Saturday, May 16, 2015

Singaporeans' Favorite Breakfast! - 45 Sims Dr

Yes, in Sheng Hui Coffee ShopBlk 45 Sims Dr you'll find all of Singaporeans' favorite breakfast, and they are all good! The Sims Vista Market and Food Centre is just next door, but this kopitiam is drawing in the crowd? 

When we had their Geylang Laksa and Prawn noodle and old-styled Chinese pancake, the kopitiam was clearly being demarcated by this long queue for some regular fried vermicelli!! Omg. Sure not? (Cos we had encountered several long queue stalls serving out mediocre fare.)    

Steamed Chee Cheong Fun with Yam Cake, Rice Dumpling and Fried Bee Hoon Noodle (total $4.40)

Pretty sure! This is probably my BEST plate of fried bee hoon noodle, ever. I detest noodle, but i like the ones here. The mouth is watering as i penned this... oh, just go get it! Its taste is screaming old-school!

Not forgetting some decent handmade Dim Sum from the stall behind the Pancake man; and the morning is complete!

Fried Vermicelli with Fish Fritters

Hokkien Rice Dumpling

Char Siew Bao ($0.60), Siu Mai ($0.50)

Traditional Pancake Stall (Peanuts, Red beans at $0.60! )

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