Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coconut Buns?

Coconut 6-pack Buns ($1.40)

Do your family loves Coconut-filling Buns? My parent does, so we tend to be on a look-out for nice ones.

These mildly sweeten Coconut Buns were from an old bread shop sited at the centre of Block 17, facing Bedok South Food Centre.

I try get the name of the shop next time ;)

Updates on 30 Apr: 黄乾盛饼家, Ng Kian Seng Confectionery

Redhill Duck Noodle.

In search for a quick lunch at Redhill Lane Food Centre. Of the many popular food stalls here, this Lor Duck stall is one of them. Queue...

Duck Noodle ($2.50)

Having not enough of braised duck gizzard (鸭腱), Ric topped up our order each with 80 cents worth of it! The server was generous with the 80 cents helping!

Were served bowlful of herbal tasting soup. And was pleasantly surprised that the seemingly tough-looking Duck meat to be actually succulent!

"Itadakimasu!" This is delicious!
Yeah, and we should well be back ;)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

辉记, Braised Pig's Intestine

Our lunch ($14.50, includes 2 bowl Yam Rice not in picture)

We were at 辉记 for lunch and Ric ordered something new - the Kway Chap (flat flour noodle in soup) and Pig's Intestine!

Not forgetting its Pork Belly and Pork Rib!
Everything tastes awesome after a swim in vinegary Chili mix.

Its specially aromatic and flavorful black Braised Sauce in these dishes is something the Cook can be proud of.

Only old traditional stalls like theirs could offer you these unique essences of faithful cooking. Agree?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Demise of Ah Gong.

The phone rang, just before time for me to get up for Monday work.

Auntie was on the other end, be on her way to pick us up to see Grandfather in NUH. Ah Gong is leaving, informed the hospital. We rushed to get to his deathbed.

I want to see him, for the last time.
No room for regret.

Grandfather passed away peacefully at 8:14am.
After acknowledging us all.
We said our final thank you and asked him to go with a light heart.

With all heaviness, we received him from the morgue... this was not the way we had wished him to leave the hospital by.

It was then a long day setting up the Wake at the void deck of Grandmom's house. Many decision making for my heavy-headed Aunties and Uncles. My usefulness is limited.

When we reach home in the night, seating by our little garden, i sighted my Promagrate Plant, 红花 (in pictured) flowering!

I then recalled, this had been Grandfather's favourite house plant. I remembered his silhouette, watering the plant every evening, when i was very young.

This is the first time this plant is flowering; it's been almost 10 years since it last blossomed...

The 5 days of mourning takes its toll on us.

Plenty of planning, decision making, responsibilities and duties to be perform. Leading to arguments dues to fatigue and differences in ideas and principles of the individual family members.

Still, it wasn't too bad.
I enjoyed bonding with my extended family. Getting to know my younger Cousins; travelling, lunching with Aunts & Uncles. Sharing food and tidbits. Chatting, teasing one another while we busied with the funeral arrangements. It was a rare chance of 5-day long get together.

On Day 5 morning, it was heartbreaking as we send Grandfather off, leaving his 40 years residence to the Mandai Crematorium...

Sadness looms in as our weariness wears off...

"Ah Gong, thank you for the loving memories.
However little, i've kept them close to heart.
Goodbye and i pray i sees you again in Heaven."

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Teochew Porriage - Lim Joo Hin Eating House

After visiting Grandpa in NUH, we proceed to 715 Havelock Rd for some Teochew Porridge.

This porridge joint was recently featured in our local drama "The Illusionist" - 人间有奇迹 where the main cast James (by Thomas Ong) & Irene (by Quan Yi Fong) had their romantic late night Supper.

With 3 bowls of warm porridge, we polished off the followings:

Steam Cuttlefish with Sweet Orange Sauce.

Cabbages with Glass Noodle.

Teochew Fish Cake (dip these into the salty Bean Paste Sauce provided)!

Cai Poh Omelet.

Braised Duck Gizzard, 鸭胗!

Total damage: $16.50 + Cholesterol (from the Cuttlefish & Gizzards).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Xin Wang Cafe, 1-for-1

Having joined Xin Wang's membership, Ric had a 1-for-1 discount coupon that expires this month. We were at its Plaza Singapura branch.

