Sunday, March 31, 2013

Views from the OCBC Skyway

Best time to board the OCBC Skyway might be 7:45pm or 8:30pm (last admission time) when the entire Supertree Grove lights up in a music and light program named the OCBC Garden Rhapsody. Then you'll be engulfed by the floods of enchanting lights as you stood in their midst!

But we were physically exhausted after just one round of touring the conservatories and couldn't wait for the later hours. Even our plans to re-enter the conservatories in the lighted dusk were scrapped.

Still, this early hour gave us a far view of the surroundings on this cloudy evening. 

Some feels that the OCBC Skyway, suspended at a limited height of just 22m above ground wouldn't provide any breathtaking scenery. True. But somehow, you just have to get up here when given the chance.

The 128m long walkway connects two 25m tall Supertrees, and gives you a different sense of the gardens against our skyscraping cityscape - The bustle of the city highways striking high contrast to the peaceable gardens.

Feel it and take this stroll.

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