Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tom Collins - My last bottle of Gin

Evervess Air Soda, Harvey Fresh Orange Juice, Beefeater Dry Gin.

60ml Gin
60ml Lemon Juice
1Tsp Sugar
Soda Water

Yay, this could be our last bottle of Gin; we giving up these fine Spirit for red Wine - in the cause of active aging. Haha... here, we omitted the sugar and substituted lemon juice with orange juices ;)

Method: Build and stir the first 3 ingredients in a highball glass over some ice. Add more ice then top up with Soda. Garnish with lemon slices or a red cherry.

I had some Harvey Fresh Orange Juices by itself and it tastes good.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mentholatum, for Skin Irritations

Mentholatum Ointment, 28g ($3.90)

This Mentholatum Ointment was introduced by Sis to Mom as Mom has sensitive skin which is rather prone to minor skin rashes and irritations.

I had not bother about the ointment as i had my trusty Tiger Balm until that day when i developed a water blister on my wrist. I popped it and it oozes water, the wound reddened and was painful, refusing to heal. I had Tiger Balm it but to no avail; then all it takes was 2 applications from Mentholatum and my scar got cleared up!

We have not tested the ointment for Cold reliefs such as stuffy noses, chest congestion, sinus congestion, and muscular aches that it also promises to ease. But the soft minty cream was helpful when i does a neck-shoulder message on Ric who had a stiffen neck.

Update in Oct 2011: During my Beijing holiday, i developed severe muscular aches. And being ill prepared for the sudden drop in temperature, i was hurting from dry chapped lips and frostbite on both my thighs! I had only this ointment with me and it saves my holiday!

Update in Jan 2013: It was especially comfortable to apply the minty gel just before bed as it helps ease the discomfort of a blocked nose while i try to get into sleep. I greatly prefer the smell of this to that of the Tiger Balm. But be careful not to get the ointment too much into the nostrils (as you shouldn't swallow this stuff).

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Prawn Noodles in Shunfu Market

Quan Ann (全安) and Huat Heng (发兴) Prawn Noodle stall, just apart by 1 stall and a doorway.

This has always been the case when there are more than 1 stall selling the same type of food, it always set you thinking, "Which stall better leh?" Ric and his Sis had their individual preferences of this 2 Prawn Noodle stalls in Shunfu Market; and i'm here to judge as the neutral party ;)

Our Presidential Election had just ended this early morning at 4:30am with a recount of votes; we both fell asleep at 2am and this was late breakfast at 11am. Seems many people were late too, had to wait for our noodles as both stalls served out their list of outstanding orders..

Huat Heng (发兴) Prawn Noodle Soup ($2.50)

Quan Ann (全安) Prawn Noodle Soup ($2.50)

Can you see the visible difference? You can't be wrong to judge a Prawn Noodle by the color and texture of its broth; yes, the denser soup base of Huat Heng was indeed tastier. And we both like its crisp fried pork lard.

So, it's now 2 votes against 1.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Marcel Luxen - My no chemisty with Clarinet

Marcel Luxen - Clarinet Across the Atlantic: Debussy Meets Tom Hanks

With an outstanding clarinetist like Marcel Luxen, it still fails to kindle my interest in the instrument; the music pieces selected were mostly high pitched which i find hard to reconcile with..

Perhaps the opening pieces of  "Sonata for clarinet & piano in E-flat major, Op.167" with soothing piano (Liu Jia) accompaniment and the amazing arrangements of John Williams's Viktor's Tale from "The Terminal" was what help us survive the 2hrs performance.

The finale of challenging Artie Shaw Clarinet Concerto where Drumset (Derrick Lim) and Double Bass (Tony Makarome) came together with the Clarinet, does greatly entices me; especially loving the Double Bass.

I could love the Clarinet; only in an Orchestra or a trio but usually not a solo ;)

Oriental Delight - Grandma's House

The E-Canteen in National University of Singapore, NUS

The Prince George's Park Residence houses 2 canteens, one of which is the E Canteen which we hasn't visit. It now feels especially inviting after a recent renovation and had food which are looking interesting. 

大盘鸡面, Braised Chicken Noodle ($3)

Looking enticing is this China-styled Chicken Noodle which reminds us of our very Curry Chicken Noodle? Similarly spicy, the serving of Chicken was generous..

水饺, Dumplings, 10 nos. ($3)

The dumplings was most satisfying and value for money albeit they don't serve ginger slices with it, we make do with plain vinegar dip.

