Thursday, April 30, 2009

Muslim Noodle Stall @ Stirling Rd

Another recommendation (from my colleague) under Blk 49 Stirling Rd, in Khong Guan 康源餐室 Kopitiam, a little eatery stall.

I loves these little Ulu Makan places :) it's like Treasure Hunting.

Lontong ($2), Mee Rebus ($2)

Their Lontong is one of the best we've tasted :)

And this thumb-sized Shrimp in my Mee Rebus maybe what's giving the sweet flavor to the Peanut Sauce? I discovered 2 of these in my little plateful. Given the opportunity, i wish to be back to try their other dishes, the Mee Soto, Tauhu Goreng, Mee Siam and possibly their Nasi Padang?

But i've been forewarned that this stall often rest on long weekend holiday. So look out for my field report, i hope soon :)

春记 Wanton Mee

Wanton Noodles ($2.50)

Uncle mentioned this stall of Wanton noodles briefly during one of our chats. And i was surprised when i receive his SMS on the actual address at Blk 164, Stirling Rd (Closed Wed).

So we were here as i ended my meeting way too early for our haircut appointment this pm.

The stall was acknowledged with a number of posters from the local media displayed on its front, including Makansutra. We had a 20mins wait.

And i remembered this Wanton mee as one that distinct itself with Sauce mix that's infused with a tinge of good roasted Barbecue flavor.

Not my best Wanton Mee but it's certainly one of the better ones around.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Indonesia Avocado Juice

Indonesia Alpokat Juice ($2.50)

The weather has been blowing hot, and yet hotter. We undoubting needed a quencher.

At the drink stall in the FoodgleHub, of PGPR NUS, we saw this seemingly interesting Indonesia version of Avocado drink.

With topping choice of Chocolate or Coffee syrup, it was a well-chilled, buttery and creamy Drink Dessert 2-in-1!

Ahh... Avocado that boosts of reducing LDL Cholesterol is a delicious health remedy. Try making our own here and reduce the Sugar :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pasta in Cream Sauce

This was my 1st try at Cream-based Pasta sauce.
Fingers crossed ;)

With a vague impression of the cooking process, i was off to the Supermart for my Milk & Butter purchase.

In brief, the steps as followed:

1. Heat oil, add chopped Onions, Garlic to pot (let it cook)
2. Add in a ladle of Pasta cooking water, then the Prawn Heads, Ham bits and Mushroom.
3. Milk in, followed by Butter (Stir till dissolve)
4. Sprinkle Pepper as seasoning
5. Pour in the Cooked Pasta.

Mama Mia! Ric gave me a passing score :)
But i've been reading up recipes and endeavor to do better.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bubble Yum

Bubble Yum (RM 2.60)

Yo! I've committed crime!
I smuggled 2 sticks of Bubble Gum across the Singapore Custom.

Actually, it's been ages (years) since i last tasted the Gum. We had sort of out-grown them. The taste now is overly sweet for our liking and the endless chewing proved tiresome. Haha...

Despite missing these during our younger days, i was all "hands and legs" up in agreement for Singapore banning of the Chewing Gum.

Our environment indeed improved tremendously after the ban as it curbs inconsiderate Gum Chewer from vandalising public properties.

So to say, we missed nothing from the ban, except for the fun of acting Clowns at having the bubbles bursting on our faces. Haha... i was also captivated by the sweet smelling fragrance of the Gum.

So could i still do the Bubble? Barely ;)

Kim Gary Restaurant

Most valued restaurant to dine in City Square Mall would be Secret Recipe and the newly opened Kim Gary at its Basement level.

Prices in these 2 restaurants are the closes to that of Singapore but in Ringgit! Today is ultra late Lunch for us as i was to blame for my undisciplined snacking.

Chilled "Ying Yong" & Coffee in Hong Kong Style.

Being dead beaten, we both wanted their light Soup Noodles dish instead of their Signatures Cheese Baked Rice & Spaghetti Set.

The above drinks were our selection from their sizable drinks option that comes with our Noodle set. Ahh... satisfying.

Shanghai Noodle Soup with Minced Meat & Vegetable Wanton (RM 8.90++)

This dish is something quite light, yet flavorsome. Avoid this selection however, if you are in the mood for something heavier.

Four Seas Noodles with Honey Baked Ribs (RM 7.90++)

We have opted for their spicy soup base of Beef and Mushroom; tasty yet not overly salty, it tastes pretty good. A packet of Seaweed was provided as an additional topping.

Pity about the Instant Noodles used but Ric enjoys his bowl. And i'm looking forward to dine here again. Soon.

时新 Seasons Cake Shop

We have a 'must buy' whenever we come to Johor Bahru - the Kuehs and Bread from Seasons Cake Shop at level 1 of City Square Mall.

Rempah Udang (RM 1.60)

This is a typical Nonya snack of grilled glutinous rice with mildly spicy minced Sambal Prawn wrapped in banana leaves.

