Friday, March 15, 2013

Ramen Kings - Keishoken VS Honda

Komi Toridashi Ramen (foreground), Special Ramen (background)

Just for this weekend, there is a 50% promotion at Ebisboshi Shotengai, Great World City for 2 of their selected ramen. Namely, the Special Ramen by Keishoken and Komi Toridashi Ramen by Yuki Honda.

And that prompted us to make a special trip down for lunch today. I so wished they have a polling box for us to vote our preferred ramen, but they don't. That would have been interesting right? Anyway, i silently note down our preference.

Special Ramen (Usual: $15++)

Presentation: Simple and classic ramen presentation with seas of aromatic scallion, onions, bean sprouts heaped on the front and Chashu standing tall by the background. Promises to whet the appetite.
Soup: Pork-based stock, robust, salty
Toppings: Scallion (negi), spring onions, bean sprouts (moyashi), boiled egg.
Noodle Texture: Round and very chewy, with a good bite.
Chashu: Typical ramen braised meat with fats, melt-in-the-mouth (3 sliced pieces).

Overall Taste: The all-time familiar and popular pork-based stock with soft chewy ramen might just win my repeat visit. But for something faddish, take the Toridashi Ramen instead.

Komi Toridashi Ramen (Usual: $15++)

Presentation: The towering Nori seaweed never fails to deliver that majestic look. Simple yet classy.
Soup: Chicken-based stock, uniquely full flavor of chicken essence, salty.
Toppings: Nori seaweed, spring onion, leek, pickled bamboo shoots, green veggies, boiled egg.
Noodle Texture: Firm, less chewy.
Chashu: Flavorsome and juicy, seems to have been roasted before braising (2 thick pieces).

Overall Taste: Winning chashu recipe but noodle texture matters a lot for ramen. And thus the bowl lose out to the Special Ramen as an overall. But this is a ramen creation that's of character.

Ramen Kings in Town, Promotion Poster

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