Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gimbal's Jelly Beans - I call these Joy Beans!

Gimbal's Gourmet 41 Flavors Jelly Beans, 14oz. ($6.30)

Weighted down by a harsh slam from boss and an unfamiliar job task, I couldn't have been more blue... Popping these, not pills but delicious jelly beans from Gimbal's Fine Candies, lifted my spirit and cheered me to take all in my stride.

Thank God for Jelly Beans! 

These does not have the funny plastic taste which i remembered, and comes in 41 fantastic flavors, i.e Watermelon, Root Beer, Tutti Frutti, Green Apple, Tangerine, Wild Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry Cheesecake, Pomegranate, Coconut, Mango, Spicy Cinnamon, Licorice, French Vanilla, Roasted Marshmallow, Tiramisu, Kiwi, Butter Popcorn! I am amazed, how do they do this? And all without Trans fat and high fructose corn syrup.

37 pieces of these chewy beans yield just 27g of sugars and 140 calories! I'm eating all that i want to stay gleefully happy!

To satisfy my craving, we later bought from the Jelly Bean Factory, as Gimbal’s is not available in Singapore market. But it doesn’t match up to Gimbal’s; quite contrary to claims that jelly beans tasted the same.

Not all jelly beans are the same.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Breakfast at Carl's Jr

Was wondering if Carl's pulling out from Singapore? Not because of their simple breakfast menu, but because you could only savour their breakfast at the Changi Airport T3, after they closed the Big Splash one.

We drove all the way this morning, for a taste of their Sourdough sandwich.

Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich Combo, Bacon ($5.90 x2)

Given a chance, i would do this all over again - for the beautifully charred thick toast, crisp bacon and nice coffee. Most importantly, a slow quiet morning with Ric on Carl's 1 for 1 Breakfast Combo promotion! It's worth the distance.

Another late morning, i couldn't stop myself from getting their Breakfast Burger which consists of everything on their breakfast menu, in one hefty palm-sized - the harsh browns, egg omelet, beef patty and bacon! Taste good! With this i skipped lunch. 

We like Croissant too but thought the Burger King serves a healthier version of it.

Carl's Breakfast Burger Combo ($6.90)

Sunrise Croissant Combo, bacon ($4.90)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Stone Cellars by Beringer

Stone Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon California 2012 ($26.50)

The wine was used on Wendy's wedding and everyone thought it tasted wonderful. If we didn't have so much food that night, this alone would satisfied us when paired with the BBQ Lamb rack!

Quite a performer by USA grapes.

Sunset Wedding at Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort!

The night was remembered as a dreamy reception by the South China Sea. A wedding banquet where only the closest of relatives were invited; all 10 tables only, and the best food served.

Romantic vocal from the wedding singer breezes the evening while the land flows milk and honey - the abundance of glorious food and bottomless drinks.

We have had a night with our most gracious hosts at the Rasa Sentosa Resort!

These pictures allow us to savour the night once more!

A Shangri's dinner is served, as our hosts designed the fare of an International buffet spread for their guests - it is the best we have had!! What a celebration! The relatives were surprised with the success of the untraditional Chinese wedding dinner; everyone was full of praises.

Yam...Yam Seng! To the newlyweds ")



Oven Roasted Forest Mushroom Salad with Balsamic Dressing
Shrimp and Mango Salsa
Jelly Fish Salad with Papaya, Sunflower Seeds and Honey

Assortment of Japanese Sushi

Air Dried Parma Ham and Sweet Melon with Citrus Dressing

Warm Roasted Chicken, Orange and Apple Salad with Mixed Greens



Braised Ee Fu Noodle with Shredded Mushrooms and Chives
Double Boiled Fish Maw with Mushroom soup
Steamed Red Garoupa Hong Kong Style
Wok Fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with Mushroom Sauce
Steamed Herbal Chicken with Ginseng and Wolfberries

Roasted Chicken, Crispy Honey Duck and Roasted Pork Belly (Sio Bak)

Herb Crusted Lamb Rack with Thyme Jus 

 Char Grilled Prawns Marinate with Ginger and Lime



Mixed Fresh Fruits Platter
Green Tea Parfait with Mixed Fresh Fruits and Chocolate Twirl
Assortment of Nonya Kuehs

 Valrhona Chocolate Brownie with Mocha Sauce

 Classic Vanilla Cream Brulee with Wild Berries

Tiramisu with Dusted Sponge Finger and Chocolate Coffee Bean

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pepper Lunch Celebrates World Pasta Day!

Classic Tomato Sauce Pasta ($11.90)

Pepper Lunch announced on FB of their celebrating the World Pasta Day with a 1-for-1 order of their Classic Tomato Sauce Pasta for the day.

Initially, it felt weird that Pepper is offering pasta? And pasta on hotplate!? Nice? I didn't remember Pepper doing pasta, only hot plate rice; that shows the span of our long absence from Pepper. So this promotion is timely, and reminded us of their trusted food and service. Today's recipe is delicious!

