Tuesday, March 12, 2013

德记, Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Hor Fun

Clayfish Prawns Hor Fun, small ($6) or medium ($7.50)

This is one of Singapore's legendary food stalls - everybody knows them; they are from our grandparents generation. A revisit today, and after tasting the familiar goodness, i was heartfelt glad the stall is still here. Most times when things seem to be there forever, we took them for guaranteed.

Prices have been increasing over the years of inflation but your wallet should be more than willing after you taste their winning sea-fresh gravy, and chew on the freshest seafood - all prepared early this dawn while we are still in our warm beds. Also good chili sauce that some love to douse their plate.

Visiting Singapore? You have to mark this place in Chinatown, on your itinerary.

Lived in Singapore but like myself who hasn't visit the stall for the longest time? Go soon. And i'm sure the taste shall once again move you; the way it makes me emotional today.

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