Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Affordable Delicacies at Rabbit Brand?

Set A: Buddha Jump Over the Wall + Bean Sprout + Rice + Dessert + Chinese Tea ($9.50+)

Rabbit Brand Kitchen is one place where you don judge the book by its cover. Food presentations ain't always impressive but we like their mild tasting cooking. At the small price, delicacies such as Abalone and Shark's fins are kept at the minimum yet always flavorfully prepared. So when Groupon does a deal here, we flocked back.

Soup from Ric's "Buddha Jump over the Wall" tasted great with plain rice. Yum.

Longan with White Fungus Dessert

Each lunch set was served with a warm bowl of sugar-less dessert which ends the meal with a nice touch.

Set R1: Braised Whole Abalone with Spinach Beancurd + Rice + Dessert + Chinese Tea ($12.50+)

As mentioned, don't expect an Abalone sized as illustrated on their menu, but shove the entire shellfish in one mouthful - you would be beaming. The smaller Abalone was from Set A; an equal delight.

And when elsewhere charges premium for Spinach Beancurd, a matched was available here.

Shishamo Fish, 4 pieces ($2.10+)

Though their Shishamo were not traditionally grilled but deep fried with batter, the roe filled fish adds interest to our plainly healthy meal. Today, i love the crunchy Shishamo.

Set B: Baby Abalone in Sauce with Mushrooms + Rice + Dessert + Chinese Tea ($8.50+)

Monday, June 25, 2012

奇华, Kee Wah Bakery

Ginger Cookies, Wife Cake, Almond Cookies from HK Airport

Another famous Hong Kong bakery, Kee Wah but not quite as renown as Wing Hua for their Wife Cake in particular. Mum had bought a big bag of these just prior to checking in; and only this little basketful was left after giving most away.

Having tried Wife Cake from both of Kee Wah and Wing Hua, i would insist on Wing Hua - they are less floury. Ginger Cookies today is a pleasure though; light pastry with bits of chewy ginger within. It is surprisingly additive.

When buying in a rush (like my Mom), do note the expiry date of these packages can be quite short.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sony NEX-5N

Sony NEX-5N, with twin lens kit package ($1299)

While i was busy in the kitchen, Ric went to pick up our new camera from BEST Denki - the Sony NEX-5N. It sits handsomely with the Sigma 30mm.

Nothing's wrong with our NEX-3 that is still under a 2 years warranty; just a timed upgrade to NEX-5N. The NEX-3 served us really well, going on overseas trip and always handy in my bag; i was little guilty of letting it go but couldn't resist the superior and hunky NEX-5N. Forgive me.

NEX-3 with NEX-5N

Pan Fried Pork Ribs

I was supposed to be doing a "Sweet Sour Pork" but skipped the 2nd step of doing the sauce because i do not have the ingredients on hand. And i remembered the fried ribs to taste really finger-licking good even before the wet mix.

So i shall do just that today.

1-2 tbsp Soy Sauce
Salt & Pepper
1 Egg
Dash of Sesame Oil
2-3 tbsp Cornstarch

1. Wash and pat dry the meat with kitchen towel.
2. Load the meat pieces into a clean plastic bag (to avoid cleaning a sticky Cornstarch-ed plate later).
3. Add in the marinade by the listed sequence. Mix well and leave the pack in Chiller for at least 1 hour.
3. Heat oil in hot pan to fry the meat pieces.
4. Check that meat is cooked by piecing it through easily with a fork. 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

瑞庆, Chris Kway Chap

What draws you to a Kway Chap meal?

For me, it is the sight of luscious broad rice sheets afloat in steaming bowl of dark soy sauce soup. Quite irresistible. Cholesterol of the accompanying Pig offal then becomes the last thing on my mind.

Kway Chap Mix for 2 ($10)

Chris Kway Chap in Bedok North Food Centre is such stalls that easily draws a queue. At 2pm, we were among their last customers in the line.

