Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Years

Maybe i shall always plan for something special when the leap year of 29 FEB comes every 4 years. It's unique and gave us a good excuse to spend the day differently.

And this year, it's great it's on a Friday! Straight holidaying though the weekends!

Let's see...
Before my morning office meeting, braved through the heavy morning traffic but found no McDonald's breakfast at Ghim Moh. Well, the market offers much more and this is what i have! A change from my usual fare of bread & oatmeal.

Set lunch at Miss Clarity Cafe Katong, main course complete with salad/or day soup, dessert and drink. Between us, we shared the appetizer and dessert of fruit cake and chocolate ice-cream scope.

The generous serving of salad and creamy soup of Spinach was delightful. And always enjoyed their nice coffee to round up the meal.

Chicken Cordon Bleu (9.80); Chick is disappointingly tough n dry :(( Stew Oxtail with Pasta (10.80); Yummy!

After my hair saloon appointment, time was all spent on picking up groceries at various supermart, NTUC and Giant. The car boot all full-up; we worn-out.

Thus we decide on a simple dinner of this spicily hot Wanton noodle (2) at Old Airport Rd; it's one of our favourite stores which offer fried pork lard with the noodles.

A rave find of this 3-in-1 Chinese New Year Pastry (1.20), deep fried piece of yam, Chinese new year cake 年糕 and sweet potato. Can see the pieces layered in 3?

吃爽爽 reads its signboard and it is indeed.
Holidays all about being a Foodie!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Girls Beware!

Someone did say this year of the Rat would be one of love scandals and undesirable affairs. A very bad start to the New Year would be the Edison Chen sordid affairs.

This drive home a point that we girls really need to protect oneself. Being naive and gullible with a certain degree of vanity, we become easy prey to such hoax.

This is especially so when one 'think' or 'believe' to be in love. You would give in to his requests!

Reputation apart; your risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) from such person who takes relationship casual, is very high.

Maybe it will not be the deadly AIDS but viruses such as Herpes could be spread just though mere kissing or oral sex. And most viral STIs are not curable.

To you, it's just a fun and flirtatious outing but once you're infected; it's for life.

Quotes from Dawn Yang, Starblogger of STOMP,

"... no matter how charming or famous a guy is, a girl should not allow herself to be caught in compromising situations, as she has more to lose."
" ... my message to girls out there to be careful and sensible, not to create a scandal or unwanted news around myself."

Monday, February 25, 2008

103" Plasma TV !

Wow! Since when did television got so BiG!

Would you get this for your $100,000 ???
This is how much it will cost you now!

Herbal Roast Duckie

Long heard of the rave food review of the herbal roasted duckie at Dian Xiao Er 店小二. Finally had a chance today. Arriving at the shop at 12pm entitles us to an early bird discount of 12%.

Ordered their renowned 十全Ten Wonder Tonic Herbal Roast Duck, Mongolian Spare Ribs and Four Seasons Peas with XO sauce. All dishes priced around $10 bucks.

The flavorful herbal sauce that comes with the duckie helps whet the appetite and goes very well with its steamy soft rice... we drained it all.

After some window-shopping, had dessert and tea break at this little Waffle Place Cottage in Suntec, level 3.

Simple waffle with fillings at an economical $2.50. Great coffee and their very good service here were worth my coming back again.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

苏打绿 Sodagreen at Jam On Concert

Sidelined all other weekend programs to attend the Jam On Concert organized by SPH at the Singapore Botanic Garden as i was deeply drawn by Sodagreen's hit song "Little Love Song".

'Little Love Song' - Full MTV

Admire their unique songwriting and presentation by vocalist Qing-Feng. Arriving to the garden early allows me to stroll around to the section more remote and take snap shots.

Alas, my song was not performed. Nevertheless still enjoyed the overall performance put up by this 6-member rock band; listening to it 'live' was somewhat different. The concert lasted well from 5:30pm till 7:30pm.

But my greatest regret of the evening was choosing to dine at 'Mad Jack'. Money wasted was minor compared to killing of appetite. It was indeed maddening.

