? ;)

Chinese Delicacies, NTU

Xiao Long Bao ($3.50)

As promised, we returned to review the Xiao Long Bao from Chinese Delicacies which everyone seems to be ordering. "Was it really so good?" We had always thought.

Sad to say, it tasted fairly average; just your usual dumplings that squirt nice hot juices.

Spring Onion Pancake ($3.80)

Having so many buys of their cloy tasting Red Bean Pancake, we have the savory Spring Onion ones today. But it's still the sweet red beans that we enjoyed ;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Bakers World - Updates

Update: Ric called up the Bakers World LLP and confirmed that they are not directly related to the newly opened store, the One Bakers World at One Raffles Place, Singapore. The store was by their relative with higher price range of $6 per box of cake, or $15 for 3 boxes. Please note.

Avocado Cake (1 box $4, 3 for $11)

After eating the cakes from the Bakers World LLP today, i urgently felt it's high time to do a review update. Prices had been revised up, if you compared with my post 2 years ago but that is understandable.

Blueberry Cheese (1box $4, 3 for $11)

What's kind of disappointing was that we realized some of their recipe has more of sponge cake than real ingredients or cream. The Blueberry Cheese cake was one example of a firm-spongy ordeal other than the desired fine-cheese. Maybe their Cheese cakes ain't good?

Chocolate Truffle Cake (1 box $4, 3 for $11)

Avocado cake remains light, simple and refreshing. Chocolate Truffle is chocolaty and of soft mousse - one of the more pleasing cakes from the Bakers.

Having had better experience with their more expensive $4.50 cakes, i believe the extra dollar spends would be wisely. Will update again cos i have not give up on Bakers yet ;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Chicken

2 pieces Chicken Combo ($7.40)

Ric had been trying to buy me the Popeyes Fried Chicken with its Buttermilk Biscuit, he swears by it. "The biscuit is something different.. can try" He had said.

And he topped up ($0.50) the set of soft drink to Party Pop! - a fizzy drink of Green tea and Mango fusion.

We particularly like the coleslaw; unlike that of KFC, there's the crunch of the varied greens and taste of lighter, healthier salad sauce here.

Lastly, it's the ever juicy, tender fried chicken that doesn't overwhelm you with gross greasiness. So, yes, it's a Popeyes over KFC anytime if you don't consider the price factor.

4 pieces Chicken Tenders with Mashed Potatoes, large ($9.75)

This is their signature side of mashed potatoes with cajun gravy that carries bits of minced meat!? The sauce tasted less salted and more fluid than the KFC's; think i prefer the Popeye's.

But chilled coleslaw is still my favourite side with fried chicken ;)

Singapore Food Trail - The Flyer

Every food courts in Singapore that tries to model after the road side food streets of the 1960s, 1970s proves to be such a hit with the locals, as well as the tourists. Minus the unhygienic environment of the old days, such food courts provide comfort dinning in cool air-conditioned or balmy electric fans.

What i love most about the place is the lively old songs that played at the background, while dinning, savoring the atmosphere rather than our already all too familiar hawker food.

At the Singapore Food Trail in the Singapore Flyer today, i was indulging in the 60s mood while Ric cracks over the food to buy ;)

Katong Keah Kee Fried Oysters ($5)

A $5 plate brought about helping of 6-7 Oysters - seems a good bargain right? It was nice enough, but aren't the best that we know of ;)

Quite a popular stall with continuous queue forming.

Lagoon Kampong Rojak ($4)

Another crowd pleaser; with the hawker asking every customer, "$6?"
"No, $4." was the frequent replies ;)

The plate comes with a generous mix of fried fritters, or more commonly called Youtiao in Mandarin. But no Taupok here; in case you must have it for your rojak..

Oh! And i almost forgot to mention, while most Singapore food courts are dominated by China national helper and cooks, the stalls here are helmed by our locals, even senior looking veterans! Appreciate!

