Friday, September 21, 2018

宝贝, Babe Seafood Barbeque + BBQ Oyster!

BBQ Oysters ($12)
Large oysters are a rare sight in our local food centres. So we couldn't resist them in the Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre. Our cravings are for fresh shucked oysters, but these BBQ ones does appease the urge, for now.

We love the sambal sotong, and the crunchy kang kong vegetables. Pity the stingray is plain tasting by itself; the fillet missing the natural sweetness of a fish. It was regretful.

BBQ Stingray ($10), BBQ Sotong ($8)

Sambal Cuttlefish Kang Kong ($6)

Stall #01-67

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Tanglin Halt Original Peanut Pan Cake

Peanut Pan Cake ($0.80)

I thought I had all the best Chinese pancake, until today.

This popular stall in the Tanglin Halt 48A Market opens 0330-1130hrs only (closes on 1, 3, 5). No wonder Ric has not been able to get me any!

If like me, you haven't had any from this stall; don't tell me you love pan cake.

唯一辣沙, Wei Yi Laksa & Prawn Noodle

3. Prawns, Cockles, Fried Bean Curd ($4)

Better late, than never.

This is a bowl of delicious laksa we have been missing. Came twice to the Tanglin Halt 48A Market  for early lunches, but always misses it as the stall closes early; right after selling out for breakfast. How’s laksa for breakfast? Too strong for me. Weird. Never.

Never say, never.

The laksa is great! I’m willing to have it for breakfast. And repeat for a second. All ingredients use is fresh tasting! and the broth of good flavor. I bet you can’t get this elsewhere on this island, seriously.

Their prawn noodle sold out early. We'll try again next time.

2. Chicken, Prawn, Fried Bean Curd ($3)

Thursday, September 6, 2018

126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi (搵到食) since 1985

Century Egg & Minced Pork Porridge ($3)

Upon a friend's recommendation, 126 Dim Sum bought us to Geylang. True to his words, the variety of dim sum here is vast with choices aplenty. But we wouldn't vouch for the quality - or finest of ingredients if you are looking for one.

The meal feels like a mess up of the taste buds; with strong seasoning that left us thirsty. There was nothing quite commendable, nor of character. Save for their well pleasing pork porridge; almost ruin by their generous sprinkle of fried garlic.

In short, we didn’t enjoy our meal.
Certainly not a place for purist who seek fine, simple taste in food.

Chicken Feet ($3.80), King Siew Mai ($5)

Shrimp Dumpling ($4)

Steam Yam Cake ($3.50)

BBQ Pork Bun ($3.50)

Lotus Leaf Rice ($4.50)