Friday, October 30, 2009

Fish Head Steamboat :)

Cool rainy weather after weeks of drought. We were at 凯祥, Kai Xiang Seafood Restaurant, under Blk 349 Jurong East Ave 1 for their steamy Fishhead Steamboat.

Today's Mom's birthday :)

Fish Head Steamboat ($25)

After a long long wait, it's finally here.
I was surprised with the many tables that were having this dish!

There's even a table of 'Ang Mo' family and a table of Japanese workmen.

Coffee Rib ($8), Sambal Potato Leaf ($6)

Oyster Omelet ($10)

Just typical dehydrating Cze Char cooking which Mom claims she can cook up better soup and dishes for us anytime. This, I do agree wholeheartedly :)

But tonight's meal on little brother (who has grown up and so sensible), making this meal all the more sweeter.
Praise God.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Haagen Dazs - Birthday Treats

CK.Tang CITIBank Card was nice to offer a list of Birthday treats which includes indulgence in 2 Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Creations for the price of 1!

I, for one, cannot resist this.

Brownie Explosion ($18.90++)"A decadent Chocolate brownie, served with scoops of Chocolate Midnight Cookies and Cookies & Cream (we replaces it with Mango & Passion Fruit) ice cream, draped in indulgent chocolate sauce."

Belgian Waffle Dream ($18.90++)"A scoop of Vanilla and a scoop of Coffee, a warm Belgian Waffle, maple syrup and freshly whipped cream."

The warm cold sensation in desserts never fails to please! Warm Brownie and Belgian Waffles with cold creamy ice cream... it makes all worth it... i don't mind falling ill again for this...

Ultra creaminess and 'melt in the mouth' moments; if only they don't melt out so fast... What a lot of fresh cream intake today :) In the company of Mom & Ric - pure Bliss.

Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Ho Fun

Crayfish & Prawns Hor Fan ($5)

Queuing up at 德记(怡保)沙河粉, stall No. 41A was a year ago affair in Nov '08! Today is however, mom's first try of this legendary dish.

Eating heartily, Mom loves the dish! Gravy, Chili and all of its seafood freshness.

I gave her my half of the Crayfish ;)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vodka, for throat warming?

I read, "Alcohol had long been used as a basis for medicines..."

"Vodka has been produced since the early Middle Ages. And in these early days, the spirits were used mostly as medicines."

No wonder, we do feel better after our consumption of Vodka this evening? It actually acts as a 'warmer' for our respiratory infections, Flu.

1 part Prune Juice
1 part Absolut Vanilia Vodka

Among grain Vodkas, rye and wheat vodkas are generally considered superior, such as the Absolut Vanilia we having today - bottled in an eighteenth-century inspired Swedish medicine bottle :)

And Vodka surprises me with its mild after-effects of consumption - it could be considered among the 'safer' spirits.

Cheers to good health.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Duckie for the Night :)

Packing home has all of its benefits:
1. Mom and Dad gets to enjoy food.
2. Mom can rest from having to cook.
3. Doggie gets all the bones he wants :)

Braised Duck ($24)

We had packed this back after being in town this pm.
And what a big box of Duck meat! For all of our indulgence!

It even comes with Duck Organs that we like, the Liver and Stomach.

Dark Sauced Rice ($0.30 per pack)

Oh, and the gorgeously cooked Dark Sauce Rice; mom couldn't resist not having it other than sticking to her home-cooked plain porridge.

Pack home to share, here!
Enjoy! Love.


I had really loved to try my hands on Baked Spaghetti after having it at Xin Wang Cafe.

But read this recipe of Not-Your-Grannys-Mac-Cheese and decide to cook it as it should be a less 'heaty' alternative to baking (we are just recovering from Flu, Cough).

I prepared a simpler substitute recipe to the original, omitting the Onions and Chili Pepper, lesser Cheese and replacing heavy Cream with Full Cream Milk.

Having loads of minced Garlic and Basil leaves instead. Luckily, it doesn't turn out bad. Still edible :)

Seems to becoming 'Auntie' these days, trying my hands on simple dishes i love rather than sourcing them out outside.

It's both on economical sense and self-satisfaction. And i do now feel that learning to cook is part of taking up the responsibilities of growing up. Should have started earlier...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

新旺,Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Having joined Xin Wang's membership, we were at Xin Wang Cafe, Plaza Singapura to redeem our birthday gift and a $15 dining voucher.

The menu does not look appealing, but i was in for a surprise when we tasted the food.

Wanton Spinach Noodle - HK styled ($6.90++)

The Spinach noodles does elude a pleasantly mild greenish taste. Seasoning sauce used was of the right intensity.

And i do love these crisply fried Wantons over its Char Siew meat.

Baked Spaghetti in Tomato based sauce ($9.90++)

We were always tempted to order the Baked Cheese item (though we are sickly now).

Luscious melted Cheese twirled around our forks simply has a drooling effect.

