Friday, March 8, 2013

Samsung Chromebook

Samsung Chrome XE303C12-A01US, Wi-Fi (US$249 from
LED HD 11.6" display screen

Most girls ain't IT-savvy; and we are especially scaredy cats to fumble with computer devices. As such, maybe why the Tablets has become a girls' best friend with 1) fast boots up, 2) 1 touch Apps, 3) long battery life and basically, 4) no operating system to maintain and defrag.

Thus i find the Samsung Chromebook a big turn-on - having all the fine attributes of a Tablet; throw in with a keyboard. Physical typing keyboard is definitely conducive and i dread doing long essay on touchscreens.

So, i was glued to the Chromebook within minutes Ric introduced us. 
And thought it was a really cool and practical device. 

A Tablet with keyboards; ease of downloading free Apps from Chrome Web Store; thin and light-weight at 1.09kg; durable battery use of 6.5hrs per charge. Superb fast boots up like Tablet PC. Expandable internal storage (16GB) by connecting to external drives via the 2 nos. USB ports.

Think laptops are becoming more dispensable now.

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