Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Full Moon at Labrador Park

Probably this the first time i view the moon that seems so close... it's beautiful

The night has been breezy.
The view overlooking the World Trade Center, Jewel Box of Mount Faber and cable cars to Sentosa.

Brings back much memories, both of happy and sad...

Friday, January 18, 2008

My Pain, my Happiness

"The realization of happiness happens only after experience of pain." This sadly is meant for stubborn people like me.

The week leading to this new year 2008 would be the most regrettable period of my life. It seems a part of me had die.

Full of helpless regrets but have taught me a good lesson of knowing myself. I should constantly remind myself of the lesson learned.

Values of life which i've taken too lightly of. And never to take anything or anyone for granted. Looking back at the ordinary life i've led, i am the most blessed then.

A healthy body, normal life style with a love of a simple person would be my most blissful wish now. Life is too short for regrets; i should make amends now by living a good, fulfilling life.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Unwinding at Upper Peirce Reservoir

Was on a 3 day computing course at the Upper Thomson area and decided to drop by the Upper Peirce reservoir for unwinding.

It's been a place i've not been for a long long time, years perhaps. Had a light dinner of roti prata and fried mee goreng at the famous prata store outside the reservoir compound.

The long and winding road into the reservoir proved to be a nice cool drive, not mentioning the monkeys greeting you along the road path. But be warned that the gate leading to the reservoir closes at 7:30PM.

A cloudy day and cooling evening with light breezes. It was indeed heartening when the cloud decides to move away to reveal the beautiful sun set. Praises...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pasta Manna at Old Airport Rd

I must be crazy.
3 pasta meals within a week!

But i wouldn't really mind as my medical condition now calls for more consummation of dairy products, like cheese, yogurt and milk.

Tonite Ric recommend that i try out the Italian food stall in Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. A set costing $6, comes with any choice of pasta, day soup and garlic bread.

Ric ordered the popular Cabonara ($5) as a set for me.

The portion was big, comes with generous serving of bacons and mushroom. Complete with a dash of cheese sprinkles. Yummy, cheesy, a little peppery and rich. The only missing pieces would be the nice egg yolk...k.k..

The mushroom soup was thick and peppery to my liking. The garlic bread was served warm, with bits of garlic you can bite into.
Thumbs Up.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ragazzi the Italian Kitchen

Following my Saturday dinner of perfect Carbonara at Pasta de Waraku, The Central outlet, i grew a craving for creme based pasta.

Today at Ragazzi the Italian Kitchen, located at Blk 10 Ghim Moh Rd, in a humble coffeeshop, i had my satisfaction of richly loaded food.

The set lunch priced at a reasonable $11 was value for money. Though the mushroom soup was a little watery for my liking, the offer of free choice on any pasta for the set and cool tasty Tiramisu aftermeal was a great deal.

My fave find for the day would be its Aglio Olio il Alfredo of garlic, wild mushrooms in creme sauce ($6). The black pepper added to this dish adds Ommps to it. I love it.

Seafood mussels, prawns and squids were all fresh in tastefully prepared tomato sauce ($6.50). But sorry, still creme creme based sauce for me...

And to Gabriel, the chef of Ragazzi.
Keep smiling *You got a great smile*
Keep on cooking ****Yes!