Saturday, September 26, 2009

Snow Frost - Cheeky Chimp!

Been planning to return for the Snow Frost Dessert in NTU Canteen 2 this whole week :)

And this is what come after Red Velvet we had last fortnight - Cheeky Chimp!

Cheeky Chimp ($3)

Milk Frost Ice topped with sweet Banana, sprinkled of Chocolate Rice & Dark Chocolate Sauce.

The layers of Milk Ice, piled high in a bowl, are served with toppings that runneth over!

It amazes me how simple, humble ingredients like Banana and Chocolate could create 'that' Chemistry. It's a forever Classic combination!

Si Chuan Cuisine, 川馆子

The notorious soar in car parking charges, traffic jams and road closure amid the yearly F1 racing event this weekend kept us away from town.

We choose instead dining at inconspicuous NTU, Canteen 2.

担担面,Dan Dan Noodle ($2.50)

There's no lack of China-styled cooking in the NTU campus! And this was dues to the populous China student community here!

Giving a try on this rather popular Si Chuan food stall tonite. You can sure be convinced of the China influence in Singapore.

Revelation of the beautiful color texture after a good toss with the Meat Sauce. It's a flavorful bowlful of Chinese handmade noodles...

Be back for more of its Noodle varieties and Chinese Dumplings.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Acer EMachines!

Looking cool, my new slim Acer EMachine sitting on my tiny computer desk :)

Doing away with the option of purchasing the more pricey multi-touchscreen model, mine is the all-in-one desktop PC, Model EZ1600 of rather satisfactory Specifications.

Having been used to Ric's Fujitsu Laptop, the EZ1600's 18.5 inches screen seems an oversize for me, but definitely deserving for my Movies playing.

And as with all Built-in Speakers, these of EZ1601 were really not commendable. Reaction speed seems to be compromising too when i opened up Windows or Videos; its display capacity needs some upgrading. These being my only grouses of this beautiful baby.

The setup of the hardware was a piece of cake (i did it myself!). Ric helping me with more software installation tomorrow ;)

This machine; another gift from caring Ric.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuna Onion Salad Sandwich!

Ric having a day off from me as he needs to do Spring Cleaning around his house.

I'm therefore spending a leisure day around Mom; going to the supermart, buying things needed for dinner and making her favorite tuna sandwich - her new found fave snacks.
2 tablespoons Mayonnaise
2 Cans Tuna Chunks - drained (plain flavored in brine preferred)
2 finely chopped Onions
Handful - Pepper Mint Leaves

Mix Tuna with Mayonnaise, Onions and Mint leaves; adding a little more Mayonnaise if you like it moist and creamy.

The Mint leaves are a substitution for lemon juice that we usually add in to zest up this fish salad. But mint is good, an even better alternative.

After a good mix, this bowlful will be covered and refrigerated - you could then have it at any time of the day. Try finishing all up within 2 days to retain freshness of food.

Over Lettuce or Cucumber and Tomato slices; it's a wonderful piece of tasty snack! A good serve up for Mom's constant hunger pangs these days. And i've always love preparing this sandwich for family or packing it for friends.

You love someone?
Make him/her a Tuna Sandwich.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chocolaty Bailey's Cream

The lightly alcohol Bailey of just 17% drove us high, much higher than Gin does as we drank thirstily of this tastily sweet concoct.

Such is the threat of sweet alcoholic drinks; you drink fast and much, getting a sudden wipe out before you can even see it coming.

100ml Bailey's Irish Cream
100ml Chocolate Milk

Mix Chocolate Milk and Bailey's Irish Cream.
Pour over ice in a rocks glass.

Ric had a slight hangover; i retired early and slept soundly till the next morning; the morning after Hari Raya Puasa :)

Hahaha... talk about a Milk drink that could actually knock us out.
Do try this delicious mix.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nokia 5800 - XpressMusic!

Yo! Can't help not loving my new Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, latest gift from Ric :) Its new technology of touchscreen takes a little of getting used to but i'm sure am getting the hang of it by now.

Give yourself a try on Touchscreen technology that's soon to become one of the popular consumer choices. I had initially thought i wouldn't be able to adapt to its functionality but i was so wrong; it is super user friendly!

On the recent IT market, Touchscreen is seen playing a prominent role in the design of digital appliances such as the personal digital assistant (PDA), Satellite navigation devices, Mobile phones, PC tablet and many All-in-one PC.

