Friday, March 1, 2013

Castel Cafe

Pescatora (Seafood) Pizza ($8)

If you wish to experience how it's like to be second class citizens, you should probably come to Castel Pizza with discount voucher from I was embarrassed in front of my guests when the waitress and kitchen displayed obvious lukewarm attitude to claimers of the vouchers...

But, well, it is no fault of the pizza. Yay, i was brought over by this delicious piece of kneaded flour topped with sea-freshness. We like that the seafood was cleverly treated with light Italian herbs and spices before using it on the pizza. Before today, it had never occurred to us that seafood goes amazingly well on a pizza.

Squid Ink Pasta ($8)

Our first serve up was actually this squid ink pasta that's equally flavorsome; but don't you find it tad too soupy!?

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