In fact, the stall's speciality lies in its China-styled Lor Mee, 卤面 and Ma La Soup 麻辣烫. We shall make another trip down for it sometime later.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Who will be my President.

Dr Tony's supporter says, "Just wait and see, the result will be Tony. He's most respectable in every aspect." Mr Jee Say's supporter says, "We want an outspoken President to keep the Govt awake!"
Dr Cheng Bock's says, "He seems the most neutral candidate, man of our background and dares to speak his mind." I had none from Mr Kin Lian's yet.

Some sway voters say, "Anybody. All's a waste of time." But still, many Singaporeans remain excited after their first taste of excising democratic rights in our last island wide General Election - experiencing the meaning that voting is sacred.

Unanimously, everybody agreed that Mrs Tony Tan would made the most gracious First Lady.

Since the last GE, i learnt to value the 1 vote i have. Reading up, surfing the internet, talking to people. I want to make a clear choice and make my vote count. That's when i came across this video of Dr Tan's singing; no matter who you root for, this video is cool.

Have you decide on your vote for tomorrow?
I'm still contemplating between 2 of the candidates..

Dr Tan Cheng Bock plays Ukulele and sings "Count on me Singapore"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IKEA Photo Frame

IKEA Cardboard Photo Frame (11 x 16)cm

Bro Nic came, "Hey, your birthday present. I know it's still early but the Rain Lilies you given us are flowering, so we have the gift early." This hot summer with sudden drop of temperature by heavy rain pour stimulates blossoming, even my garden was getting colored ;)

The verses from Nic reads, "Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name; Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. - Psalms 29:2"

Nice present.
I like handmade gift; shall place it on my desk when my new office's ready..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

解释你自己 (Explaining Yourself)


Quit trying hard explaining yourself to anybody.
Because people who likes you don't need them,
And people who dislike you wouldn't believe.

And Ric always had this verse for me : 路遥知马力,日久见人心。

贡茶, Gong Cha !

Oolong Milk Tea, 50% sugar without pearls ($2.20)

Like KOI, Gong Cha also originates from Taiwan.

"Ummm...!" Was my reaction to the first sip of Gong Cha; i was surely enthused, by the fragrant Tea flavor and the not so sweet milk tea. It was nice and i had almost the whole cup to myself; not handling it over to Ric even when i need to leave the car to check out the school.

Never knew Oolong Tea could taste so nice..

Friday, August 19, 2011

我们好朋友。我们 long chiam pass!

我们上,我们下, 我们后前脚
我们 一二三,
我们cherry cherry long chiam pass!

Now, now..., if you know this childhood rhyme, we are in the same league ^_^ !!
And i suppose you remember the accompanying hand gestures for this finger guessing game?

I'm surprised i do.
It was at the very back of my rusted memories!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hurry! Steak Lover! 1-for-1!

Never judge a steak by its size - our hotplate arrived with a palm-sized tenderloin - smaller than what we have here previously but Boy! It was juicily tender! A tastier cut than the usual beefy brawn. 

We have to return! The steak was good and the promotion was ending this August! Will we be here for the third time in a month? We might ;P

New Zealand Black Pepper Tenderloin ($25++)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today is the 七夕 festival, also known as the Chinese Valentine's Day. So here's a famous classic for it.



Celestial Beings on the Magpie Bridge ~ Translated by Xu Yuanchong

Clouds float like works of art; Stars short with grief at heart.
Across the Milky Way the Cowherd meets the maid.
When autumn’s Golden Wind embraces Dew of Jade,
All the love scenes on earth, however many, fade.
Their tender love flows like a stream
Their happy date seems but a dream.
How can they bear a separate homeward way?
If love between both sides can last for aye,
Why need they stay together night and day?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Pimples Cream - Hazeline Snow, 夏士莲雪花膏

Hazeline Snow Moisturizing Cream, 100g ($3.06)

Ask your mother or grandmother about the Hazeline Snow Moisturizing cream, they should know.

I've been experiencing bizarre pimples breakout in the recent months that prompted me to return to this century old product - the Hazeline Snow cream. A low cost facial cream that looked most unremarkable and we commonly scorned at; but relied on when suffering from acne soreness.

The cream was introduced to us by Mom during our teen puberty years. Sis, Bro and i faithfully applied the cream after every morning and evening facial washing; more intensively so when we were having pimples - we would dot the cream richly on the acne as it eases away the swelling pain.

Till this day, we still wonder how its simplest formula - of mostly water, effects the pain killing? And because of its modest contents, the Hazeline became my safest eye cream that guaranteed not to cause milium around the sensitive eye area.