Flavorfully braised Pig's skin, large intestine, pork belly, hard boiled eggs and Tau pok - sometimes we need to live in a World without Cholesterol. Agree?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Teochew Steam Fish + Porridge

Teochew Fishcake, Braised, Steam Fish Combo, with 3 porridge bowl ($18)

Further to our post on Teo Heng Teochew Porridge where i promised to be back for their steam fishes, we did it today. But several choices of fish were sold out by 1pm, so were the food items.

Upon ordering, we observed fresh fish being tossed into a boiling soup broth with pickled vegetables. When these were served as garnishing for the fish, my first peck reaps a fishy taste? Subsequently, we don't notice it anymore as we got used to and began enjoying the tender sweet seafood.

Braised Pork Belly, Pig's Skin, Taupok

And who like Pig's skin? Kee Chew! I would raise both of mine.
The stall serves a good selection of these very best stews; and they are the 'must order' as they complete the meal. Burp!

12.07.2012 (Thurs)

Another day, another month, another warm afternoon. We came back as i missed having the steamed fish. The most modest bred of fishes easily satisfied, as long as freshness of the fish is guaranteed!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Roti Prata with Spicy Curry!

Tea break hours, and we were stranded at the Jln Buroh Industrial Estate looking for a snack to comfort the groaning stomach... ... then just by the Pandan Reservoir at 28 Penjuru Close, we joined factory workers for some freshly pan-fried Roti Prata!

Plain Roti Prata ($0.80 per piece)

And these conscientiously pan-fried prata doesn't pale against the best ones around; served with choice of Fish, Chicken or Mutton Curry.

I recommend the fish curry that's both tangy and fiery, it's appetizing. Ric prefers thick mutton curry, similar to the ones used for their Biryani rice. Whichever, i like taking my wrap with some coarse, crunchy sugar :) Do you?

"Madhav Bhavan" the name of the only stall that does the pancake trade here, you wouldn't miss the friendly owner. The compound offers free parking ;)

Of course, we'll be back.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

利珍, Hougang Lee Chen Fish Soup

Lee Chen Cooked Food at Blk 216, Bedok North was your most unsightly fish soup stall that doesn't bother shining its signboard - we had thought they were closed. And their popularity was unobvious cause there was no queue in sight; but just look at the surrounding tables of anticipating diners!

Waiting time was about 25mins, fastest. On a closer look, we read a notice that they closed on Sun, Mon and Tues, all 3 days! And after serving out the daily lunch pack.

Fish Soup ($3.50), Rice ($0.30)

The most generous fare of freshest fish slices was dished up! With crispy greens of Chinese Lettuce, Kang Kong, Chive and Tomatoes in clear soup, seasoned with bits of dried sole fillet (flat fish). So much vegetable, the fillets were heaped to the top!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Freshness Burger

Moxdeals touted Japanese burger from Freshness Burger at $1.90 each; we remembered the good old Japanese Mos Burger, so this should be good, if not better?

Bacon Omelet Burger ($3.50)

Yaki Niku Burger ($3.90)

We had in fact become fans after today's meal.

Having preference for their light Bacon Omelet burger over our usual fare of Teriyaki Beef? We loved their Bacon with Omelet patty with 'superb' soft, sweet pumpkin buns; much desirable than their home-made sesame buns of the Yaki Niku.

Organic Coffee ($2.50) Sweet Corn Soup ($1, add ons)

Fried Potato Wedges, from Hokkiado farm ($2.80)

The Coffee was great, so was the fluffy potato wedges. While the warm corn soup and Japanese doughnut finished the meal on a mediocre note.

Doughnuts, plain ($1, add ons)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Basil Peanut Pasta

This is yummy! I actually had doubts about adapting peanuts for Pine nuts which was conventional in a Basil Pesto recipe, but we made it; omitting the standard cheese altogether!

Sis poached some green vegetables and we stirred in the defrosted Basil Pesto sauce (in the freezer for two weeks) to the hot spaghetti... and Ahhh! My recipe is good - with a comfortable balance of grease, seasoning salt, pepper and spiciness from the raw garlic.

After the meal, i then realized we just had a purely Vegetarian lunch. That was yummy.