Friday, August 24, 2018

香港龍華, Hong Kong Lung Hwa Roasted Delight

Roast Meat + Roast Duck Rice ($4.50)

Definitely a great value plate of roasted meat rice at 127, Toa Payoh West Market and Food Centre!  Chunky pieces of juicy meat, with a good gravy/ sambal chili, sides of green vegetable and warm herbal soup will send me here every time. Just like many of their followers.

A peek into Lung Hwa, we saw the huge roasting oven responsible for their scrumptious roast!

Deanna's Kitchen Halal Prawn Mee

Big Prawn Noodle ($6.50), wet tissue included.

The power of social media; drew us to Deanna's Kitchen in Toa Payoh West Market and Food Centre. Then it dawns on me that authentic Hokkien prawn noodles can't do without pork...

But to my Muslim friends out there, this really comes close to what we have. In fact, this halal rendition of the Chinese prawn noodle tastes better than many average Chinese stalls. You gotta try it.

For the diehards, we have to look elsewhere for soup broth that comes with the good old, pork bone flavor.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Smokin' Joe

Premium New Zealand Reserved Ribeye Steak ($18)
Served with fries, house salad and brown sauce.

Our first visit to Smokin Joe at the Yishun Park Hawker Centre. Yes, they are the western food hawker stall which invested $10K in a premium oven. Such premium grill promises 'to seal in a rustic and smoky flavour in meat', and is usually found in high-end steak houses.

The grill today was more than perfect (you can judge by the color and texture of the steak from the photos!). Their brown sauce was awesome. We eagerly planned for another night here, completed with a good bottle of red.

Alas, it was not to be. 

The ribeye steak was dry, and has few tough-to-chew veins. The Kurobuta pork collar ($18, 200g pork served with fries, corn and house salad) was juicy and flavorsome. But without a reliable good steak, we couldn't find a reason to come back.. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

烧味天堂, Roast Paradise

Char Siew/ Roasted Pork (200g, $10), Chicken Rice ($0.80)

Roast Paradise in the Old Airport Road Food Centre was featured on TV; and its snaking lunch queue drew us. Managed by 2 budding hawkerpreneurs, we do find their young roast work remarkable.

For the health conscious, yet food gourmet die-hard, the meat here has just the right amount of fats that tantalizes your taste buds while not making you overly guilty. Their roasted pork is savory and its crust crackling.

Definitely one of the more impressive roast meat stall... But if like me, you prefer oily old school roast, check this out.

Friday, August 10, 2018

China Dumpling Stall @ 87 Whampoa Drive

Xiao Long Bao ($3.50, 6 pcs) 

Guo Tie ($3.50, 6 pcs)

After Crystal Jade; after Paradise Dynasty, thought it would be tough finding a Chinese dim sum that delights in the hawker center, but we did! It is this little stall in 87 Whampoa Drive kopitiam, ran by a hardworking and friendly China lady.

Were definitely impressed with the pan fried dumpling (Guo Tie)! The good soup dumpling (Xiao Long Bao), and the plump and meaty fried dumpling. Kept us returning.

Fried Dumpling ($4.50, 6 pcs)

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Paradise Dynasty, 乐天皇朝

Lettuce Roll with Homemade Sesame Sauce ($8.80++)

Frankly, I have been shrinking from Paradise group of restaurants. Having visited their Canton Paradise; the meals left me much dehydrated. Paradise Dynasty today, is definitely a better experience.

Lettuce roll is refreshing for an appetizer. Then some light, nourishing pork bone soup, which pleasantly delighted me. Their signature meat dumplings are impeccable. The shredded pork to be wrapped with Chinese crepes are both engaging and flavory for our lunch group.

Fish fillets served in interesting bamboo basket raises up many of our handphone cameras. Haha. Just take care to order only their lighter dishes; i guess a visit to Paradise can still be enjoyable.

La Mian with Seafood in Signature Pork Bone Soup ($13.80++)

Signature Original Xiao Long Bao ($12.30++)
Fried Rice with Shrimps and Preserved Vegetables ($11.80++)
Stir-fried Prawns in Spicy Bean and Tomato Sauce ($18.80++)

Stir-fried Shredded Pork in Black Bean Sauce, with Chinese Crepes ($13.80++)

Steamed Garoupa Fillet served in mini Bamboo Basket

Friday, August 3, 2018

妹妹, Mei Mei Roast Meat

Roasted Duck, Meat, Char Siew for 2 pax + Rice ($14)

Couldn't forget, nor wipe off the delicious grease from my lips.

Crispy duck skin, crunchy roasted pork and utterly juicy meat.

Read a good recommendation from Dr Leslie Tay, and arrived at Blk 3014 Ubi Rd 1 to reminisce a good roast from former helper at old Kay Lee. Now that Kay Lee has lost its touch; this is the place to go for some gratifying indulgence.