Saturday, October 13, 2007

October 12

My special day.
A fulfilling, happy day worth my noting down in detail.

Took a day off and had lunch with my best friend, Ric at Hog'sBreath Cafe Vivocity. Had always wanted to try out their as claimed 18 hours slow cooked steak. The steak comes with no sauce, smell and taste great, juicy and not too burn.

I in particularly enjoyed the salad that comes with the main, the day soup of clam chowder and vanilla ice-cream dessert. The staffs are busy but friendly, the relax atmosphere at the restaurant is charming. Our view from the restaurant is the busy re-construction works on-going at Sentosa island.

Bought 2 Papayas from my mom's favourite store - Naturally Market Place. I in turn got a lovely Catus as a present from Ric. Catus is a hardy plant which never fails to remind me to being self resilience to life's many setbacks and disappointment. You can practically smell life from a Catus.

Packed 'Soon Kueh' of bamboo soots for my grandmom from Alexander and some for home. A short heavy pour when i reached home, i sweep and mopped the house. Much enjoy the feeling of stick clean floor against my feet and an air of a clean house.

Bathed and enjoyed a dinner of my mom's home-cooked vegetarian craypot noodles. Ended the day with a cooling walk at Kent Ridge Hill Park and buying supper of fried carrot cake for my family. They enjoyed it.

Happiness is not only in receiving but also for making the people you love happy. I love my family.