Saturday, May 31, 2008

National Museum Day

Today's a rainy day as i ran my way into the National Museum of Singapore; admissions are free for all on this National Museum Day and i took the chance for my life's first visit here, at Singapore oldest and largest museum of 119 years old.

There are the 4 Halls of Singapore Living Galleries, each featuring the exhibits of past Fashion, Food, Photography and Film; proudly presents Singapores multi-racial and multi-cultural society. But the one you really shouldn't be missing is the Singapore History Gallery.

I joined the snaking queue for 45mins while being subjected to the strong chilling air-conditioning before gaining my admission into the History Gallery. But it was well worth it; through the use of multimedia, our allocated audio visual piece gave an lively oral history accounts of Singapore early days.

Its detail and emotional narration stirred me, creating a sense of pride for our little island. The multimedia content was greater than what i've learned from pages of my textbooks and History was thus rethink.

But alas, time was up before i could finish the exhibits and we were ushered out the gallery urgently. So much of a History; i shall be back again.

Later, Ric picked me up for the 'Cycology' performance at the Esplanade before we have dinner at Pek Kio food market.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Power Puff Girls

Ric bought 15 pieces of these yummy curry puffs from the top floor food centre of Beauty World Centre, Bukit Timah. At 2pm, these were the only numbers available.

For more you would have to wait as the Malay Nasi Padang food stall only sells them from 3pm.

The aunties charges 3 puffs for a dollar. Today's lot costs $4; with 3 on the house. It was a steal, really. For these thin crusted, freshly fried snacks; each a big 2 mouthful size.

Mum and I, each gobbled up 4 at one go.

We are the Power Puff Girls! Or Curry Puff?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

re: mix

As an effort to bringing Music and Arts culture to the general public, free public programmes were often organized at the Esplanade.

Tonite, have specially made a date to The Concourse for the performance of re: mix, themed Beatles go Baroque.

The petit orchestra, known for reinterpreting canonic music that most may find too boring to begin with; did a good job of mixing the Baroque style of play with Beatles Pop.

I was totally immersed by the familiar strokes by the violinists at play. Their uniform movements accompanying the lively music of strings had me captivated. I love string instruments.

It was a great and relaxing work evening.

It was a pity we couldn't support their ticketed performance this June as Ric would be out-stationed. I hope to catch their next performance soon.

20 Inches Laptop

Among the enertainment series of laptops launched by Hewlett Packard, this big 20" inches laptop caught my eye.

Would you want to lug this along with you? But most would purchase it as a desktop computer, says the salesperson :)

Adventurous Tries at Frontier

Ric suggest trying on something new for lunch today. He had decided on the bento set from the Japanese food stall while i decide on the Lor Mee from the Chinese Noodles stall.

An average bowl of Lor Mee ($1.80) with generous servings that was quick to fill my famished stomach.

Queues at the Japanese food stall does not justify for its food quality, the Salmon Bento set ($4.50) tasted just average and was not really value for money if you compared it with the pricing and portion of outside hawker stall.

Ric commented on the hygiene and untidiness of the stall kitchen that he observed. He would not recommend patronising this stall.

And the above was Fishball noodles ($1.50) from the Malay food stall; Ric's bold decision for a try :)

Can't say it was delicious but this was nevertheless, a fun try. My first try of Malay Fishball Noodle.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lunch Buffet at Cafe Brio's

My last visit here was in Dec last year; also enjoying the 1-for-1 UOB cards dining promotions. Total cost today was at $45.90 for 2.

Ric was suggesting a feast before he leaves for his overseas trip the week after, and so despite the rain, we braved though for our last minute decided foodie indulgence.

Cold dishes and appetizer section had much to offer, ranging from refreshing Seafood Salad, cold cuts of ham and tuna, tossed Green Salad and many fancy seasoned cold dishes and mini pasta set.

I had stick to my usual favourite Japanese fare of Salmon Sashimi and Sushi, saying 'no thanks' to the offered Tuna, Mackerel and Squid Sushi roll assortment.

Underscoring my previous record of 6 oysters and helpings of prawn, this was my only seafood cholesterol plate today.

Food varieties were aplenty with elaborated names; we were spoilt for choice. There were the Asian food section which offers dim sum of mini Char Siew Bao and 'Xiao Long Bao', East meet West cooked dishes of almost everything from the sea and land.

The Wanton Mee noodle that was a constant favourite among diners here was delicious; it was worth putting aside your carbo quota for a bowl of it. I especially love its soup and noodle texture.

For my last plate of main, i had the Milk Rice, Char Siew Roll, Paper-wrapped Chicken, Thai-Styled Braised Pork Leg, Potato with Parmesan Gartin and Braised Duck with Pear.

Memorable items being the crisp and light Char Siew Roll with moist infill, and the aromatic and flavorful Gartin.

Plateful dessert of Agar Agar, Chocolate Mousse, Coffee Cake, Raspberry Cake and Swiss Roll. Sweetest thought was the Coconut Ice-cream scoop that was not in the picture.

With cupful of strong coffee and cut fruits, round up my foodie expedition today.

Being mindful of not to over-eat, i was just comfortable filled as compared to my last buffet here. But Ric was already commenting of my numerous serving platefuls.

I didn't have a lot, have i?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wow Wow West

The much substantial serving at this Western Food stall in ABC Bricksworks Food Centre totally bowled me over!

The big serving makes it impossible not to re-adjust my angle of shoot; having also to lean back to capture the whole picture on lens.

Beef Steak with pepper sauce ($6)

Pork Chop with pepper sauce ($5)

Oh, how i love the American size serving here where i can eat my fill! Thick slices of meat with great pepper sauce, big scoopful of coleslaw and handful of thick fries.

It's bringing out the Carnivore in me, Grrrr...

Read the story behind the stall and i believe you would be hurrying your way down to support them.

Singapore Flyer

Today marks the start of a month-long Singapore's inaugural "National Family Celebation". Henceforth, every fourth Saturday of May will be designated as Singapore's "Family Day Out" to encourage and remind individuals to spent time with family.

My ride on the Singapore Flyer today still feels like a dream to me. Our winning of 7 tickets for the National Family Day Out on-line lucky draw won us tickets to the Flyer.

The draw was open to members of the public to win rides to The Singapore Flyer, DUCKtours, HiPPOtours and Rhinotours. And I had entered the lucky draw with bring my grandmom to the Flyers in mind but was not too hopeful for the draw.

Thus I was both surprised and thankful when i was informed by phone, last Saturday of my win. Time was not wasted to organize and contact everybody for the event.

As this was everybody's first time to the Flyer, i was thankful to God when everybody arrived seamlessly on time by 9am to our meeting point at the front entrance.

Everybody was excited and cheered when i waved my collection of tickets from the ticketing booths.

Our worry of having Grandmom on wheelchair also diminished upon help extended from the earnest and helpful duty personnel who arranged for her safe boarding and alighting the Flyer's cabin capsule.

Breath-taking views and all in the bright morning cloudless skies, as Ric and i marveled at the smooth movement of the Flyer's mechanism and possible construction consideration.

Family Day Out event at the Flyer also include other fringe activities that take place all day long as a Family Carnival, but we didn't stay to partake of it. Were told by the staffs that the organizer is expecting 5,ooo family participants at the Flyer today!

We proceeded to Tiong Bahru Market for lunch before heading home sweet home. All anxieties and efforts to organize the family together for the day out was worthwhile, after all :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Water Fools - of Water, Lights and Fire

Today marks the opening of the month-long Singapore Arts Festival, and crowds had gathered on the banks at Boat Quay by 8pm to watch the opening act of Water Fools, by French street theatre troupe Ilotopie, featuring 15 actors acting out a mystical storyline involving water, lights and fire.

But dues to the smallness and distant of the act, not much could be make out by the curious audience. Thankfully, the lights of fireworks save the day and kept everybody happy.

This would certainly be a busy and interesting month to come with the opening of the Arts Festival coinciding with the yearly Great Singapore Sales (GSS) and month-long school holiday.

3 Cheers for the proposed 400 free outreach events for the Arts; i've enjoyed them for the past years and this time should be no different. But do be prepared to sweat though, for all the public events put up to entertain and draw crowds.

Arts are great manifestation of human inspiration and spirit.

Taste of China @ Business Faculty

Had wanted to savour the Vietnamese food at The Terrace again but it was closed today. Maybe because it's the term break; many stalls also do not cater much food for sales.

I thus ventured to try out the China Cooked Food stall, 北京风味.