Ribeyes tasted least satisfactorily than what you can get from a hawker centre; beef burger was dry and salty. No MSG??? Maybe it's something else that left me dry as a camel after the meal.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Singapore Air Show 2008

Planned a trip to watch the air aerobatics display at the 2008 air show from the Changi Beach.

And thoroughly enjoyed the resounding displays by the Black Knights and F-16 pilots of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), a slow dance of the Airbus A380, as well as graceful performance from the Royal Australian Air Force's elite formation aerobatic display team - The Roulettes.

This being my first airshow, was well worth my 2hrs of sun tanning which left me a Rudolph's nose and rosy cheeks :)

Lunch was at Changi Village, my favourite sliced fish soup noodle stall of all Singapore, Guang Xing. And i was very lucky they are open for business today!

Its delicious soup, charcoal burn taste of the chili with it's tender fish slice was my addiction.

After an afternoon of fruitless shopping at the Metro Warehouse Sale in the Singapore Expo, dinner was at the Bedok South Hawker Centre where we enjoyed our favourite Cuttlefish Kanggong with vermicelli from Wak Kee. Very very generous serving of cuttlefish, at $2 only.

It's been months since i last tasted this stall. My last time here makes me wait 2hrs in queue as they were just being featured in a TV program.

Night program with Ric was cancelled as the sun tanning in the afternoon already left us drained.
And it finally rain in the evening; after a drought of 16 days since the start of the Chinese New Year...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In Memory of Lydia Shum, HK

Dear Lydia

We are saddened by your untimely departure. A great and witty comedienne, you've brighten up one's night. Indeed you've left your marks in everyone's life that you've touched.

And one would never forget the one who makes them laugh.

Life is short; but you've not lived in vain.
You've loved bravely. Good friends you've left behind.
And your display of great motherly love towards your daughter, Joyce even under the torture of illness.

Farewell; may you rest in peace.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beefy Beef Beef

Yesterday Ric tried out a foot massage in my neighbourhood. At $35/hr, i told him this would be his post-Valentine treat, heheee...

An advice by foot masseuse, auntie Poon was for Ric to decrease intake of chicken and increase beef so as to assist him on his low blood pressure and low sugar level.

Following this advice, we sought out to try the steak at BotakJones Depot Rd for dinner.

Ordered the 200grams Australian Ribeye Steak ($14.50) with black pepper sauce; the Hows Salad with vinegar dressing ($4). The vinegar dressing was overwhelmingly hot.

Would certainly order the 300grams Ribeye ($20) on our next visit. And i'll come with a bigger appetite.

Friday, February 15, 2008

St Valentine's Day

This year Valentine is one i really don't crave for any presents, not even flowers. Because i've been showered with so much loving and caring by Ric that i really feel no lack.

Despite his busy working schedule he always makes sure his weekends are mine; and he's always just a phone call away.

It really is the thought that counts. I know Ric buy me whatever i want; regardless of prices. This understanding alone is enough to satisfy my vanity.

But I told him, "Please remember to shower me with flowers and gift when i become an old hag who very doubts my place in your heart, or a housewife 黄脸婆 who had forgot the feeling of love." Please remind me then, really.

Valentine's Day is a great day to celebrate as it serves as a reminder to those who neglect their loved ones, or for those who forget to feel the feeling of love.

For the blessed one, everyday is a Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ice-Cream Waffles!

I'm still in a New Year mood, much reluctant to start work. Half-day at work, i sneak out for a simple lunch and shopping downtown.

Bodynits is having a sale and i bought 4 blouses in total! With the 3 bought on the 9th, I've got 7 new blouses! Not mentioning 4 new blouses from Marks & Spencers before the New Year. Haha...

Promotion: Ice-Cream Waffle ($4.80), add $0.50 for Ice Lemon Tea

Our search for a Ice-cream Waffle ends at Killiney Coffee Cafe, Marina Square. They called it Deep Pocket Waffle, very nice... with a big scoop of Vanilla ice-cream!

Have not had an ice-cream waffle since A&W left Singapore.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Teochew 鱼生"Lo Hei"

Must enjoy this New Year holiday.
I would have taken 2 more days of leave if my work commitment had allowed me :(

Tonite, Ric insisted we drive up to his favourite Teochew Restaurant in Bedok North, Chin Lee for their Teochew Yusheng ($28). Teochew's Yusheng main difference from the common Cantonese version lies in its generous serving of raw fish.