The plate is sizzling. And i'm growling again.

Monday, October 21, 2013

恆香, Hang Heung Wife Cake

Lotus Paste Wife Cake (HK$6 per pc)

"When you go to the shop, everything is nice!" The shop here refers to Hang Heung Cake Shop.

Forget Wing Wah, and forget Kee Wah; the 2 other traditional bakeries in Hong Kong who have their Wife Cake neatly vacuum-packed and deliver conveniently to the doorsteps of the Hong Kong Airport. You don't find Hang Heung in the airport.

The box of famous Wife Cake, un-vacuum, endured a night in the HK hotel, few hours of ice-box flight and another night in the HDB flat before reaching my house this morning. But i tell you, this is my BEST Wife Cake! I have never actually fall for this pastry, until now.

Fragrant Chicken Short Cake (HK$38 per box, of 4 individually pack)

I treasured too, their fragrant and lard-filled Chicken Cookies! Each bite is deadly sinful yet so irresistible. It is something really old-school which Grandma and Dad would surely enjoy.

Will you at least, get me a box of Hang Heung Wife Cake on your next HK trip...?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

同樂经典, Tung Lok Signatures Chef Dishes

Stewed Duck Tongues in X.O. Chilli Sauce ($10++)

Always when visiting any restaurants, we depended much on their Chef's Recommendations. So it meant a lot when the restaurant is honest about it.

We were at the Tung Lok Signatures tonight. Some nice surprises from their "Signatures Chef Recommendation Dishes", albeit 1 misses.

Sauteed Beef Cubes with Wild Fungus in Black Pepper Sauce ($38++)

From the Main Menu, we have an appetizer of stewed duck tongues that were fantastically gelatin and are a sure delight.

A main dish of our favourite sauteed beef cubes that was flavoursome, tender and healthy like a salad as it was served atop a heap of green lettuces. We enjoyed this a lot.

Stewed Pork Ribs with Special sauce (served with deep-fried Buns), small ($18++)

 Braised Fish Belly with Special Homemade Spicy Sauce served in Hot Stone Pot, small ($18++)

Poached "Dan Dan" Fish Noodles with Prawns ($9.80++)

The rest were from their Chef's recommendation list. 

With the shortfall on the mediocre tasting stewed pork rib, you should have their braised fish belly with its slightly scorched egg plant served in a hotstone pot! And a must order for the fish noodle in very special broth - it tasted really special, impressionable and refreshingly different; must order.

Chilled Coconut Jelly with Mango Cream and Pomelo combined with Chilled Glutinous Rice Dumplings in Durian Paste Filling ($8++)

After the heavy meal - with quite a fare share of MSG; desserts maybe the only thing we wished we had ordered 2-persons portion, so we didn't have to halve it.

This is a cleverly designed dessert where the taste of Durian compliments the Mango and Pomelo drink so well! The idea of making coconut jelly from coconut juice is altogether awesome.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil

Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil, Original Cocoa and Rosehip 60ml ($15.90)

Oil. Have never thought of using oil on my body, only cream.
But now, i only wish to use oil.

Received some 10 sample packs of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, and i grew increasingly reluctant to apply the usual body moistening cream on the skin. Its abilities to reduce scars and marks aside, i love the naturally smelling Rosehip and touch of the non-greasy and fast absorbing oil. Good even for the facial skin.

It is noticeably effective as a moisturiser which fed my slight wrinkled skin, leaving it supple throughout the day! Even after a rinse of water, the skin still felt silky to touch.



Then, i tried it on the stubborn scar on my leg - one which I thought is never going away. Can you see the difference here!? It was achieved after my tireless application every once a day, for a period of 30 days.

Yes, the scar has been reduced! And i'll be continuing the treatment every other day, until my flawless skin returns.



Monday, October 14, 2013

8 Tarts n Pastries

Dark Chocolate, Cheesy, Portuguese, Coconut, Durian Egg Tarts (clockwise, $1.60 for normal, $1.80 for dark chocolate and durian) 

Just today, i found out that Dad actually likes Egg tarts.
For someone who seldom snacks, he took 2.

Some decent Egg tarts from 8 Tarts; they aren't the best around but offer a variety of new tastes. Though innovative, we thought the dark chocolate and cheesy are the only acceptable variation. The Char Siew Siao Bao pastry is another nice thing on their baking rack.

Don't be slow like me. Go find out what your parents like but had never told you. And buy it for them.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Office's Instant Beverages!

My trove box is fast piling up! Filled with convenient pack of 3-in-1 Coffee, Tea and Cereals. Colleagues love to share and tell, as if trying to win one another over with our preferences or to warn of 'don buys'; each playing the role of a beverage gastronomer. One thing for sure: Everyone likes their beverages less sweet, yet robust.

And what an eye-opener to our large instant beverage market! The selection is huge! I thus thought it would be interesting to compile a list of our drinks here; updating this post regularly as we extend our sampling!