Mom repeatedly remind us not to squeeze the 'unripe' pimples but apply the cream daily until the pimples turned whitish (ripen) do we break it, remove the whitish substances that sometimes come with blood and applied the cream further to heal the broken skins. This process fade the acne mark gradually and leave no permanent scar on our faces.

I shared the benefits of the cream with teenage friends who commended on my fair complexion but were suffering under some potent acne-pimple medication. Now i hope this gentle cream would be useful to you. And be patient on your pimples, nature takes time to heal.



Rainie Yang, a Taiwanese Singer made this declaration today on an interview about her past love relationship. "The one who hurt you most deeply is NOT the one you love most, it is hurting deeply, not loving deeply."

Do not reserve your best love for anyone who hurts you most, they don't deserve it.
Love yourself. And people who loves you.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

添一点, SOH (Source of Health) Food

This is the other stall in our Singapore university campus serving China Zi Char. Located in NUS PGPR Residences food court, the fare varies slightly from the Sichuan cooked food stall we used to frequent in NTU campus.

But for a similar dish, the different and amount of seasoning used produce adverse result.

土豆烧牛肉, Stewed Beef with Potato ($8)

And are we impressed? Not quite. The stewed beef was good though.

But i would say it maybe just the wrong dishes we ordered; they have a long list on their menu, and there's bound to be nicer ones to explain their steady popularity here.

鱼香茄子, Eggplant with Sweet & Sour Sauce ($4)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snowy Ice Dessert @ 記得吃

Chendol Snowy Ice ($5)

It's nice to have ice on a hot day like this. With a voucher from InSing, we paid just $3 instead of the usual $5 for the dessert at JiDeChi - one of our favourite dessert haven.

The Chendol snow ice was a clever concoction with fusion of the Chendol.

I had wanted to have the Green tea snowy ice but gave way to Ric's preference for this instead; yes, sometimes i can give in :] and it was not a bad decision after all.

潮兴, Teo Heng Teochew Porridge

I truly enjoyed this meal of Teochew Porridge.

Teochew Porridge Combo, with 3 porridge bowl ($15)

Though we have to make a laborious effort waiting and sharing a table in cram packed Hong Lim Food Centre after a good 15mins walk under the sun from the nearby shopping malls. The after meal satisfaction nullify all hustle and bustle.

Braised Duck, 卤鸭

The braising sauce was light but flavorful in a nostalgic sense, you could tasted it especially so in the Tau Pok. It was delightful - Everything from the most unpretentious plain porridge (delicious!) to the sparsely seasoned stewed cabbage and yolky braised eggs.

Many tables were also sharing their plateful of steamed fish, looking yummy ;) Nxt time!

Stewed Cabbage, 杂菜

Fish Cake, 鱼饼

Here was a stall where the plainest ingredients, being superbly prepared, exudes in us the simplest sense of contentment - I truly enjoyed this meal of Teochew Porridge.

Teo Heng is now at stall no. #01-56 after a recent upgrading work of the hawker centre. And ieatishootipost had a good food review of them here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Haato Gelato Ice Cream

Large Cup - 2 scoops ($5.50 each)

It was a dull day of home stay while it leads up to the National Day Parade this evening; and i simply refused to cheer up without an ice-cream treat to Haato. Located in Ridgewood Close, we had forego a proper dinner so as to make it back in time for the parade telecast..

A hasty purchase without further test tasting, we had the Rum & Raisin and Sweet Potato with Honey & Chestnut topped with almond chips, Royal Chocolate and Premium Pistachio topped with chopped kit kat bars ;) ;] ;} Happy now.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Eatzi Gourmet 1-for-1 Set Lunch

Having our qualms about 1-for-1 promotions, but if it's from Jack's, we certainly jump on the wagon. We squeezed in with the lunch flock as Eatzi Gourmet, an affiliation with Jack's Place was having the month lunch time promotion in their Bedok Point Mall restaurant. 

New Zealand Black Pepper Tenderloin ($25++)

Jack serves good steak entrees, and we were glad this was so, even at Eatzi. Our steak was done beautifully medium-rare.

Having a handful with the sudden surge of patrons for the lunch promotion, the serving waitresses struggled to attend to all guests while the kitchen managed to maintain their cooking standard, it is praiseworthy.

Crayfish & Chicken Combo ($24++)

And i had my fair share of aromatic whiff from my pan-grilled crayfish.. Mmmm..

