Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Muchos Mexican Bar & Restaurant

Muchos Mexican Bar & Restaurant at the new wing of Plaza Singapura is a cozy watering hole and i could well imagine how charming the place would be by nightfall.

My earliest memory of the vibrant cuisine was at a Mexican restaurant in Westin Stamford some 20 years back and 10 years ago at Margarita's (Faber Drive). So it's been ages since i last indulge in being Mexican; got to improve on that.

I see Mexican food as being fun, healthy and sexy. As a good news for Vegetarians, majority of their food choices can be all greens. Every of their dishes encourage me to be spontaneous; eating heartily with bare hands, in big mouthfuls, heaping on generously with their tangy salsa roja.

In so doing, i thought i was closer to their culture - warm and free spirited! And we had quite a time today.

 Street Food (Taqueria): Tostadas, pan fried Vegetables ($9.90++)

2 pieces tostadas (corn tortilla fried crispy) layered with your choice of fillings (shredded Chicken $11.90 
or grilled Seafood $12.90), refried beans, lettuce, cheese topped with pico de gallo, sour cream and salsa roja.

Street Food (Taqueria): Quesadillas, grilled Beef ($13.90++)

4 wedges of flour tortillas filled with cheese, bell peppers, onions and your choice of fillings 
(grilled Chicken $12.90, Vegetarian $11.90), grilled to perfection.

Main Course: Chimichangas, grilled Chicken ($13.90++)

2 pieces 10" flour tortillas stuffed with your choice of fillings (grilled Beef $15.90 or pan fried Vegetable $11.90) 
and fried till golden brown, topped with melted cheese and jalapeno.

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