Tuesday, April 27, 2010

鸿森, Hong Seng Curry Rice

I had an affinity with Curry Rice, ultra moist Curry Rice like the Scissor Cut, 剪刀剪咖哩饭. Ric doesn't.

Between the few stalls of Curry Rice in Redhill Market & Food Centre, we ordered from #01-74. Hopefully after, i can look forward to many more meals of Curry Rice with Ric ;)

Hainanese Pork Chop, a must to have with Curry Rice? This economic spread for 2 pax is but at $8.

Curry Sotong.

Stir-fried Long Beans.

Braised Cabbage.

Hong Seng Curry Rice, you would be bowled over by their beautiful array of appetite whetting dishes for selection. Yes, be back!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

AVATAR, an awakening Green Call.

No, we were not keen on watching a 3 hours movie on 3D spectacles. We watched ours just, months late on home monitor.

It was just as good, i believe. As emotional as anyone had warned. It does remind me of "Dances with Wolves".

The story touches me and teaches me 2 things:

Avator Movie Trailer on Youtube.

GREEN Theme. When was the last time you deal with Nature in comfort, just like how the 'Blue people' does? Living in harmony with harmless flies instead of showering all over with insecticide is the very lest we can do. It's time, really, that we try to live as peaceable with our environment as we can. Embrace the tolerable Singapore Summer heat and give the air a break from air-conditioning hot exhaust. Do not rape or deplete the earth nature resources from all other living things. You should not possess everything with money.

LOVE Theme. Love as you would sincerely. The outcome of things may seem bleak or even impossible for love to blossom between a human and the 'blue'. But, if with that in mind from the very beginning, there wouldn't be the touching and blissful ending for them. Love with no regret Life is a journey, of both joy and sorrow. But never let it be a plain piece of paper...

 Yes, go watch this movie.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dessert Hut - Friendly service.

Red Bean Drink, cold ($2)

It's been a while since we were here.

Ordered just a Red Bean Drink to share between us and were surprised at the server spontaneous response with providing 2 sets of utensils!

Good smiley service at Dessert Hut, People's Park Centre.

Barcook Bakery - Addictive.

Barcook Bakery at Hong Lim Complex.

We said we'll be back soon right?
To make some take away for our family ;)

Chezzy Ham ($1.40), Say Cheese ($1.30)

Ordered 4 Raisin Cream Cheese and testing out of its Chezzy Ham and SAY Cheese (having a combinations of 3 types of Cheese)

Our favourite remains, its Raisin Cream Cheese, Ham & Cheese ;)

方记, Fish Head Bee Hoon

Fresh Fish Head Bee Hoon ($6)

Fang Ji had always been a popular stall for its Fish Head Bee Hoon amongst the office workers around Hong Lim Food Centre.

The wait was bearable on a Sat.

Fish Slice Soup, with Rice ($4.40)

Ric had its Fish Slice Soup; he couldn't stand the fishy stench of fatty Fish Head, or any Fish bones. Yeah, he has a phobia over Fish bones ;)

This stall serves decent Fish Soup. None overly sweeten, yet it's rich in texture and aromatic.

They have the Fried Fish Head version at $4 only.
I should have a go with that next.

Had grown to enjoy Soup these days;
it's a comfort and pleasure sipping rich Hot Soup...

Monday, April 19, 2010

辉记, Fai Kee Fish Head Bee Hoon

Late dinner tonight, after a rainy evening in Orchard Ion. I decided on having hot soupy Fish Head Bee Hoon for dinner at quiet Commonwealth Food Centre.

Fish Slice Bee Hoon ($10)

After a half hour waiting, a dipping hot bowl of rich Fish Soup arrived.

Soup was flavorful without MSG after-effect!

Help yourself to the table of Red/Green chopped Chilies and, of course the Fried Pork Lard!

With only 1 chef helming the stove, it could be a wait during peak meal hours.

Their Deep Fried Prawn Paste Chicken was looking good from the opposite table ;) We would probably order that on our next visit here. With their Fish Soup, of course.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Until We Meet Again..

