Thursday, March 28, 2013

1 Market by Chef Wan

All photos courtesy of 1 Market.

Sorry for the lack of actual photos here, for the lunch was impromptu. Still i am excited to make a small review of this halal buffet at level 4 of Plaza Singapura new extension.

The entire dining experience was pleasant and inviting as we step into the airy and soothing lighted restaurant. The buffet hall was carnival-like as the many first-time guests hopped about the spacious food counters, comparing food, picking them up curiously and happily walked away to other sections. Most food counters were stationed with their smiley serving staffs, ready to offer assistance.

Hits and misses with the final product of cooked food, but it was an overall way above average if we are comparing with Sakura Buffet who sets the average standard. Meticulous food presentations help whets the appetite, and when you finally sat down with your plate for tasting, you ain't disappointed.

I see this place as the next up and coming buffet joint that is overtaking Sakura; everything here adds up to make the dinning experience a very enjoyable one.

Ingredients adopted by 1 Market are fresh and green; the vegetables are crisp, seafood sashimi beautifully sliced - supported by a group of diligent kitchen staffs who are constantly whipping up warm cooked food, baked desserts, grilled items and chilled seafood.

While the buffet tries to cover cuisine from Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and you are guaranteed to find many food that delights; there's 1 item everyone in our group have and have repeat servings of - their deep pocket Waffles topped with ice-cream! Freshly baked, of course. So remember not to leave the buffet without having it.

See their buffet price list here or check up their FB for updates.
Our weekday lunch was at 23.80++ per pax.

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