Ang Ku Kueh (RM 0.80)

Hate to admit this, but the Ang Ku Kuehs here are much value for money than Poh Cheu's. Its filling is bursting in the thinly molded skin. You gotta try the Coconut (green) and the Peanut ones (red).

Coconut Bun (RM 2.80)

The Coconut Bun here always runs out of stock and we had to source hard for it. Today, we are lucky or is it the poor economy making people buy less?

Fluffy and fragrant with a tiny hint of sweetness; this is the best Coconut filling for the Bun. The best we could get.

Marrybrown Family

2 Pieces Meal with regular drink (RM 9.50)

At Level 2 of City Square housed the popular Marrybrown Fried Chicken Fast Food outlet.

Its Chicken quality does taste better than KFC; in fact, it reminds us of our satisfying Dallas Chicken experience, back home in Singapore.

I lazed away on their Swing benches after the meal while glazing out the window, onto the busy street and the opposite KFC stall.

Time is of no concern today... :)

Maloevera Fruits Station

Assorted Fruits (RM2 per 100 grams)

At City Square Mall, we always take a break to quench our thirst at Level 3, inside 'InnerCity' where the stall provides seats for rest.

Each bag costs RM 2 with topping of Sour Plum Powder. Wonder do they have Dark Soy Sauce Chili topping also? Didn't ask.

Our all-time favourite are the mildly sour Mango (slight greenish).

And red crunchy Jumbo :)

Action City

I love to dawdle in Action City outlet. And am so happy to see their spacious shop at Level 4 of City Square Mall.

Doraemon Keychain (RM 9.80)

This is adorable! A push at Doraemon's pocket drawer gave its eyes a different expression. I love this :)

Rows and rows of Plush Toys...

A section dedicated to 'Head Nodding' Dolls.

Doreamon & Spiderman (RM38.90 - Buy 2 get 1 free)

We both find plump Spiddy ever so endearing! Swaying its rounded hip and head to the sides; it makes one smile spontaneously :)

And know what Ric says of Breadou products?
"You don't know these are real bread to be eaten?" I joked. "Ok, i'll buy and you shall eat." Hahaha... ...

Oldtown White Coffee

Crossing the overhead bridge from the new Johor Custom Checkpoint into City Square Shopping Mall, you would immediately met with Coffee aroma from Oldtown.

My Toast Set (RM 3.90++)

Pricing is about the same as in Sing dollars from the a-la-carte menu. Thus we took the Breakfast set menu that's more economical.

And we topped up RM1 to change the set Kopi-O/ Black Tea to their Signature White Coffee. Ric is missing it.

Their Omega Soft Boiled Eggs is pleasantly thick & gummy. Yum.

But do give the Kaya Butter Toast a miss, i can't believe the measly thin strip of Butter i saw when i opened my toast for a closer inspection :(

何明记 Wanton Noodle

Wanton Noodle (RM 4)

Looks good? Pity you don't usually find handmade Wanton Mee noodles in Singapore. In Malaysia however, it's common.

We used to visit this stall often two years back; when prices were at RM 3.

And it's been almost 2 years since we last visited the City Square Mall area.

Its little stall front in a Coffeeshop along the small lane, parallel to Wong Ah Fook Road.

Located next to City Square building, towards the direction of the old Johor custom.

There's also various food stall from Bak Kut Teh, Roti Prata, Chicken Rice, Fishball Noodle and Cze Char along this stretch of the road.

Hope you find the place.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playground Revisit...

Was here at this playground waiting for Ric.

Reminiscing whatever i could remembers of my childhood times where we used to play around this limited space, and yet were ever so contented after sweating it out; running and crawling about :)

Also recalling the many comments in STOMP, calling for the preservation of this playground and playground alike. And the many who like me had fond memories and emotional attachments to this childhood setting.

I tried going for a try on the swing; found i've forgotten how to move it. Haha... must have got stiffen bones, growing up.

Plucking into my music earpieces, 2 school students approaches the site and started a role-playing of War between the 'RABBIT Kingdom' and 'TORTOISE Island' :))

Their childish display is so much likable than kids who engrossed themselves in computer games. Don't you think so?

Manpuku - Fruit Paradise

Also in Tampinese 1 Mall, this Fruit Tart stall in Manpuku is deserving of going solo. It deserves a store front by its own!

Chocolate Banana, Orange & Grapefruit, Mango, Chestnut & Strawberry, Melon, Mixed Fruit, Caramel Banana, Kiwi, Grape, Pear, Chocolate Mint, Apple and Blueberry - different types of Tarts, beautifully garlanded.

Mixed Fruit ($7.80+)

Chocolate Banana ($6.80+)

Many were eating and packing away as much as the whole Tart Pie! Waiting time for a new bake is 1/2 an hour; and they get sold out pretty fast :)

Manpuku - AOBA Hokkaido Ramen

The Manpuku - Japanese Gourmet Town at the new Tampines 1 mall is getting many media attention these days.

