Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Clementi Tian Seng Fried Chicken and BBQ

Chicken Cutlet ($5)

One would never think of ordering from Tian Seng's unattractive stall which have their signboard hand-written. If it wasn't from friends' earnest intro, we wouldn't been here - some of the most remote part in Clementi, at Blk 308, Ave 4 where the road to the S21 Kopitiam ends in a dead end.

Friends gave their two cents' worth on the Chicken Cutlet. "Must try!" They had said. And our heart sank when we saw the dry and tough looking fried meat (fried cutlet has never been my cup of tea). Proceeding, we were delighted by the succulent chicken piece! For once, i preferred cutlet to chicken chop.  

The cutlet deserves a second. Quiet dining in a tranquil neighborhood and ease of parking here are the extra bonuses.

Chicken Chop ($5)


Anonymous said...

Clementi Tian Seng Fried Chicken has moved.
Does anyone know where it is now?

Anonymous said...

They have stopped operations. According to the BBQ stall owner, they are making dim sum now. No idea where. Anothet good food gone.

Anonymous said...


He moved to blk 122 amk ave 3!

Anonymous said...

moved to amk ave 3 block 122

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Infor!