You bet we make the dishwasher job a breeze by clearing out the plate thoroughly, almost licking it clean :)

Mmmm... now i should be back home to nurse my Flu & Cough.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fruits Rojak

"Do you see the Rojak Man, the Rojak Man, the Rojak Man..." Ha, how this rhymes to the original tune of Satay Man :)

The Rojak Man's stall behind Pelangi Plaza; outside of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Fruit Rojak (RM 3.50)

Brother suggested packing this back for us to try.

He boosts of its tasty Prawn Paste which he insisted i empty the whole pack into the Salad. And i think he's quite right :)

Fruits comprises of all our favourite Guava, Sour Mango, Pineapple, Jambu Air and Cucumber. Not forgetting the Fried dough Fritters, 油条!

Drizzled with the sweet, sour sauce made up of local Prawn Paste, Sugar and Lime; Rojak always poses an enticing appeal to us.

Restoran Pekin, 北京

We didn't know most Bak Kut Teh stall in Johor Bahru closes on Monday and had so planned for Dad to come. What a misplay of my silly Brother ;)

So the alternative was to Pekin for their Braised Pig Leg (but it was sold out also).

Turning in from the small lane by the right of famous Ah Koong Restoran (亞坤纯正西刀魚丸), we reached our destined 北京海鲜楼.

Boy! We were famished after the long traffic jam over the Causeway!

Cantonese Kuey Teow (RM 8+)

Cereal Prawns (RM 28+)

Stir-Fried Broccoli (RM 12+)

Pekin Duck, half (RM 23+)

Dongpo Braised Pork, 东坡肉 (RM 15+)

Fried Mee Sua (RM 9+)

Complimentary Dessert (Guava slices in Plum sauce with Orange Peel - delightful!)

It was a long way to come and we would have wished for better food fare. Alas, food standard was mediocre with prices matching to that of Singapore Cze Char.

But brother's enthusiasm for bring us here to lunch - Priceless!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

豆酱鱼, Bean Paste Fish!

This is a dish we took from young; it goes with both porridge and rice. It especially whets the appetite when we are suffering from sickness, in discomfort.

It's a dish i wish to master.

Ginger (in strips)
1Tbs Fermented Bean Paste
Coriander Leaf (chopped for garnishing - optional)

1. Fry the Ginger in heated Oil, afterwhich add the Bean Paste.
2. Add the Fish, flipping it a few times over to coat it with flavors of the Bean Paste.
3. Add a 1/4 cup of Water (Hot oily steam will sizzle up so PLS cover your wok NOW)
4. Add 1/2 cup of Water and leave the Fish to cook (Cover Wok)
5. Turn the Fish over when 1 side had cooked. Continue cooking.
6. Serve on beds of Coriander :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bakerzin - Blueberry Cheese

Month Promo Blueberry Cheesecake ($39+ with 50% off)

Mmmm.... Cheese Cakes goes with sweetly sour tasting fruits and nuts! This one from our favourite cake shop - Bakerzin.

Picking us up from Orchard Road, Ric surprised me with this cake.
"How can birthday do without a cake?" He said.
Happy Birthday to me, and to Ric :)

Mom would be having most of it though; she needs all the milk goodness. I'm sort of dieting. Hohoho...

Waraku Birthday Lunch

Do you spend your Birthday with Mom?
Try doing that, you wouldn't regret.
This little thought of yours should makes her glow :)

I'm having mine with Mum at Waraku Central today.

Clams Hot Pot in Clear Soup, Hotate Kaminade ($8.80++)

Mom loves soup.

Unagi Don (A+B Lunch Set, $9.80++)

Mom misses her Unagi Don with Wasabi.

Cream Udon with Mushroom, Kinoko ($8.80++)

Mom needs loads of Milk goodness...

Japanese Peach Ice-Cream ($8++)

Mom loves Ice-cream.
Recovering from her weakness, she really can eat these days; which is very good :)

Mom, remembering this day when i start bringing you joy and pain. Though i had my own life style and friends now, i shall never forget you.

Thank you for your graciousness to me, always.
I shall make more time for you.

Love you, Mom.
For always being here for me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

天佳福,Tian Jia Fu Xiao Shi

Had originally planned our birthday celebration at the LittleBali, a Balinese Garden Chill-Out Restaurant and Bar but changed my mind as i wanted Mom and Dad to share our enjoyment too.

Dad is an introvert; getting him to dine out is a problem, he had much preferred not going through the hassle.

So "If the mountain won't come to Mohammad, Mohammad must go to the mountain." In his case, we bring him the mountain. Haha... We go buy some Chinese Cze Char home.

Black Pepper Crab ($28/per Kg)

Paying just $21 for this craby, it was tastefully sauced and especially fresh and full of juicy roe. You love roe? I don't.

Yam Basket ($12), on 1 day promotion.

Luscious Yam paste cast in thinly floured batter. An all time favourite of mine & Mom.

Sambal Oyster Egg ($8)

Oh, and the Oysters are big, fresh and juicy! Oomph!

