Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irish Cream Smoothie

On some days, the summer heat grew unbearably sweltering! 
That made me dream of ice-cream... ... frozen ice-cream.

Without dehydrating ourselves too much with alcohol in this hot weather, i poured Original Baileys onto scoops of Chocolate ice-cream. And Voila! The fusion of bitter alcohol with sweet ice-cream! Superb! I don blend them up; preferred to keep their individual taste separately and my ice-cream still frozen; like how it's like for a cold and hot dessert.

If you like something sophisticated, try the below recipe for an Irish cream smoothie with Vodka! 

90ml Bailey's Irish Cream
3 big scoop(s) Ice Cream Chocolate
30ml Vodka

Blend ice-cream until smooth. Add the Vodka and the Baileys while blending. Pour into a large wine glass with whip cream and grated chocolate as garnishes.

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