May you enjoy many Summer mornings.
And wealth with all you have gained on the way.
As you made that journey:
May the sun shine gently on your face.
May the rain fall soft upon your fields.
May the wind be at your back.
May the road rise to meet you.
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.
Until we meet again.

A beautiful poem i read in the Central Library while waiting for Ric; regretted not borrowing the book of short sentimental compositions that even suggested music/song pieces to go with each titles! Will try look for the book again.

Friday, April 16, 2010

中兴福州鱼圆 - Sesame Dry Mee

Within the same Coffee Shop of the Tiong Bahru Prawn Fritters, there is this Fuzhou Meat Fishball Noodle Stall that's been operating for years. All handmade fishballs at that.

They serve up really nice bouncy, meaty fishball albeit it's smaller in size when compared to the actual ones we had in China Fuzhou. Those were so large; only 2 fits into a bowl.

Sesame Dry Noodle ($3)

They have our regular fishball noodles, but we choose this. You could try? It is Sesame Noodle that taste similar to any local bowl of dry mee pok. But with an added tinge of sesame. Nice.

Tiong Bahru - Five Spice Prawn Fritter!

And we are finally here! The legendary Five Spice stall at Tiong Bahru Rd was relocated in the Coffee Shop opposite Great World City, beside Zion Riverside Food Centre.

Was looking forward to our order while we were served the dark sweet sauce and chili sauce for the 五香虾饼. The sweet sauce wasn't sweet at all; it was a mildly fragrant sauce. A traditional Hokkien version of sauces for Five Spice Prawn Fritters.

Platters for Two ($6)

After an half hour wait, we have the Prawn Fritters with Bean Sprouts that was prepared and deep fried on the spot from Flour mix.

It was not well fried? The centre portion was still bit mushy.

All the rest went well. I enjoyed the little bites that was hand-prepared.

The little stall runs by an old couple opens around 1130am daily and got all sold out by 1pm! So, just try to be early. Stall closes on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yamazaki's Batard de Levain

Batard de Levain ($2.20)

A match for the Baguette from St. Leavens.

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude at Tampines 1 had this Traditional French Bread made by special Wheat Flour with Levain dough.

A wonderfully crusty bread loaf that we loves with Peanut Butter or sweet Fruit Jams these days.

I had rather be served by the happy people at Yamazaki than the sulking cashiers at St. Leavens. Though, i must admit their Baguette still tops our list :(

Achy Sweet Tooth - Yamakawa

These days, been having constant craving for sugary food stuffs... Sweet on tasting buds sweetens up one's mood - i can't help agreeing.

When i was much younger, it's contradicting how a piece of Mooncake on my plate makes me cry at the thought of it's immerse sweetness. Ha...

(From left, at discounted price) Glico Mainichi Biscuit ($3.50), Sakuma Can Drops ($1.50), Meiji Kajyu Gummy ($3.50)

Today, i strolled into Yamakawa Supermart at Tampines 1 while Ric attended his meetings.

Some of their Japanese ranges of confectionery were going at more than 50% discount as they near expiry dates. Seriously, i wasn't concern about expiring dates of Sweets. Just steer clear of Biscuits and Can Food ;)

And i do enjoy my nostalgic Japanese Can Drops (Sweet in tin) and the pack of Meiji fruit flavored Gummy.

Kim's Family Restaurant

The Kim's Family Korean Restaurant (17 Lorong Kilat) is widely famed as the most economical and popular place for decent Korean Food in Singapore with their spread of 10-12 complimentary "side dishes"!

Are we missing out any others?

I would happily dug into these with an order of their Rice ($2+).

(Clockwise) Anchovy, Kimchi, Vegetable Pancake and Steam Fish.

You don't find this spread of serving even in high end Korean Restaurant. And they all taste flavorfully good...!

Bulgogi-Jeongshic, Lunch Special BBQ Beef set ($8+)

Just a conventional fare of stir-fried Beef slices on hot plate but in good hefty portion for one pax.

Black Bean Paste Noodle ($10+)

Saw this dish being consumed ever so often in the many Korean Drama and had always wanted to try it. The noodle was of nice texture albeit the less than expected thinned Black Bean sauce.