The best thing we love about this Cze Char stall is their lighter hand on flavorings used, MSG too. A meal that's comforting without MSG dehydrating aftermeal effect.

Coffeeshop Cze Char: Bukit Batok St. 21, Blk 217 (opp ITE West College)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

喜乐亭 - Barley Sweet Soup

On some days, you may simply crave to drink some hot dessert other than cold icy ones? i often do.

While many are making a beeline for Bee Garden Dessert stall that's just been featured on TV, you may wish to visit this traditional Sweet Soup stall that's just behind.

Barley, 大麦 ($0.70 per bowl)

Our favourite is the Barley Sweet Soup that's none overly syrupy and secrete an aromatic tang of Gula Melaka.

Family loves the comforting hot dessert here, and we have been returning.

天水, Tian Shui Ji Fan

Having 1st visited Tian Shui Chicken Rice stall in April this year, they had become our choice Chicken Rice vendor; apart from Tian Tian at Maxwell market.

Set for Two ($6)

Though the ample greens that load the complementary soup is no more. Generous Chicken portion for two still feed us sufficiently.

Chicken Feet ($1)

The crystal-like Chicken feet give a nice crunch with a spice up from the Vinegar seasoned Onions shreds.

For diversity, you may wish to order their Yong Tau Foo Soup to go with your rice; as what many are doing here.

Visit them: Tanglin Halt Market & Food Centre, Blk 48 Tanglin Halt Road.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sashimi Lover, You?

Given a choice between average fare of Sashimi from the conveyor belt of Japanese eatery and those from the hawker stalls in Singapore, i would choose the latter :)

At a much economical pricing; you've got an equal, if not better quality and quantity of raw Fish, like the pictured.

Raw Fish ($4)

The above from ZhenZhen Raw Fish & Porridge stall in Maxwell Market, our favourite local 'Sashimi' vendor!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hot Wok Garlic Prawns!

I received an overwhelming response for the remake of this simple dish - Fried Garlic Prawns.

The undemanding version taught by friend SYee was revamped and perfected today with the enhancement of fierce fire. Or, you might say, Fire is the crux to this simple dish.

0.5Kg Prawns (Trimmed, Washed and Drain dried)
1 ball of Garlic (Minced)
1.5 tbsp Light Soya Sauce.

Step:1. Stir-fried the Garlic over a substantial amount of oil. Remove from Wok as it browned.
2. Turn up the Fire till the Oil smokes in heat.
3. Add in Prawns and cover with lid (to protect yourself)
4. Stir the Prawns, add in fried Garlic and Light Soya Sauce.
5. Remove and serve.

The final product should be a little charred with slight sticky paste formed from the Prawn Heads (Take care not to overburn the Garlic). With the whole kitchen, or household smoldering with the cooking aroma ;)

Then, give yourself a pat for preparing this exciting dish.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Buzzing Cashier - Bee Garden

The scorching sun burns upon its first impact on us as we alighted in front of Commonwealth Food Centre to savour the desserts from stall, #02-78 featured in Buzzing Cashier.

Though only about 5 customers were in queue, the young server took longer serving time.

Fresh Durian Pengat ($2.50)

Oh, this Durian Pengat is awesome!
Its flavorful aftertaste left the Bo Bo Cha Cha feeling inferior :)

Bo Bo Cha Cha, cold ($1.80)

Still, the Bo Bo Cha Cha was worth a try. Its rich Coconut Milk and Gula Melaka makes this an irresistible dessert to have.

Their Iced Mango Pomelo and Three Dates Cheng Tng would be reviewed when we return for our next visit here with Mom :)

Mr Curry (Waraku)

We were here today to give our 1st try to Japanese Curry Don and to utilise our dining vouchers accumulated from Waraku's last month's promotion.

To start with, the mood and decor at Mr Curry, Central Mall was cheery, pleasant and bright.

A. Katsu Pork Cutlet Curry Rice ($9.80++, Set Lunch A+B)

Having a choice over their 4 selections of Curry - Original Sauce (Chicken & Fish based), White Sauce (Cream Milk based), Red Sauce (Tomato based) and Black Sauce (Squid based), with 3 level of spiciness.

Ric had the Original Curry Sauce of mid spiced level; it tastes sweet actually.

B. Scallop Butter

And this is delicious!
When did Scallop cost as little as to being part of a Set Lunch?

A. Deep Fried Salmon & Cheese Curry Rice ($9.80++, Set Lunch A+B)

My choice of savory Squid based Curry compliments the Salmon really well.

Melted Cheese oozes with each bite from the fried Salmon fillet, it tastes good even on its own!

B. Seafood Curry Nan

Do not belittle this petite Pizza-alike Nan. Taken solo, it actually is a flavorsome piece of flour cake.

Fresh Seafood toppings add to your enjoyment, and if you like, take it for a swim in your Curry sauce :)

Bacon with Asparagus ($4.80++)

Ric was keen on this Yakitori entry but i do find it a tad fatty.

Yes, am weight conscious recently.
Been having too much Mooncakes :)