Sunday, June 29, 2014

道记, Toh Kee - Number One Roast

Toh Kee is undoubtedly legendary in Singapore.

They are definitely one of the oldest stall in People's Park Complex Food Center; famous for classic Cantonese-style roasted meat cooked in an antique brick lined oven! and staying popular among their dieheart regulars - the hawker charges high, with prices starting from $4; so it seems their customer base don't grow.

Referring to their price list, we were charged an extra of $1 today, making a total bill of $12, and we don know why?

Twin Mixed Roasted Meat Rice, Char Siew + Pork Ribs ($6)

Roasted Duck Rice ($5)

The roasted duck is sweet and juicy but served on without crispy skin; so there ain't reasons for guests to make a sweltering trip down Chinatown, paying extra bucks for it. The char siew and pork ribs were ordinary; dry and tough - even one of the Chinatown uncle sitting with us is complaining; another table didn't finish his meat. 

We guess their roasted pork belly might be good; several customers were asking for it and being told it was sold out. Us included.

So we were finally at the legendary Tok Kee today.

发记, Fatt Kee - Fried Bee Hoon & Charcoal Boiled Porridge

TV appearances never fail to send the masses to inconspicuous little stalls; even when it has been weeks ago where Channel 8 featured the Queen Street Market and Food Centre on their Tuesday Report - Where We Connect 3 《生活气场3》, today's queue seems longer than usual.

The documentary spoke of their charcoal boiled peanut porridge, and the fried vermicelli by the 86 year old Cantonese Granny! And indeed you should. These are the 2 jewels of the stall.

I am much looking forward to return for their fried vermicelli, and to pack some home! It tastes different and is especially delectable; selling out fast by 10:30am! It was expensive though, serving was pitiful at $1. The porridge tastes just as special, albeit being much watered down.

Together with some thickly good local coffee from their next door - Hang Kee - 唐记茶室, we were like back to old times Singapore...!   

Fried Bee Hoon ($1), Chee Cheong Fun ($1), Yam Cake ($1), Rice Dumpling ($1.80)

Charcoal Boiled Peanut Porridge ($1)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

光沙爹, Kwong Satay (Jason's Place)

Pork Belly Satay ($1.20 per stick)

Was anticipating Ric's pleasure when i discovered this satay stall (#01-54) at Changi Village Food Centre, Blk 2; for they serve the special version of pork belly satay!

But the cooking was disappointing - The sticks were burned, with the most priced portion - the fats, not thoroughly cooked for a crisp well-done. Obviously, the fire wasn't ready for a barbecue, or the server was in a hurry with brisk business running up a waiting time of 30 min.

It could have been perfect, from their tasty marinating to the peanut sauce with pineapple puree; but we couldn't finish this serving.

Friday, June 27, 2014

1,000 Washes - Laundry Ball

Tra-La Laundry ball ($10 per ball via

I was excited to receive my laundry balls; looking forward to doing "clean washing" that doesn't pollute the earth water than it already is. And 1 laundry ball is capable of a thousand washes! Friend who recommends the product has been using it for past 5 years. But for my family, this is amazing.

Do laundry balls work? I later read online that it doesn't. So i began my own trials...

Test 1 - No Soap, No Softener, No Laundry Balls.
Test 2 - No Soap, No Softener, Laundry Balls.
Test 3 - Little Soap, No Softener, Laundry Balls.

Test 1 and 2 yields identical results, we don't physically feel the difference; with or without the laundry balls, the washing machine does a good wash. In both cases, badly soiled laundry can't be fix.

Test 3 gave a positive turnout - a crisp clean job, with the clothes smelling naturally wonderful and is soft to touch! When we do pre-soaked some of our dirty laundry, no further cleaner will be added to the entire washing. Although we can't see how the ceramic pellets supposedly diffuse molecule cluster, changing hard water to soft and thus enabling itself to penetrate deeper into the fabric for an effective wash. But for sure, clothes does feel amazingly soft and fairly cleaned - the softness can be a result of soft water.

