Friday, September 16, 2016

和记, Hua Kee Seafood BBQ

Grilled Sotong ($15)

There are 3 main BBQ seafood stalls at the Pasir Panjang Food Centre, the largest of them being Hua Kee BBQ Seafood, spanning across 3 stall spaces. And friends who frequent here went straight to order from them for our group tonight.

The stingray fish, Lala and Gong Gong shellfish were all good, but it was the grilled squids that stood out. It was chewy and flavorsome. The most memorable dish of the night.

Boiled Gong Gong ($10)

BBQ Stingray ($12), Chili LaLa ($12) 

Yusoff Haji Jalal

Mutton and Chicken Satay (30s), 1 Lontong and 3 bowls of Satay sauce ($19)

After some 10 barbecued chicken wings from 216 Choa Chu Kang BBQ, our satay order from Yusoff Haji Jalal arrived.

Yusoff HJ has been at the Pasir Panjang Food Centre, since they moved out of the old Satay Club (present Esplanade location) in 1995. Despite some fierce recommendations from friends - about fat, juicy satay sticks; i do not find the satay satisfying. As you can see from the picture, many of the sticks were burned. Some mutton pieces could not be chewed. Note that the thick satay dipping sauce was charged at 50 cents per bowl; with free refill.

Hope this old stall does get its act together once more.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bedok North Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle

Minced Meat Noodle, soup ($3)

If it wasn't for the long queue that stretches across the Blk 538 Bedok North Market and Food Centre, we wouldn't have taken a second look at this spartan little stall, (#01-102). It was just Bak Chor Mee what?

We noticed the hawker was a little slow, and our noodles got really over-cooked. Soup and ingredients were alright. Overall, it was above average, but you wouldn't come all the way for it. If you are nearby, why not?

Minced Meat Noodle, dry ($3)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

鲜记, Sin Kee Seafood Soup, SK

Clayfish with Batang Fish ($10.50), add another $0.50 for rice.

We followed a Yahoo! food post to Sin Kee at Marsiling, while maintaining our doubts. Notice many were first time diners too, like us. It had better be good, i thought.

Food was served. And we had to compare them to Yan Ji Wei Wei, who is famous for this rendition of seafood soup. The soup at Sin Kee is easier to drink than Yan Ji's, as Yan Ji can sometimes be too salted and over-whelming. Both stalls, however, neglected their meatballs. We suspect they were left to overcook till tasteless. The only best thing is their crayfish and prawns, where you could count on natural seafood freshness.

Overall, we thought Yan Ji does it better.

Friday, September 9, 2016

亿胜功夫, Gongfu Oyster Omelette

Oyster Omelette ($4) 

There are several stalls of oyster omelette in the Old Airport Road Food Centre, some with really bold signboards but we picked the unassuming 'Gongfu' (#01-100). Well, we noticed their brisk business too.

It was your regular oyster omelette, just a tad oily. Our smallest serving fetches 3 fresh oysters, and lots fried eggs and batter. It is satisfactory.

Albert Street Big Prawn Noodle (亚峇街大虾面)

Big Prawn Noodle ($5, foreground)

We did some reading before coming down, because there are 2 famous prawn noodle stalls in the Old Airport Road Food Centre - the Whitley Rd BPN, and the Albert Street BPN. You see that we decide on Albert. And it was said that Albert started out in 1963!

As with all famous prawn noodle stalls, the pork ribs here are flavorsome and well done. I finished mine without having to give any away. And it is worth to pay a premium of 3 dollars more for the firm, sweet and bouncier meat of their green tiger prawns. Like us, you can taste the difference between the 2 bowls of prawns.

The soup is alright. It is concentrated but somehow lacked that wonderful umami kick that we craved.

Big Prawn Noodle ($8)