We do need to retain our local culture, right ;)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mosaic Music Festival - Michel Camilo Trio

Pair of tickets to Michel Camilo Trio

I have never heard of Michel Camilo, the Grammy award winning Latin-jazz pianist! In fact i knew little to none about Latin or Jazz piano playing. But getting to know a genre of music is thrilling by itself!

Sure there is a worry that the 100mins of unknown performance may bore us; making matter worse, we were physically tired out by this late evening timing...

By a stroke of luck, the cheery musicians charmed with their upbeat rhythmical Latin numbers, backed by thunderous percussion soon relaxes and i've even a great impel to get up, sway and shoulder-shrug to the beat like any free-spirited Latin Americans!

Latin Jazz is such happy music to lift any gloom!

But as conform Singaporean audiences, we clapped and cheered spontaneously yet remained stuck to our seats :( it was not till the encores that we finally gave the Trio a standing ovation for the sensuous performance!

Michel Camilo - Piece of Cake (live at the Ancient Little Theater in Epidaurus, Greece. Athens-Epidaurus Music Festival 2009)

Staging of the night resembles their gig at the 2009 Athens-Epidaurus Music Festival.

Due credits must be given to Michel's performing part of his trio, Charles Flores on bass (the Cello) and Cliff Almond on drums. The trio compliment one another and climaxes the music pieces.

A pity we were seated at the left hand side of the stage, and couldn't have a proper glimpse of Michel's working fingers on the piano.

Michel Camilo - Solo Album - SUNTAN

This close-up video of his playing which i found on YouTube stun me - watching his dexterous fingers doing a strong tapping dance upon the piano keyboard!

It puts a smile on my face :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wan Chai Western Chop - Takeaway

HK Pork Chop Set ($4.20) + ($0.20 for takeaway pack)

Wan Chai, NTU provides the perfect takeaway package that includes microwavable boxes, steady forks and knives set, separate containment of warm fries and mashed potatoes.

Our worry of a messy takeout was totally unwarranted!

HK Chicken Chop ($4.20) + ($0.20 for takeaway pack)

These are 2 big slab of Pork Chop atop each other and 1 chunk of well grilled Chicken thigh! Yummy. Cheers!

And while i don't remember the set comes with mashed potatoes? We were definitely very pleased with them ;) It was smooth, full of potatoes essences and savory sauced.

Mashed Potatoes

King Fish 2008 California Shiraz

King Fish California Shiraz, 750ml ($19.87)

If i haven't kept the bottle for so long, it would have tasted even better.

Am no wine expert; the label reads that the red is filled, "with powerful flavors of blueberry, plum, coffee and spice. Partnered with blackened fish, grilled beef or lamb..." I simply know that i enjoy sipping it while gnawing on my Pork Chop dinner ;)

Oh, you notice the bigger wine glass?
i like whirling my wine; constantly on a look out for bigger one... ;)

The Body Shop Sales!

Coincidentally, the Body Shop sales had to clash with the mobbed event of Singapore IT Show @ Suntec. I nearly missed it cos i couldn't even make it pass the hall at level 1 (it was elbow-to-elbow human traffic!) to reach the escalator to level 3, where the sales was held!

When i reached, there was this large swam of people queuing at the cashier! Yes, the whole of the lot you see in the picture above - a packed snaking line. But the staffs were pretty efficient given such crowd; i later took about 20mins to pay for my stuffs.

Ice Blue Shampoo, Olive Glossing Shampoo, 250ml ($9.90 each, 250ml)
Cocoa Body Butter, White Musk Body Creme, 50ml (2 for $10)

The sales assistants were also helpful and patient with my clueless queries and help my decision on products i should try on; this is after all my first splurge on Body Shop's merchandises :P

Minty Ice Blue is for Ric, the Olive for myself. I love the fragrant of the White Musk Cream and enjoy the rich Cocoa butter - both were the last piece on the counter ;)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill

I love it for its creamy home-style chargrill sauce with black pepper sprinkles! making all the difference!
I love it for its soft bakery-style sourdough bun,
I love it for its tender chicken thigh grilled teppanyaki-style, with skin still on!
I love it for its build of a full palm sized!