In conclusion, the quantity of cleaning powder in any washing should be reduced; for as in Test 1 and 2, washing machine already does a reasonable job without any cleaner. The eliminated component here is Softener!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chili's Big Mouth Burgers

Too much meat! Too much meat...! It was overwhelming.

At Chili's American Grill Bar, we didn't know where to start our bite - the burgers are enormously tall! And the burger steak, beefy! This is sinful... When we finally managed to wolf down the burgers, we felt overwhelmed.

"Can we don't come back here? Ric requested.
"Er... ... Not within this year lah. But can come next year? For something different sometimes; and we like the sauteed mushrooms right?" I coaxed him.

Mushroom Swiss Big Mouth Burger ($22.90+)

 Southern Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burger ($23.90+)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Qigong and Yoga

Nine years of Yoga practice, i finally decided the switch to Qigong after a month of intense Health Qigong - a system which comprises some oldest Qigongs in China.

A month without Yoga. I was unsure. Today the body was feeling a little weary and tense, so i lay out my mat and start the hour routine - this was when i observed improved body flexibility! I was able to reach out much easier than the month before! With that, i too realized the tough pulling actions of Yoga exercise versus graceful and gentle Qigong movements. Of course, years of Yoga stretching exercise does help lay a good foundation for practice of the Qigong.

Our 1 hour of Health Qigong runs the course from 1)Yi Jin Jing - Good stretching exercise to loosen the stiffen muscles (this feels more effective and safer than the Sun Salutation!), 2)Wu Qin Xi - Massaging our 5 major internal organs through physical movements, 3)Liu Zi Jue - Massaging our major organs through breathing exercises driven by 6 verbal pronunciation, and 4)Ba Duan Jin - Repairs and heals the body of internal injuries.

I strongly affirms its health benefits as the body felt "awaken" by the proclaimed circulation of Qi and strengthening of the internal organs! My weak digestive system improves most significantly. Praise God for this magnificent body indeed!

Do experience the marvelous effects of Health Qigong; the below official videos by the China Sports Council shall aid your work-out.

Yi Jin Jing (易筋经) - Muscle-Tendon Change Classic (12 routines),
developed by ancient Indian Shaolin monk Da Mo (達摩).

Wu Qin Xi (五禽戏) - Five Animals Movements (10 routines),
developed by ancient Chinese physician Hua Tuo (华佗).

Liu Zi Jue (六字诀) - Six Healing Sounds (6 routines),
written by Tao Hong Jing, ancient Chinese medicine doctor.

Ba Duan Jin (八段锦) - Eight Pieces of Brocade (8 routines),
passed down from ancient China.

黄亚细, Ng Ah Sio at Tanjong Katong

Our longest absence from a proper Bak Kut Teh meal - 1 year, and Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh has never tastes this good at their new, air-conditioned outlet in Tanjong Katong.

Maybe it's the cool quiet comfort and clean spacious dining hall; we took leisure savoring their Bak Kut Teh broth and enjoyed every single steaming drop that was promptly topped up by the waiting staffs. Especially memorable would be their flavorsome braised duck which we were having for the first time.

I told Ric we have to come back here again - for the simple, yet truly gratifying lunch. It is worth our long distance travelled from Jurong...

Spare & Pork Ribs Combo Soup ($7.50+)

Blanched Pork Liver & Kidney Combo ($6.50+)

Braised Duck, 1/4 ($10+)

Braised Pig Skin ($3+)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Waraku Set Lunches 2014

Gyu Don (Beef Bowl) + Pork Ramen ($10.80++)
Katsu Don (Chicken) + Hot Soba ($10.80++)

Much as we wanted to boycott Japan goods (because...), we were at Waraku today for economic reasons - they serves a neat selection of A+B (Noodles + Rice) lunch menu. And since adjusting prices up from $9.80++ per serving, food standard has been substained.

These 2 donburi are our favorite. If you are visiting, avoid the shoddy pork Ramen and boring hot Soba; go instead for their chilled Cha Soba or hot chewy Udon which are our usual. If you are visiting a Japanese restaurant; try make your $$ worth.