Footage of Kim's Family in "Real Deal For A Good Deal".

And what comes after you asked for your bill would be (again, on-the-house) 1 thick slice of Watermelon and a little cup of their Plum Juice... Mmmm. Pleasant.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Just opposite, facing the stall of Duck Noodle i blogged. There's this Chinese Ramen stall operated by China nationals that my Uncle had urged us to try.

We couldn't wait too. Been nursing our craving for Chinese Dumplings ever since our favourite House of Dumplings closed last year :(

Dumpling Ramen, 水饺拉面 ($3.50)

Albeit the light MSG broth, we are hand-made noodles enthusiast.

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao, 上海灌汤小笼包 ($4.50)

I hope to be back here soon. There's plenty more food i want to try! The Spicy Dumpling, Chives Pancake, Guo Tie and the many other Ramen varieties ;)

Phin's Steakhouse

Walking down Liang Seah Street lined with small eateries and restaurants, the posters from Phin's Steakhouse caught our eyes.

A 2 Set Lunch for $20 nett promotion.

Phin is non air-con, and of clean and minimum decor. I like such unpretentious food joints which promises good, honest fare ;)

Mexi Fish - fresh Dory deep fried till golden brown topped with Cheese sauce and served with Fries and side Salad.

Deep-Ocean Seafood Pasta - fresh juicy Prawn and Dory sauteed in Pasta with Tomato Sauce or Aglio Olio style.

We enjoyed our lunch that seems to impress on us that it's been painstakingly prepared by skillful chefs and assistants.

Ingredients used were definitely fresh and meticulously dish up.

No slipshod job in customary fare of Garlic Bread, Cream Chicken Soup-of-the-Day, Fries and our aromatic brewed Coffee.

A perfect quiet lunch to start the Weekend.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Copperhead Drink

Following our day out at Millenia Walk, we plan wine'ing as today a Public Holiday - it's Good Friday; a free parking day. When we don't worry about Singapore's merciless Parking Attendants issuing summons - ever so so often.

We wined with the 3 Chocolate Cakes from Bakerzin. But, Chocolate Cakes goes bettter with Red Wine, never with spicy Vodka.

6 parts Ginger Ale
1.5 parts Vodka
Fill a chilled highball glass with ice cubes. Add all ingredients.

Sorry, lazy to take pics of this colorless liquid.
It's a tasty concoct, no doubt.

Animal Paper Clips!?

Am addicted to cute stationary; believe every girl does ;)

So instead of getting them flowers, woo them with pretty stationary they use everyday; with thoughts of you while mentioning to others, "It's a gift." Sweet thoughts...

Fancy D-Clips, Midori ($8.55)

Ric bought these as we roamed the newly opened PARCO at Millenia Walk Mall.

I picked the "Aquarium" themed clips instead of the "Zoo", "Dog" and "Cat". Which would you have?

Fancy Paper Clips, Midori ($8.55 per box of 30 pieces)

Of the many elaborated stationary items in NBC (level 3), my hearts goes to both the big and small Paper Clips.

I love the "Dog", "Bird" and "Horse" box of small clips. It's exquisitely pretty. Definitely a sight to enliven any boring work desk.

They're now having 10% off all items as an opening special.

Heavenly Chocolate - Bakerzin

Bakerzin always had nice Monthly Promotion.

This April, get any 2 Chocolate Cakes from their selection of 3 at $48. Ric says we take all 3; thanks to my Sister-in-law's $60 Bakerzin vouchers ;)

GOLD: Brownie & Mousse (U.P. $48)

We had clearly rated the Brownie & Mousse Cake everyone favourite! A GOLD Medal!

The laying of bitter dark Chocolate works with light Mousse and dense chocolaty Brownie to give an interesting bite and satisfaction. Yum!

Little Raspberry Macaron atop, a pretty and tasty touch-up ;)

SILVER: Chocolate Amer (U.P. $48)

BRONZE: Chocolate Etoile (U.P. $48)

And as what Bakerzin urges, "Make your chocolate cravings a reality!"

"Today.", i added.