Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Singapore Night Safari Park - isn't how it used to be anymore...

Entrance to Night Safari Park

It's been more than 6 years since i last visited the Singapore Night Safari. The tram ride into the thickly dense rain forest was dark and mysterious while everybody whispered excitingly as the guide introduced us to the animals that came into sight, over a low volume speaker. The tram was small, decorated with little twinkling lights; the roads a little bumpy, yet it was all so real. It was like a prelude to the Africa wildlife!

6 years later, i was sad and indignant by the Night Safari experience.

Amphitheatre for 'Creatures of the Night Show'

On this weekday night, the place was filled to the brim with visitors! And that certainly made us proud as Singaporeans. The show starts and ended that i noted lesser animals involved in the display? It was only later that i realized what might have scares the animals off the show.

Flashlights. Flashes from cameras.

There are people who refuse to take flashes off their cameras. Things got worse when we board the sightseeing tram. The trams were big and long, loaded with rowdy tourists who were trying to compete with the narrating guide; then in many instances, there were stolen flashes here and there. When the guide protests politely, some of these tourists answered back. Oh, what barbarianism!

These misbehaving lots spoil the designed Safari experience. Many other tourists were equally bothered by these crude behaviors. And i ended up feeling sorry for these animals in captivity; and against zoo keeping. It felt helpless that the culture of our small island is changing from a very polite space to one that's much culturally diverse.

Things wane down after 9:30 pm. The trams were now sparsely scheduled with less than half filled seats; flashlight still fires away; broadcast speakers on the tram sounded distinctively loud. I wondered when the lions sleep tonight.

Things would have been perfect without these external factors and changes. And i am missing it.

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