Tuesday, March 5, 2013

满屋, Full House Confectionery

Mini Teochew Png Kueh ($0.40 per piece, $4 for 10 piece box)

At one end of the shop houses at Blk 95 Aljunied Ave 2, you have a spacious outlet stall from the Ang Mo Kio Nonya Kueh and Full House Confectionery that operates a small store on the other end. Today, we are patronising the latter.

We like that Full House kuehs ain't heavily flavored when compared to the ones we commonly bought from market stalls that receive its stocks from factory suppliers. Full House make their own and manages to keep prices competitive.

Their mini Png Kueh, a type of traditional steamed flour snack with infill of glutinous rice, is thin skin with rice so soft, yet does not lose its grains. Many kuehs often got sold out after lunch hour, and you have to wait for second batch of food to arrive in the later afternoon.

Deep Fried Carrot Cake, Yam Cake ($2 for any 4 pieces)

Today, i am especially impressed with their Carrot Cake. Recipe from white radish that has a refreshing tang of natural sweetness; i am pleasantly surprised to taste that in my first bite! Even though it was taken after having the more aromatic Yam Cake.

Yes, and you do not dismiss their Yam cake - distinct taste of Yam with some accidental bite of dried shrimps that goes into their making!

Kuehs on display ($2 per box)

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Anonymous said...

Utterly disappointed in Full House Confectionery.
Ordered Baby's Full Month Packages from them but felt cheated. The images displayed on their webpage and what was delivered was entirely different.
We chose Full house because there were different varieties of choices available and the presentation of the cupcakes were pretty.However, upon receiving the product, it seems that there were no effort put in baking the cupcakes. Do they think because it is a one time thing?
In addition, their service was BAD! There were no follow up after the order or when we asked a question. Moreover, there was complimentary baby's card, where I would describe it with the word UGLY!

Overall, experience was AWFUL!! It is highly not recommended by me! There isn't a single part of this experience that would render me to give them a second chance.