Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boncafe Decaffeinated Freeze-Dried

Boncafe Decaffeinated Gourmet Freeze-dried Coffee, 100g ($11.20)

Probably our first decaffeinated coffee. The Boncafe decaffeinated blend was from pure Arabica beans of the Central/ South America; good coffee beans, but you still tasted the difference without Caffeine.

Our usual portion of 1 spoonful coffee powder to a cup need to be near doubled; lessening of the creamer doesn't help. So keep your cream proportion but increase the coffee denseness then we should be about there - bitter tasting coffee, thicken with cream.

For someone who is sensitive to caffeine, i do not detect abnormal heart rhythms, quicken breaths or feel of anxiety and restlessness with the decaffeinated. It took stress off my cardiac organ. And now, maybe a cup of  decaffeinated in the evening wouldn't kept me from sleeping the night?

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presa1200 said...

1 cup (200ml) of decaf coffee contains 3mg of caffeine compared to regular coffee which is about 120mg. A chocolate bar contains 30mg of caffeine so you do the math.