Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Owl Kopitiam Roast

The naming of Owl Kopitiam Roast in honour of the Straits Asian Coffee Shop culture is clever. But there is also a risk to that - as consumer tends to compare the taste of the convenient pack to the actual roast that we were so accustomed to; one that we grew up with; one that can be easily bought from any neighbourhood coffee shops.

So let's compare them!

KOPI-O GAO - Extra Thick Nanyang Coffee, with Sugar
This is mum's usual at the coffee shops. And she has this to say, "No aroma of Kopi, just like thick coffee sugar water, without the nice aroma that we have from the kopitiam." "Oh, maybe i make too big a cup, next time i use less water." I made the excuse for Owl.

The chest felt heavy after the extra thick coffee; and i had to agree - no "xiang wei" of coffee.

KOPI-O - Thick Nanyang Coffee, with Sugar
The most easily available instant black coffee around; i found this in almost every offices i visited lately. Aromatic but finds it tad sweet; usually add more water to this.

KOPI-C - Nanyang Coffee, with Evaporated Milk + Sugar
Real sweet. Blind-fold me and i should not tell its difference from any other common 3-in-1.

KOPI-C KOSONG - Nanyang Coffee, with Evaporated Milk
Everybody's favourite! Thickly bitter with sweetness that's barely traceable. Very nice. Mom selected this to be bought for the household.

KOPI SIEW DAI - Nanyang Coffee, with lesser Sugar
This coffee concoction is my coffee shop favourite that tasted superbly aromatic and delightfully sweet with its receipe of condensed milk in the mix, no sugar. But sugar is instead used in this convenient pack; diminishing all my hope of it.


Anonymous said...

I recommend you Gold Roast Kopi-O with reduced sugar.

Beary said...

Will certainly try that! Thks.