Gyu Don (Beef Bowl)

Katsu Don (Chicken)

Hot Soba

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blackfish (2013) and The Cove (2009)...

We watched the Blackfish movie based on true life account about the captivity of Killer Whales and how they later live out in constrained Marine Parks - which explained their backlash against their human trainer.

It is a rude awakening to our inhumane act.

Following this, i become interested to catch The Cove.

Also about marine mammals, but this is a far worst case where Japanese at Taiji Dolphin Hunt looted the sea of friendly Dolphins - selling them to Marine Parks around the world; killing the remaining 'stock' which doesn't sell, including the young ones who refuses to swim away! I was dumbfounded with disgust...!

Mom was unsurprised; for their action rationale with their practice of mass killing during the Japanese Occupation, World War II.

We come to understand the many public petitions for "Free the Dolphins" and changes the way we now looked at Marine Parks. Our most direct protest would be staying away from Japanese restaurant... and definitely the Oceanarium.

I do not want to forget these movies.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Where To Tonkatsu?

Tampopo Original Layer Pork Cutlet Set ($20++)

We were torn between Tampopo's and Saboten's Tonkatsu - Tampopo offers flavorsome  Black Pig (Berkshire) with standard Tonkatsu sauce while the latter captivates us with its special Tonkatsu sauce with grinded premium sesame seeds, but serves only regular meat. Which shall prevail?

After today, it become clear that dipping sauce plays a vital role in a Tonkatsu meal. Without the fragrance of grinded sesame seed in the dip, the Tonkatsu bite left much wanting.

On a separate note, Ric was clever to stick to his Black Pig cutlet. I had thought my layer pork cutlet to score on juiciness; but everything yields to the firm flavor of a Black Pig.

Tampopo BP Tonkatsu Kyushu Ramen ($16.80++)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cantonese Delights!

There seems to be perpetual queuing at this corner noodle stall, #02-03 in the Hong Lim Market and Food Centre; as such we never get to try any of their good food with the weekday lunch crowd. Come Sunday morning at uptown, and we still have to queue!

Clueless as to what's on the menu (cos there are so much ingredients on display!), i try chat up their regular customers in the queue, and everyone points to their Wanton noodle and Chicken Chop Curry Mee for the safe bet. Their Yong Tau Foo selection, if you want to be explicit.

The Yong Tau Foo can wait. While we gave wide-eyed, silenced approval to their Chicken Chop Curry Mee. It served exceptional curry gravy with freshly deep fried chicken chop! I didn't want to convince you.

We are now so looking forward to their Laksa Yong Tau Foo!

Wanton Noodle ($3)

Curry Noodle with Pork Chop ($3.50)

Extra Order of Pork Chop ($2)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

荣兴, Rong Xing La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao Dumplings, 8pcs ($4.50)

After my exquisite yet unsatisfying meal of Din Tai Fung's dumplings, i was left hanging with this hankering for the real stuff. Ric didn't know that, and was left baffled when i adamantly wanted the xiao long bao from Rong Xing at the Redhill Lane Food Centre.

It was 4 years ago! When i first blogged about them. And today, food never tasted this good; with my insatiable craving to satisfy.

Red Bean Pancake ($3.80)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

中峇鲁李鸿记, Lee Hong Kee Cantonese Roasted

Barbecued Char Siew Rice ($3)

Roasted Pork Rice ($3)

I wanted to tell you about Tiong Bahru Market Lee Hong Kee for the longest time - Dad's favorite char siew rice stall. He will always be beaming away satisfactorily as he tucked into his plate, and in between toothless bites, reminisced, "This is how we used to have our char siew rice, you know! It has to be like this! With this dark sauce..."

The flavorsome dark sauce is only lightly salted and really enhances the otherwise plain grains. I thought the dark sauce actually overshadowed the implicit roast works. As with all like-minded people; it is now only 1130hrs, and we already have a long queue to join.

I have to buy this for Dad soon...