Am glad to grow loving one, and it's one of XpressMusic model from Nokia. A quality music enhanced product that suits Music Lover like me to a T ;)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Waraku @ The Central

For the 1st time in my knowing, Waraku is having a joint promotion with OCBC Cards to offer a week of 100% rebate off dining expenses in the form of Return Vouchers!

Promotion only at their 3 branches at The Central, namely Waraku Casual Dining, Pasta de Waraku and Mr Curry.

Such great offers was worth my spreading the word :)

Ebi Tempura ($15++)

Lunch Chawanmushi ($2++ each)

Lunch Uramaki ($6.80++)

We had bought Mom here specially to enjoy the promo, so all items ordered today are her personal favourite :)

Unagi Don Lunch set, with Udon bowl ($9.80++)

Katsu Don Lunch set, with Soba bowl ($9.80++)

The $9.80, A+B set lunches which includes a drink of your choice, were very well presented today. Especially the Don, was beautifully arranged and of generous helping.

Mom enjoys her Unagi Don :)

And more posts from Waraku as we come back to utilise our Rebate Vouchers! Get your vouchers now!

Promotion till this Sunday (20 Sep '09).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Frost - New Menu!

You certainly need some frosting up in this Summer heat...

Not talking about plain ice frosting (like Ice Kachang) but flavoured cream shaving like Ice-cream, yet of finer texture. Mmmm...

Am so glad Summerfrost @ NTU (Canteen 2) is opened during Saturday; another great haunt for our Weekend chill out.

Missing them since April, they now have a full color display of their menu, more sophisticated looking counter and noticeably slight up in pricing.

But still more economical than eating at their newly open East Coast Road outlet.

血色浪漫,Red Velvet ($3)

Having had their Mango Mania previously, we having the Strawberry themed today. It's Milk Frost icing topped with fresh Strawberries, showered with Strawberry Puree.

Looking sweet and overly syrupy but it isn't the case. Everything was well proportional.

7 Flavors of Snow Frosts for your own Mix & Match creation too, namely Milk, Passion Fruit Frost, Champagne Grape, Peanut, Green Tea, Black Sesame and Chocolate Frost!

Imagine, eating cream snowing of these Flavors! In addition to your selected toppings!

I'm bringing Mom here next!

Bangladesh Chili - Red Hot Chili Pepper!

This 2nd Bangladesh plant was given to us by my Uncle. And i wasn't much hopeful of them thriving as all my other Chilli plants are dying off by the infestation of Whiteflies.

These Red Pepper plants are not spared either. But they are surviving; at least for now.

And had gone on producing much fruits. i counted 10 Chilli Pepper today :)

As according to Uncle, this species of Red Pepper is pretty robust in its spiciness! To be taken in moderation, he warned :)

You love Chilli?
Mum used to have a huge capacity for spiciness till her recent medical condition wards her off Chilli.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gin Tonic

With the last of my Gin bottle, let's do a simple Gin Tonic. Many had sworn by Gin with Tonic recipe; my Uncle included.

Gin was invented in The Netherlands in the 17th century, originally intended to treat Kidney ailments. The Quinine found in Tonic water has been used to treat Malaria for centuries!

Ingredients Per Cocktail
2 parts Gin/ or Vodka
4 parts Tonic water
Lime wedges

Pour Gin into an ice-filled glass, top with Tonic water and stir lightly.
Garnish with Lime wedges.

Cheers to Good Health!
And this sure is one of the best recipe for Gin.

Teo Chew Hand Made Bao!

Each time we were at Blk 127, Toa Payoh Lor 1, we have to patronize this traditional Teochew handmade Bun stall.

No increase in its pricing for their small 'one mouthful' bun; still at 50 cents each for the various varieties of Char Siew, Pork meat, Stew meat, Red Bean and Lotus Paste ones.

Always a popular sold out is their 'Kong Bar Pau' or better known as Stew Meat Bun.

Even mom was full of praise for the Stew meat that's devoid of Porky taste yet full of herbs aroma. Mmmm...

Maybe, someday we shall plan a Breakfast here, when all their food items are fully available and not 'sold out'.

We shall have their Shrimp Dumplings, Siew Mai, Glutinous Rice, Char Siew Rice, Big Chicken Bao and all the Baos...s

Buzzing Cashier - 19 熟食快餐

Episode 5 of Buzzing Cashier2 bought us to the TV featured Hokkien Noodle stall at Blk 127 Toa Payoh Lor. 1, #02-19.