This post was last updated on 11 JUN 2018 with SUPER Teh Halia and NESCAFE Singapore Kopi-O.

MAX Tea Tarikk, BOH 3-in-1, Boh Teh Terik Original, GOLD KILI, OWL Teh Tarik, Owl Thai Iced Tea, LIPTON Milk Tea Gold, Lipton Black Kiss, Lipton HK Style, Lipton Teh Tarik, SUPER Tea Su Su, AIK CHEONG Teh Tarik Halia, OLD TOWN White Milk Tea.

To Splurge On: San Shu Gong Lao Qian - Teh Tarik Segera (12s, $6), Aik Cheong Teh Tarik (15s, $6.30)
Avoid: Sun Soya Milk Tea (15s, $3.20)

GOLD KILI Instant Ginger Tea, DILMAH Green Tea with Ginger, HOTTA Instant Ginger.

To Splurge On: Gold Kili Ginger Lemon (filter bag) (20s, $4.90), Gold Kili Natural Ginger Bag (20s, $4.90), Lipton Pyramid Lemon Ginger (20s, $5.45)
Value for $$Owl Ginger with Honey (20s, $4.50), Super Teh Halia (25s, $4.20)

OWL Kopi-O-Gao, Owl Kopi-O, Owl traditional blend, AIK CHEONG Kopi O, MISTER Coffee, CAP TELEVISYEN Kluang Coffee.

To Splurge On: Gold Roast Kopi-O, reduced sugar (20s, $4.35), Starbucks Pike Place Roast, Drip Coffee, Nescafe Singapore Kopi-O (15s, $3.80)
Value for $$: Gold Kili Traditional Kopi O (20s, $2.70)
Avoid: Mr Cafe Kopi O (20s, $3.50)

 COFFEE 3-in-1 
OWL Regular low fat, Owl Strong, SUPER low fat, CAPPAROMA less 50%, Capparoma less 25%, CAFE NOVA Latte, NESCAFE Original, KOPIKO Brown Coffee, GOLD ROAST Improved Blend, GOLD KILI Coffee Mix.

To Splurge On: Super Essenso (25s, $7.20), Starbucks VIA Caffe Mocha (12s, $16.90)
Value for $$: Cafe 21 low fat  (25s, $4.30), G7 Instant (40s, $6.60)
Avoid: Ye Ye Instant Coffee (45s, $4.95)

GOLD KILI Double Shot, OLD TOWN Ice Cold, Old town Classic, Old Town Mocha, Old Town Cane Sugar, NESCAFE Ipoh, Nescafe Oh So-Creamy, POWER ROOT Alicafe, SUPER White Coffee, 福伯 HOC PEH, CHEK HUP Ipoh.

To Splurge On: San Shu Gong Lao Qian - Kopi Putih Segera (12s, $6), Aik Cheong Tarik Original (15s, $6.05), Old Town White Coffee Less Sugar (15s, $6.80), Old Town White Coffee Hazelnut (15s, $6.80), Nescafe Ipoh Gao Siew Dai (15s, $6.45)
Value for $$: NTUC Cafe White (30s, $3.65), Indocafe Instant White Coffee (30s, $3.75)
Avoid: Ah Huat White Coffee (15s, $6.30), Kopiko White Mocha  (20s, $4.95)

 CEREAL 3-in-1 
NTUC Cereal Vanilla, QUAKER Vita Original, NESTLE Nestum Milk Drink Original, SUPER Nutremill Original/ Brownrice.

To Splurge On: Quaker Vita 3-in-1 Original (20s, $6.40)
Avoid: NTUC Cereal (20s, $3.15)


To Splurge OnGold Kili Instant Matcha Latte (15s, $6.50)
Avoid: MAX Tea Matcha Latte (15s, $4.60), Osulloc Green Tea Latte (10s, $12)

CHOCOCINO Chocolate drink.

To Splurge OnMilo Gao Siew Dai (15s, $6.50)
Value for $$Gold Kili Instant Chocolate Drink (15s, $4.90), Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (15s, $4.95)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Henna Tattooing

There was an event last night, one which i had absented from for many years. No regret in going, for i did have a happy time - good food, good company, full entertainment, two teasing minutes with the Dondurma's vendor (Turkey Ice-cream) and having my first Henna tattooing done!

Some say this will stay on the hand for 2 weeks! But no, just 6 days when it starts fading and i decide to rub and wash it off.

This was the patient Indian lady who does my hand after i chose a pattern from the templates she displayed. I mused with the thought of having my entire hand covered with the dye paintings! What would Ric say?


Dry and cracking up...

The Henna dried, cracked up and fell. Immediately, i have this orange stain. By the next morning, it darkens to a beautiful reddish brown (the first picture)!

Like the young ladies since the Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean, i meant for the Henna to bring joy and good luck. Seeking beauty too, in this temporary body decoration. The fire symbol was selected to add energy, i hoped. 

Will definitely do this again.