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lindemans Shiraz Cabernet 2005

Premier Selection Shiraz Cabernet 2005, 750ml ($24.95)

We have been on Gin-mixed cocktail lately when i told Ric, "I think, i still preferred red wines to these spirits mix; don't you?" Red was a much soothing drink for long chats over the evening.

Taking the hint, Ric fishes out his Lindeman's for tonight, an Australian wineries since 1843. We enjoy it and the Lindemans does seems to be of a finer choice over our favourite YellowTail.

A Lindemans - need we say more..

九厘香 - gone local !

Beef Hor Fun, 牛肉河粉 ($2.50)

Canteens in NTU student campus seems to be lacking in local cze char dishes? Which i sometime craves for when dining here. So imagine my delight when i saw the newly renovated 九厘香, a China Cze Char stall in Canteen 14 includes the local version of Hor Fun in their menu!

It tasted surprisingly authentic! Though you shouldn't expect lot of ingredients for the economically priced meal; it feed us well with a large serving of Fried Rice ;)

Chicken Fried Rice, 鸡丁炒饭 ($2.50)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

KOI, finally.. 豆

KOI Bubble Milk Tea, 50% sugar ($2.40)

We could not understand why our lunch of Mala Hotpot makes our lips dry? Yeah, just the lips not the mouth? Anyway, we need liquid and Ric was cleverly sensitive enough to suggest we try KOI Cafe!

Sipping the drink, we quietly identify with the long queue these franchises KOI stalls attract - if you are paying more than $2 for your Milk Tea with Pearls, you would make a choice with KOI.

谭鱼头, Tanyoto Steamboat Buffet

Having read not too good reviews on Tanyoto steamboat buffet, i had my doubts cos we knew authentically prepared China cuisine may not go down well with everyone - so let's have a look and i could give you a guided tour.

You maybe interested to see this list of the lunch buffet steamboat menu; usual of $25.80++ per pax includes Plum juice, free-flow. But we're on a UOB bank exclusive Groupon $18 per pax promotion that doesn't include drinks.

Dipping Sauce Table

Service staffs were all friendly; after ordering the soup base of Tanyoto's peppery Mala & Tomato soup, they asked to be excused while they prepared to serve up the steamboat with some of their selected dishes for us to start the meal - that's nice.

I then went to concoct my dipping sauce for the steamboat. If you don't know what to do, there's a simple instruction on the wall of the type of standard mixes; but you definitely want to include the Sesame sauce which is a customary dip, our favourite too.

Cold Dishes: Chicken Brine, 盐水鸡

Cold Dishes: Cold Bean Jelly, 川北凉粉

Having "Cold dishes" or 凉菜 served at the beginning of the meal is part of China's dinning etiquette. It works as an appetiser or a "welcoming dishes" here. Be sure to order the Cucumber with Garlic sauce (蒜泥黄瓜), a chill and refreshing tidbits. Then you are really to start the hotpot.

Golden Straw Mushrooms, Fishballs, Prawns, Sichuan Dumplings, Quail Eggs... 

Beef Fillet,  Pork Fillet, Luncheon Meat, Tang-O vegetable.

This was our first round of serving! And they were all good, seriously. Ric enjoyed the canned Luncheon meat slices cooked in the Mala spiced broth, and so does my brother and wife. Haha... silly ;) But it's actually quite addictive.

Fish Head, 秘制鱼头 (limited to 1 order per table)

Tanyoto was not named in vain for their fish heads specialties. The beautiful raw fish head was cooked, stop-watch timed, removed promptly and served on our plate!

You see a picture of only the fish collar? Cos i've already finished up the head; sucking clean all the soft fine meat and thick, transparent gelatinous fats or fish jello! Whatever you called that, but fish head lovers like me would be all smiles :D

For the second order list for steamboating, we recommend you have the Cuttlefish Paste, Soaked Cuttlefish, Homemade Beef Balls and Sweet Potato Vermicelli. All must have!

On the hindsight, we should have select a light broth to go with the strong Mala; having 2 heavy tasting soup makes everything taste alike towards the end of the meal. 

Ice Jelly, 冰粉

The piquantly spicy meal should left you thirsting for chill cold desserts. Had each of the 2 on the menu and we much preferred the Aloe to the Ice Jelly. Ice Jelly sweeten with Gula Melaka don't sits well with us, but you may like?

A sure bet would be the refreshing Aloe with lots of Osmanthus fragrans flowers!

Aloe Vera with Honey, 芦荟挂花蜜