While the initial crowd might have thinned since airing of the programme, it does seem strangely quiet here at the busy lunch hour of 1 o'clock.

Fried Hokkien Mee ($3.50)

Being skeptical though, we ordered just a plate to share.

And Ric got his noodle as soon as he ordered? A wok of ready cooked noodles was in waiting, he said.

And true to all who commented, the selling point of this Hokkien Mee was really just its chewy Udon-like Noodles and 'sea fresh' tasteful gravy.

Their weakest link would be the use of substandard ingredients. The squishy Prawns and Fish meat used are going to cost their business dearly...

Anyone with a weak stomach like Ric will suffer stomach burns and make a run for it.

A wasted effort of their mentor, Chef Eric Teo.
And of all our support :(
Infuriating indeed.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Swarovski Crystal - Erika & Elvis!

Swarovski launches their new pendant collection! And the naughty look of Elvis poster really caught my eyes outside their Suntec City boutique.

 Retail S$430, with necklace

Erika (smaller in print) is the kind looking little fairy who smiles and glitters in multi-coloured crystal without the devilish head 'antenna' of Elvis, and i adores Elvis scornful looks!

Elvis (in limited production of this Season) comes as a magical beetle pendant on a ruthenium-plated chain. His movable wings set in rusty epoxy and multi-coloured crystals, sparkle and glitter...

I do not have to own 1 though; i simply admire the designs.
All that glitters is a girl's best friend ;)

Appetite Changed.

Changing Appetites, CA had just revamped their Set Lunch menu to include Mashed Potato and Corn Cobbette in their DAILY offerings.

If you love these 2 sides, head down to CA from Mon-Sat for their value Set Lunch at $8.90 nett ;)

Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread.

Salmon Pasta in Cream sauce.

Ric had most of this dish as he was not feeling well, and was antagonize by sore gums that makes chewing ever so painful.

Lightly grilled Salmon atop Spaghetti in Cream Mushroom Sauce. Moo... this is utterly rich.

Country Oat Chicken w/ country Gravy, mashed Potato & Corn cobbette.

Wow! is my stun expression of this serving dish. "This from the ala carte menu right? Can't be for the set; the serving so big!"

An ideal lunch for any male Carnivore!

Oatmeal coated Chicken Cutlet enriched with Mushroom flavored Gravy, ball of granular mashed Potato and juicy Cobbette. Burp!

Vanilla Ice-cream with Oreo Cookie.

Espresso Coffee.

We had opted for a 1 time serving of Coffee rather than the free-flow Soft Drinks that comes with the Lunch Set. It was allowed, at no extra charges.

Little things like these (and the little Oreo on a simple Ice-cream scoop) makes visiting this joint a gratifying experience every time.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Leisure Wineing...

I enjoyed taking to the bottle as Ric and i chatted our weekend evening away. Relaxing, while cozying up and opening ourselves up, talking.

No fancy wineing outlets, we prefer grabbing our favourite bottle and wine al fresco.

Where were we today? Here.

Bought 10 pieces of Potato Samosa ($3.50) from the nearby Canadian Pizza for nibbling along with our bottle. They came dipping hot and tastes fantastic.

Tonite, marks my first getting tipsy over Red Wine... it was good fun ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Malan Noodle @ Bras Basah

I was pleasantly surprised to spot 马兰拉面,Malan Noodle stall as i roamed the level 1 Foodcourt of Bras Basah Complex.

The young chef was busy pulling and twisting the wheat paste into long noodles on the displayed counter while smiling and inviting us for an order with them. Pleasant.

Braised Beef Noodle ($4.50)

"Hand-pulled" noodles or "La Mian", an art of kneading, stretching and whirling wheat paste into strands of noodles is my favourite kind of Noodle.

And when an average bowl at Malan's Singapore Expo branch sets you back at least $6.50, here you are charged at a very minimum of $4.50 only :)

金虫草, Golden Chinese Caterpillar Fungus Essence Set ($6.80)

They did not actually mention Cordyceps herbs being used in this Soup dish but it kind of suggests that, right?

Anyway, the soup was rich and flavorful. Brewed together with tender Chicken drumstick, lean Pork meat and simple Chinese herbs; i do feel rejuvenate by the warm broth ;)