Tuesday, June 27, 2017

食客, Ssikkek Korean BBQ

Seasoned Beef, Pork Belly

Spicy Chicken, Seasoned Soy Sauce Pork, Seasoned Soy Sauce Chicken

This place is like a Lion den. Oh, and i'm seeing some of you wagging that tail!

At Ssikkek Korean BBQ, you pay just $14++ for their buffet lunch to feed the lion appetite. The package includes a Budae-jjigae (Korean Army Base Stew Pot!), a fountain of free flow soft drinks and sweet oranges for dessert.

Of course, we went straight for the BBQ meat! Jal meokkesseumnida!

Quite an authentic Korean BBQ house that offers Korean dipping sauce, side dishes of Kimchi, Korean rice cake, fried chicken wings, fried vermicelli on its menu. Others include egg sandwiches, sweet sour pork and sautéed vegetable.

I couldn't resist the delicious looking cooked food, and enjoyed wrapping the BBQ with Kimchi and crunchy lettuce. Service staffs are friendly and prompt to change the hotplate for us, several times. Very soon, we were bloated.

No doubt, such buffet kept you off meat for the next few days. I was soon reminiscing the aroma of the BBQ meat.

Side Dishes Table - Kimchi, Salad, Raw Onions, Garlic, Radish, Beansprouts, Brinjal, Hot Dog, Crab Stick.

Cooked Food Table 

 Korean Fried Chicken, Korean Stir-fried Pork

Korean Vermicelli

Friday, June 23, 2017

Swatow Wanton Noodle - since 1970

Wanton Noodle ($3) 

No. This post isn't about Wanton noodle. Although the stall has been selling it for decades, it simply came across mediocre. The wow is on their Laksa.

Laksa ($3.50)

You know how, on some day you have a sudden craving for Laksa? A bowl of simple, but good and satisfying Laksa? Come down to the Fengshan Market & Food Centre, (#01-50). I believe you will be gratified by this bowl of curry broth, containing all the essential ingredients of a Laksa - cockles, taupok, fishcakes, beansprouts and prawns!

But the magic is in the broth. Never overly thick, with just the right amount of spiciness you could enjoy. We like this a lot. Now you see why the wanton noodle has been dwarfed.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Handmade Teochew Kuey, 手工潮州粿

The stall reminds you fondly of your grandmother, because the elderly hawker cooks slow and steadily by herself, attending to customers warmly. Just like how grandma likes to dominate the kitchen, pampering us with food. Chat with her, and you find her speaking a few dialects, including Mandarin!

It was a quiet stall (#01-130) by one end of the Telok Blangah Crescent Market and Food Centre. But her stream of customers is constant, buying out every tray of freshly steamed handmade kueh. If you need more to pack away (which we did), you need to wait about 20 mins for the next tray.

What's special about the Soon Kueh here is its simple homely taste - very old school, large size and rich filling. I think we tasted dried sole fish (扁鱼干) too! I have yet tasted anything close to hers.

Steamed Soon Kueh ($1.20 a piece)

The grandmother could not promise us her operating hours, as she might be too tired to cook on some days. And most time, like our 2 evenings here, only her Soon Kueh (Turnip dumpling) is still available. The rest just got sold out.

Come earlier if you could, and you would probably have the chance to get her Chive dumplings, glutinous rice dumpling or the Yam cake. We would certainly try to do that. We did.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

德利饭糜, Teck Ee Porridge & Rice

Steamed Fish Tail with Fermented Black Beans

Late lunch. And I was having one of my pangs - I just want plain porridge. So Ric drove around a few of our popular places, but they were all closed. Happy as a lark when Teck Ee, on Joo Chiat Rd came in sight! They are right next to the popular Dunman Hawker Centre actually.

The choice of dishes is aplenty here! And scrumptious. This is surely one of the better Teochew porridge stalls around. Now we have another on the list to go.

Fried Egg with Preserved Radish, Celery with Pig's Skin, Teochew Fishcake, Bitter gourd with Egg. 2 x plain porridge. ($13.50)

Monday, June 12, 2017

Beyond Happy Snail Moisture Cream

Beautiful, isn't it. The 24K gold flakes swirls around like the galaxy, promising to work wonders with its added Korean red Ginseng.

Endorsed by Korean actor, Kim Soo Hyun, the fine gel spread thinly and easily on the skin. My tired face immediately felt moistened, pumped and tightened - just like what a good face mask does, but without the mess of liquid essence dripping around the neck. Lying back, i relax and enjoy the sensation as i scripted this review in my mind.

After a good 3 hours, the skin still felt pumped and tight. Night wash my face before bed, and no sticky residues were found. By the morning, the skin still felt much hydrated. Much as i was looking forward to applying the gel again, the effects of the gel was less prominent on the following night - I could well explain it with my already 'well fed' skin from the very first application.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

乔记面馆, Qiao Ji Noodle House

You like pancake with stuffing? I love it.

It is a basic staple food in China, but in Singapore we tend to pay a premium for it. This stall (#01-72) we are visiting at Blk 90, Whampoa Food Centre serves an economical one. Only a dollar fifty for a palm-sized piece. And they were fattened with stuffing!

Now we love to dip them into the vinegary sauce, complete with ginger strips. Yum.

韭菜盒子, Chives Pancake ($1.50)
猪肉馅饼, Pork Pancake ($1.50)

葱花饼, Spring Onions Pancake ($1.50)