Being sashimi lovers, Ric feels that i should love the dish.

After a round of auspicious greetings uttered by the waitress as she prepares this dish for us, we're ready to tuck in. The fresh crispy Chinese lettuces, not so sweet fragrant sauce and fresh raw fish slices of 西刀鱼... left us asking for more.

Braised pig's trotter tendon with sea cucumber ($18).

Fried Vermicelli, Mee Sua ($8).
No service and GST charges at this restaurant. Thanks also to their friendly, smiling waitresses who waits for my pics taking before they serve out the food :) so nice.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sentosa Flowers 2008

Driving in to Sentosa Island today proved to be a bad choice. Parking at Imbiah was full and you'll have to park far away and take the bus transport provided to the Sentosa Flowers at Imbiah.

MRT station was packed and ushers were employed for crowd control.

Singapore's only annual Lunar New Year floral display at Sentosa Imbiah Lookout draw crowds, both local and foreigners. It's an award wining festival in its 4th year. And it's a shame i only got to go this year, but i hope to visit it every year from now.

Despite the hot blazing sun and the New Year crowd, the flower display never fails to put a spontaneous smile on my face. My mood was happy though i really hate crowded places.

Didn't took much nice photos but found this link that offer some nice shots.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lunar New Year, 新年快乐!

Our usual practice of visiting my grandmom's place at Depot Rd on the New year day where my uncles and aunties gather to exchange New Year Greetings and best wishes to one another.

Greenery great views from my grandmom's place can be enjoyed since my childhood times.

Yummy and traditional Hokkien dishes served by my mum, uncle and auntie. My grandmom being the chief-commander-cook. My fave favourite would be the Hokkien noodles!!! Eating my day away...y...y

Eating and giving compliments were the easiest part. The greatest would be the labours of love put into the food preparations, even days before our day visit to grandmom's.

I wish my Grandmom best of health, that she will always be there for us, pampering us with food...

New year days would be quite different or meaningless without our elders and older folks around, they are the binding force in the big family.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Reunion Dinner

My family simple annual reunion dinner of steamboat.

As the family got together for the many preparation works for the festival, argument dues to diverse ideas and personalities were unavoidable.

But the important thing is no one keeps their rage in heart; and do not let the sun go down on your wrath, for blood is thicker than water.

Ultimately, it's not about the good food or $$ that goes into the dinner. It's about the people you're with and how meaningful their company is. Praise God.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This Chinese idioms, or set phrase truly illustrates the strong emotions of one's heart longing to return to a place (mostly to the side of your loved ones).

Skipped lunch at office today to reach home earlier; and chooses to take a long walk back from the MRT, keeping in mind the many rich food i'm going to load myself with this new year holiday.

As i was walking, i couldn't help quickening my steps, anxious to get home where my mum and sister would be busy with the New Year food preparations and decorations.

I longed to get into the mood fast, the mood of the Chinese Lunar New Year - REUNION!!

This was when this Chinese idiom struck me; clearly how i felt.
It also reminded me of the millions of China people stranded at airports, railway stations and bus depots in their worst winter weather in 100 years.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Night Trip to Chinatown

Mum's favourite place, a MUST visit for her during the season of the Lunar New Year every year. It's a place where you can 'soak' into the New Year mood she says. This is also a place where she grew up in; filled with childhood memories.

And she's happy like a kid when she gets a seat at 味香园 that serves traditional desserts; its specialty being their mango dessert, 芒枝甘露. Mum loves to sit and watch the crowd buzzing around for the New Year shopping :) i like that too.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Miss Clarity Cafe, Katong

After my brief walk at the Lunar New Year florists at Thomson, we visited this much blogged about Cafe with reasonablely priced great food and friendly lady boss.

My life's first try of the 'black pasta'; squid ink linquine topped with braised oxtail and squid ($14.80). Flavourful and delicious...

The BLACK ANGUS prime sirloin steak ($15.80) nicely done in middle rare, with a nice pinch of burned grilled taste, awesomely good.

All food served warm and hot from the oven, as i always like it.