Seafood Hot Pot Congee ($9.90++)

This can't be your best congee but still passable.

Served in a clean new hotpot, the savory soup based congee was grainier than how we had like our congee. Seafood item were but pieces of Cod Fish slices and imitation Crab stick.

The Egg yolk saves this Congee.

Pork Chop Baked Rice ($9.90++)

Don't we love Baked Cheese...! It seems to be a must order in 茶餐厅.
I had prefer Baked Pasta to Baked Rice though ;)

Xing Wang charges $0.20 for a glass of warm water; ask for cold water - it's FOC.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Outram Fried Kway Teow Mee

Hong Lim Market and Food Centre is undergoing renovation for upgrading works.

Most of the food stalls are operating from the makeshift area set up besides the Kreta Ayer Neighbourhood Police Post.

At this late hour of 2pm, many stalls had closed.

Sometimes, this makes deciding what to eat simple ;) Just order from whichever stalls you know is popular.

Fried Kway Teow Mee, black ($2.50)

Here, you could request for the white version of Fried Kway Teow, which i saw some ordering.

Standard of cooking is consistent with old uncle at helm. Wet, moist and flavorful with plenty of Pork Lard and Cockles.

This can certainly be one of the better Char Kway Teow stalls around.

Barcook Bakery

Ric bought these from famed Barcook Bakery at #01-54, Hong Lim Complex. And now we understood the reason behind the long queues for their bread!

Best-Seller: Cheese & Raisin Cream Cheese Buns ($1.30)

Thick silky cream Cheese covers the entire horizon of the bread! Together with juicy Rum smelling Raisins, they form an infallible pair.

Ham & Cheese ($1.30)

Love its cottony-soft bread that's still warm to the bite. I would definitely return. Soonest. Barcook Bakery is sure to give any bread shop a run for its money with its value and quality.

Want to beat the queue?
Visit their newest branch at Central Mall :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Special Shanghai Tim-Sum, 同心居

We were at Commonwealth Avenue Cooked Food Centre (Margaret Drive) that's slated for upgrading this year end. Most stalls had moved out; save for 同心居 at level 2 that is famous for its Dumplings and simple fare of Hokkien Noodles & Spicy Sour Soup.

As it always had been; food was a wait but was serve hot from the wok!

锅贴 ($4 for 8 pcs)

水饺 ($4 for 8 pcs)

It's been a while since we last came and prices had jumped from $4 at 11 pcs to the 8 pcs now! Still affordable, but don't we wish our salary enjoys the same percentage increase ;)

Toast Box

My 1st posting on Toast Box's Coffee even though we are regulars at traditional Coffee joints such as Wang's Cafe, Killiney and Ya Kun.

Coffee ($1.30)

These are the primary attraction for us... aromatic Coffee.

Toast with Kaya & Butter ($2 per slice)

Then comes the cold thick Butter slices in warmly toasted bread... this is 1 thing we would never complain of being fattening - Butter ;)

We always wished they serve cold, thick, big slices of Butter!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Almost, i almost lost my Grandfather when we visited him in the NUH on 25 Feb '2010.

We weren't close, and had only vague images of our old time together. But seeing him unconscious after a major operation, kept alive by the pumping machines in the ICU; tears flow uncontrollably as i pray, holding him by his cold swollen hands.

"Will you put the plug?"
The question that had always seemed irrelevant to us was on everyone mind. It was easier said than done.

Nobody would have done it if not for the hefty medical bills, nobody honest. It's a sad truth.

Praise God. Today Granddad is recovering.
He is now off most machines, conscious but still in need of more minor operations.

Like any patients, he just wishes to go home.

It's a dilemma for us all: Remove all his machine plugs and he wouldn't even make it home alive; staying in hospital is a torment for him physically, so bad he's always trembling in fear of pain and grabbing hold of us when it's time for us to leave...

Even in such a distressed situation, he could not decide his stay.

Grandfather does not have a Faith that prepares him on life's next journey...

A quote i remembered, "Even if your next destination is Heaven, you wouldn't be hurrying to leave now".