Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bitter Grass, 苦草/ 穿心莲

It is well-known that this Andrographis herb is especially effective for heat-clearing - easing sore throat or swollen tonsils from too much heaty (fried, dry) food. But we seldom resort to applying it because of its extreme bitterness!

Bite into a leaf of it, and you will be knock off with the most unforgettable bitterness! It is almost brain freezing!

But i had my worst this month - all started with a swollen gum on my left cheek with a slight fever. Ignoring it, it gets worse after a week with a swell that becomes so visible, i felt embarrassed. By this time, my left tonsil had bulged also, resembling that of a Mumps virus infection. I was alarmed and in serious pain; it is unbearable! - desperate, i places all hope on my most unsweetened friend.

We found that the most comfortable way of taking the bitter grass is through drinking; cut 2 leaves and make tea out of it, letting the bitterness slowly sip in. Refill with a second cup, washing down the leaves finally. And i actually felt noticeably better after 3 hours. By the next morning, half the battle is won!

If you want a seedling of this plant, give me a jingle.


joylyn said...

Hi, Can I have some seedlings for the bitter grass? I have been looking for it for years.

Do let me know.

Appreciate it in advance.

Beary said...

Yes! Pl email me your contact no. instead. Thank you.