I'm lovin' it - McDonald's latest burger concoct.

Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill Burger ($5.20)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Economic Japanese Canteen Meal

Unagi Tama Set ($4.50)

It was here that we always sought out our craving for Japanese Don Set; food prices elsewhere are so insanely escalating, especially under the aegis of Japanese cuisine.

Decent quality, cos i wouldn't risk over rating them. You be the judge ;) And lastly, our all time favourite of Pork Teriyaki..

Pork Teriyaki Set ($3.50)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Xi An, 西安小厨

I've always been fond of China's hand-pull noodles, superseding them over Japanese Ramen.

For they're much more chewy, bouncy - enjoys the chomp into real flour; a heartier fare to have compared with dainty Japanese noodles. What do you think?

炸酱面, Noodles with Soybean paste ($3)

A discovery of one China operated hawker stall at Blk 44, Cambridge Road; serving up substantial helping of my favourite Zha Jian Mian!

In our local context, hand-made noodles are laborious product and they are indeed. But diligent China immigrant takes to it as a common chore, charging only a nominal fee for the fare; i very much admire that.

锅贴, Pan-fried Dumplings (8 nos. - $4)

You can also have their respectable dumplings, beautifully pan-fried finished with a crisp layer of pastry.

Any luckier, we shall land ourselves with their popular Liang Fen, 凉粉- it just gotten sold out >:-< as i watched the many neighboring tables relishing on the last plateful! Hmmm...! Be back.

Marvelous Cream Waffles

Classical Bitter Chocolate & Cacao Truffle ($3)

Marvelous Cream was running a product promotion in Meidi-Ya supermarket this afternoon where we caught sight of their Sponge Waffles with assortment of cream?

Pleasant with no surprises. A little oddly; you could have just liken it to an experience of eating fine cream sponge cake. Think i would preferred having just some ice-cream, plainly.

But the waffle comes in such enticing titles, you would be tempted; "Strawberry & Acacia Honey Yogurt", "Fully ripened Pineapple & Mango White Cheese", "Choco Banana & Caramelized Hazelnut", "Hokkaido Fresh Caramel & Rich Milk", "Fusion Mango White Blanc"... ...

Intriguing right?
Just go ahead and try them loh ;)

Marutama - the Basketball Ramen..

Nama Karashi Ramen ($12++)

Doesn't Marutama's logo looks like a "basketball"? At least to us. Ric always asked, "So, when are we trying out the basketball noodle?" Haha... ;) Today.

And we had each of the enriched Chicken soup based ramen in its original form and one with added spiciness of Karashi. The mild spices help in overcoming the otherwise briny broth.. that we couldn't really appreciate.

Ajituke Tamago ($1++)

Even the Tamago tasted saltish? Densely in its yolk, up to its whites! It was indeed special, if this was how you like your boiled eggs.

Yaki Char Siew ($6++)

Fat melting pork belly was the delight of this meal! If you enjoyed Shabu Shabu Kurobuta, this was better cos the thicker slices offered a much fibrous chaw.

Have to mention their condiment of freshly fried Garlic slices, served free, on the tables. I can't help munching on them while waiting for our ramen; and adding some to the hot chicken broth too.

An enjoyable ramen but forgetable.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sweet Korean Strawberry?

Korean Strawberry, 250g (NTUC, $2.95 promotional price)

It was simply called "Korean Strawberry". We had had so much tartness with Korean's strawberry that we had long given up; and how can a deal be so good for sweet strawberries?

Mum was the foolhardy as she reaped in the smaller sized but sweet berries at a good price. Sizes do not matter here right? It's the sweetness.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Move On, Don't Look Back!

"If you focus on what you have left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead!" 

Ratatouille (2007), a computer-animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios.