Friday, January 3, 2014

Body Moisturizers for 2014

To effectively care for your skin, you don't need expensive products that you don't use often, but cheaper products working just as well if you apply them regularly. Here's 3 mid-range priced body moisturizing lotion which i received, and will be using this year.

1. Green Finger Intensely Hydrating Lotion (320ml) from Kimberly-Clark, the global leader of baby and child care brands. When most intense hydrating lotion tends to feel heavy and sticky, Green Finger feels thick but absorb well and fast into the skin! And it comes in light sweet fragrant of a body soap.

2. Milk Plus Calming Moisture Body Lotion (300ml) from the The Face Shop. The Korean lotion contains calming moisture complex and promises to help skin grow better - i didn't know about the latter, but the lotion surely relaxes the skin; if you know how it feels like! and distresses the mind with its light talcum powder fragrance.

3. Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion (400ml). This bottle has proven to pump up my skin from wrinkles when i was having obvious loosen skin from weight lost, many years back. I hasn't stick with the product after the skin recovers as i didn't quite enjoy its stronger floral sense; also the cream that feels heavy and took a while to be absorbed by the skin.

In the cabinets, there are also body butter/cream from the Body Shop that needs to be consumed this year. But, don't you finds them too thick and sticky for our temperate climate? So i am procrastinating...

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