Sceptical i maybe, we simply have to give them a try.

Sho-yu (Soy sauce flavored) Ramen ($8.80+)

Aoba, a veteran in Ramen with more than 60 years in business were consistently ranked among top ramen shops by Japanese noodle enthusiasts.

Therefore, not meaning to demean their expertise, let's just say, apart from the 2mm layer of oil afloat the saltish broth, the Pork slice is reasonablely good.

Children's Bible

It never occurs to me that Times the Bookshop had so many Bibles on their shelves! The colorful Children's Bible section was what that caught my eye at their new outlet in Tampines 1.

"God's Message for Children" retells the Word of God in simple English. Even adults would find it a compelling read.

$23.54 (Members discounts 22% till 10 May, Tampines 1)

365 stories featured from book of Genesis to Revelation; that's a story for everyday of the year with colorful illustration.

And a short message at the footnote further reinforce the theme of the story.

Children's Bible in its simple way had always proved to be a Spirit renewal experience for me; read in simple Faith.

New Tampines 1

It's craze if you were to come to the Mall on a weekend, i heard. So today, being a working Tuesday would be best to roam around here.

The below stores left a deep impression with its uniqueness and creative products, check them out.

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude #B1-14, a Japanese-French styled bakery that greets you with whiffs of oven-baked bread.

I noticed those beautiful Croissant bread, all fluffy and fat, sat waiting for a bite into :) Pricing as of Bread Talk, most pieces at $1.30.

Max Sandwich Grill & Creamery #B1-K1, offers Press Grilled 6-inch sandwiches with assorted fillings like Chili Crab, Pepper Chicken, Bacon Cheese... etc.

Sake Inn #B1-30, sees a wide range of Sake, Shochu, Beer, Vinegar and Japanese wine in Chiller; i was tempted.

F.I.S.H #04-11 is a new concept store by Fish & Co. that offers more Feathers than just Fins at affordable prices.

Teadot #03-K1 is a modern tea specialty cafe, so Tea lover can now have a place brewing with tea aroma.

Manpuku #03-16 houses 10 counters of renowned Japanese restaurants. But with newly trained China and local Cooks helming the stove, i have my reservations. Some food really need experienced Japanese cook to do it well for you.

And not forgetting, the many Souvenirs & Gift shops here offering interesting imported lifestyle products, colorful Stationary, novelty Trinkets, Cards, Games and unusual customize gifts ideas.

A great new place to window-shop and explore, if we minus off the weekend crowds ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

喜乐亭 - Traditional Dessert

Earlier this month, after our dinner at Two Chefs Eating Place, we wandered about the adjacent 2-storey Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre, looking for dessert.

A group of people waving fanatically at us? They are my Uncles and Aunties; all having their favourite dessert at this stall :)

This stall only offers 4 types of Sweet Soup - 绿豆 Green Bean with Sago, 赤豆 Red Bean,清汤 Cheng Tng,with the 大麦 Barley being the most sought after.

The Barley one was of course, sold out by this late hour near 9pm.

Barley, 大麦 ($0.70 per bowl)

Red Bean, 赤豆 ($0.70 per bowl)

We have been returning to eat the Barley Sweet soup ever since then. It's this dessert that kept us coming back to Commonwealth to dine :)

The Green Bean Sweet soup and Cheng Tng that comes with Sago Pearl are also my choice eat.

Gloria Jean's Coffee

Voltage ($6.60) and Mixed Berry ($6.90)

Icy Chiller from Gloria Jean's has a current promotion running from 3-9pm daily, slashing the price of all Chillers at $3 only!

Do give the fruity ones a miss though; we had preferred the Caffeine and Chocolaty ones. But none tastes as creamy as Starbucks Frappuccino.

Toasted Chunk Tuna ($3)

Average fare, but packed with real Tuna meat and Mayo.

It's been such a hot scorching day; the place was packed in Suntec Mall.

Gloria served Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee!? Cheers!

Tanjong Rhu Pau

Under Blk 7, housed Tanjong Rhu Pau in Chin Sin Huan Eating House, #01-113. Next to the Jalan Batu Hawker Centre, off Kampong Arang, you see crowds gathering.

Trays of steaming hot Paus and Dim Sum; queue you must, it's self-service.

We had the Fan Choy (Char Siew Rice), Siew Mai (Meat Dumplings, $0.40), Char Siew Pau (Roasted meat, $0.60), Big Bao (Pork) and Tau Sa Pau (sweet Beans, $0.50)

Pork Bun (big, $1.20)

Soft fluffy sweet skin and juicy savoury meat, it's definitely hand-made.

Fan Choy ($1.50)

Except for the plate of Fan Choy, everything else comes in mini sizes. Especially the so-called 'big' Pau is a miniature compared to our usual ones.

But who's to complain, call them at 6348-3817 to make a big buy like everyone else here; closed on Sunday :)  Another alternative would be our all time favorite at Toa Payoh Lor.1