Wednesday, March 6, 2019

建安, Jian An Cooked Food - A Fisherman Table

Steamed Red Grouper, Teochew Style ($26/ seasonal price)

Steamed Red Grouper, HK Style ($23/ seasonal price)

We found a gem for seafood at the new Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre. And has been returning weekly for these.

Favourite being their fresh Teochew steamed fish and plump crayfishes. The steam fish was almost impeccable; well-timed steaming that preserve the tenderness of sweet meat. And its tasty sauces great with rice, was not overly salted.

Every other dishes are well-executed.
An affordable kitchen to entrust a good meal with your family.

Stall #01-23

Steamed Red Grouper, with Preserved Radish ($24/ seasonal price)

Butter Sotong ($10)

Chili LaLa ($8)

Chili Crayfish ($26/ seasonal price)

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