The appearance of heavy gravy of the dishes here fools me into worrying about having to put up with the heavy taste and salty food i'm about to have, but 'No!', the food here simply taste of authentic China home-cooked; mildly flavored.

This must be comfort food for homesick China students here. Servings here were generous, and my big plate of Lionhead meat balls, brinjals and green veg costs only $2.60.

This was much reasonable when compared to Ric's order from the Malay Nasi Padang stall which charges $2.50 for small portion of bean sprouts, bittergourds and 3 mini pieces of beef rendang.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ah Ho Teochew Fishball Noodle

Oh, it's with much regret that i shall only discover this noodle stall till now!

This fishball noodle stall at 12 Verdun Rd, housed in Kim San Leng Coffeeshop is a gemstone of hawker food.

My enormous serving of $3 which i initially complained of the big portion never seems to be enough once i started.

Their noodle was of special texture and never over-cooked, not to mention the fresh ingredients of fishball, fish cake, mushroom slices and slice meat. Its ultimate chilli seasoning was to-die for.

Gerrr... ... i want to eat it soon again!

The stall closes on every Wed, and everyday after 3pm. Go early to avoid disappointment :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thai Noodle House

We had a light dinner today at Coronation Arcade, along Coronation Rd. It's a small eating house which we find difficulties settling in as we were not used to eating with the serving crew seating around, doing food preparation work just next to our table.

Food wise was good though, it is rather flavourful Thai home cooking, taste on the mild side. But if you are looking for spiciness, you are in for disappointment.

Mussel with Chilli sauce (10) was 10 pieces of fresh seafood in mild chilli sauce.

Tang Hoon in Claypot (13.50) with 3 king prawns.

Dessert of Chendol (2.50) consists of jackfruit, jelly and red ruby pieces in rich coconut milk.

The food here doesn't leave you panting dry from over-salt. It's mild home-style cooking makes it comfortable enough for daily taking.

But considering the smallness of this food establishment, prices were slightly on the steeper side with each dishes starting price from $7.50.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mc Griddles Breakfast

My best friend at the Polytechnic introduces me to SME muffins and i think i had much prefer to stick to that :)

We couldn't agree with the Sausage McGriddles with Egg that we tried today that uses sweet hotcakes infused maple syrup with the salty sausage patty.

The interchange of sweet and salty taste just doesn't seem to go well together?!?! What say you?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fried Carrot Cake - Old Style

Couldn't resist the chance to eat the Ke Shuan Xing Fried Carrot Cake at Blk 11 North Bridge Road Market since we're in the vicinity and the time is just right.

You can't miss this stall, it's the only fried carrot cake stall and they operates only till about 2pm.

The carrot cake pieces are soft yet springy. We ordered 2 plates at $1.50 each, to share. I like both.

Mom said the black ones with added black soya sauce tasted very much like what it used to be like in their childhood days! Points added++

Best Prawn Noodles - Jalan Sultan

Yeah, this is my favorite prawn noodle soup in Singapore. Sited just across the Kallang MRT station, business was always brisk.

But i haven't got much chance of eating here since they closed early about 3pm daily. And weekends were always packed.

Prices at the stall had increased steadily from the initial $3 to now $5 minimum order but it was still worth splurging your last 5 bucks on this. The crowds here more than speak for its food rating.

And I love its ever delicious soup which i always emptied. Even mom as a keen vegetarian enjoyed this as much as we do.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Buzzing Cashiers - Prosperity's Recipe

This is our 2nd visit here to Haig Rd, at this modest coffeeshop next to Blk 23. We didn't get to try the food from 五福西餐 the first time round as all their food had been sold out then.

After the buzz dies off, no queues from the lunch crowds; today we're luckier.

Fish & Chips ($5) was noteworthy of its texture of the fish meat used, it was not our usual creme dory but something finer; i couldn't tell but it was nice.

Pork Cordon Bleu ($6) was oozing with melted cheese once cut open. It will be a very nice piece to have if you have a stronger taste bud; for me, i prefer lighter taste.

The salad sauce is very very well done; it is refreshingly light and goes well with the salad greens as a good appetizer. The garlic bread; i didn't know what to do with it; habitually i need a soup to go with it :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Everyday should be Mother's Day, not one of giving treats and presents but rather one that we would speak less harshly and be more patient with mom :)

Mom is always against an elaborated celebration in this already much commercialise Mother's Day. We thus plan a simple dinner at Chin Lee Teochew Restaurant at Bedok North.

My last visit here was during the CNY when some of their authentic Teochew dishes, like the Braised Vegetable was not available as they make way for New Year auspicious dishes. So today's the chance to try it and we're sure mom would like it; and we're right.

Rich bowl of Fish Maw with Conpoy Thick Soup ($18). For environmental reason, this makes a better choice than Shark's Fin Soup anytime.

Teochew Prawn Roll ($8) was 8 chunky crispy fried pieces, served with pickles and sweet sauce.

Teochew Kway Teow ($6) was deserving of a bigger order. It was actually kway teow rice noodles fried with salty 'cai po'. The chopped caixin vegetables add crunch to each bite.

Braised Vegetable ($12) is a Vegetarian dish which includes bean curb, bitter veg, dried mushrooms and hair moss, all steam-cooked to mouth melting softness.

Dessert of traditional Yam paste with Pumpkin & Ginko Nuts ($3.50) served with little cupful of thick Chinese tea to wash down the heaviness of the yam.

And you've really got to kick yourself if you miss this dessert - mom's favourite of the evening.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This Is My Playground!

"Rabbit and Tortoise!" exclaimed my mom when i show her this picture taken from Dover Rd, Blk 35.
Yes, this is the playground we grew up playing with. What nostalgia!

And i was really thrilled to stumble on this old place. Thought i would never see this design of playground anymore as all such playgrounds for children had been demolished and reconstructed.

Newly designed playgrounds are like new toys, clean, bright and interesting. But you can never forget your old ragged teddy bear.

Chocolate Snow Danish

I just couldn't get over the taste of this simple piece of Danish bread (1.20) ever since my first try of it.

Bought it from the snack stall that offers bread & sandwiches from the Four Leaves Bakery at Frontier. A light and fluffy delight, I could just polish it off by myself.

What an after meal dessert!
Especially so when my meal of beef claypot fails to satisfy my food crave.

Lunch @ Frontier

Canteen Frontier is the most convenient eating place for us outsiders at NUS.

And today, we decide to try some new dishes, namely the Chicken Chop (2.20) from the Western food stall and the Beef Claypot (2.60) from the Claypot House.

There was not really a queue at the Western and i was pleased to dig into a plate of sizeable thick chunk of well-grilled chicken piece. The golden-brown fries were a bonus.

A lesson learned today was not to order beef cooked in claypot as they tends to be overcooked, as in my case today.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ice Ice Kachang

Sited at Redhill Food Centre at Redhill Close, Blk 85. My friend called this the Mickey Mouse's stall.

And i wish to dedicate this posting especially to this year's late start to our usual warm, humid summer in April. The sweltering weather had prompt many for the icy sweet desserts. And among the few dessert stalls here, this stall attracts the crowd.

Reason maybe for its very soft and fine ice shavings which i enjoyed. And each icy mouthful is a chilling sensation, warding off the summer heat. At least for the brief moment :)

Prices start from $1 of an Ice Kachang of colourful syrup to $2.5 others. The shop rests on Mon & Tues.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fresh Fish Seafood Soup

If you think Singapore is small, think again.

Today's my first time dining at the Sembawang Hill Food Centre and my first try of the popular fish noodle soup (3.50) here. At stall no.36 you would see a queue forming for its special fish soup with Koka instant noodles!

It may seem funny to serve instant noodles in a hawker centre but it's an interesting try. A combination of flavourful soup with fresh fish slices; its popularity more than speaks for it.

Slurp! Slurp!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Set Lunches @ Miss Clarity Cafe

It's been 2 months since my last visit to Katong, Ms Clarity Cafe.

Had wanted to give another try to their Chicken Cordon Bleu (9.80) as i always trust their standard of food and had refused to accept my last serving of tough, dry Cordon Bleu.

Today's visit just confirms that the toughness of the chicken piece was dues to their choice of chicken part used, it was inevitable when chicken breast was used. If you're health conscious or love the leanness of the meat, this dish is for you.

Lamb Chops (11.80) is a difficult dish to perfect but the chef today had took pains to prepares it in such that it was well-cooked yet not too tough and still provide enough bite.

Dessert of Bread & Butter Pudding served warm & moist was my favourite. Burp!