Sunday, January 30, 2011

批杷, Loquats in Syrup

Yifon's Loquats in syrup, NTUC ($1.25 per can)

I believe you knew of Nin Jiom Pei Pa Kao we used to take in an event of any slight respiratory discomfort. The "Pei Pa" means Loquats fruits; i've never seen the fruit itself till my visit to China 4 years back.

I was then having some sore throat symptoms during our Fuzhou, China trip. My friend's father, a China man bought me bottles of sweetened Loquats which did help alleviate my pain. He regrets that fresh Loquats are out of season; else it would have been much effective. Later that year, my friend did hand carry fresh Loquats back for us :))

The refreshing fruit itself is mildly sweet, even when it's canned.
You should like it.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Favourite China Cze Char ;)

2 more new dishes from our favourite stall in NTU; but we note the price of white rice had upped from $0.30 to $0.50.

香辣排骨, Spicy Pork Rib ($8), Rice ($0.50)

麻婆豆腐, Assorted Bean Curd with Hot Chili Oil ($4)

The fiery looking Bean curb tasted much gentler than it had looked, it fact, you would love a full ladle of it on your rice. Trust me. On the other hand, the Spicy Pork Rib, identical to the cooking of its Spicy Prawns, had taste of frozen meat... ;)

Factory Outlets for Frozen Meats!

Ric and i were planning for a Shabu-ShabuSukiyaki styled hotpot for the coming Lunar New Year's Eve reunion dinner and thus needed lots of thinly meat slices for the meal.

If you are buying a lot, it's certainly worth the trip to BH Fresh Food Pte Ltd warehouse at No. 6, Chin Bee Crescent. Their Jurong retail outlet, the MMMM! operates from here.

This is our booty basket while Ric was fetching some more Beef slices for Shabu-Shabu. Prices here were certainly more affordable than the supermarket; 200g of Kurobuta Pork Belly sells at $6.80 only.

Then we went next door to QB Food Trading for some German sausages that would be great for hot plate cooking on our 2-in-1 steamboat.

Q.B. Food stocks well from some households names like Ehrmann Yogurt, Butterball, Johnsonville, Dairyland, Mc Cormick SpicesDivella Pasta, Vittoria Coffee... and much more. We conveniently pay the bargain prices of bulk purchase ;)

Johnsonville Sausages, 560g ($7), Denmark Black Bacon, 500g ($7)

Fishball Noodle in NTU, Canteen A

Returning to NTU Canteen A for the Hougang Fishball Noodle, we realized the stall had changed hands!? It was no longer operated by the famous Hougang hawker...

Fishball Noodle, dry ($2.20)

Nevertheless, the new hawker offers rather palatable Fishballs! Fresh and springy. But its seasoning sauces for the dry noodles left much to be desired, the soup version would be a tastier option.

The serving of noodles was much generous for breakfast ;)

Fishball Noddle, soup ($2.20)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Going Nuts... the New Year

Keeping in mind health factor when choosing Chinese New Year's goodies and tidbits, my family relied heavily on dried fruits and nuts. They are healthier snacks, and have much longer storage life than traditionally baked/ fried new year cookies.

Here are 2 of my family favourites to share with you ;)

Camel Natural Pistachio and Roasted Cashew, 400g ($9.10 each)

We always have Camel's Red Pistachio! Red Pistachio offers a more superior taste to the standard Green Pistachio. Splurging a little more for the seasonal indulgence well deserves...

Nature's Wonder Fruits & Nuts Fusion, 620g ($11.60)

This year new try is from the Tai Sun Nature's Wonder series. The bottle contains Cashew Kernels, Almonds, Pistachio Kernels, Roasted Grams, Golden Raisin and Sun Dried Figs. What impress would be the Almonds, Raisins and the Figs but gradually you would enjoy the nuts altogether ;)

Am totally bowl over by their Sun dried Figs!!! Compared to what we used to get from the wholesales stores, these are hygienically dried, sweet and compact. You can't deny they are some of the better quality Figs around; you wouldn't mind paying the extras at all.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

陈德源, Tan Teck Guan Bak Kwa

Barbecued Pork, Chili ($50 per kg)

Chinese Lunar New Year is the time where long queues form outside outlets of Lim Chee Guan for their famed Barbecued sweet meat, or pork jerky right!?

Brother saved us from the queuing and bought from Tan Teck Guan who was widely rumoured to be related to Lim Chee Guan by blood, and also of having the same meat suppliers? Taste to find out for yourself ;)

I do find them quite good. The chili version does have an acquired taste; it is interesting. After first few nibble of the mild piquant spices, it should get to you. Mum likes it, and me too.

They are at:
Blk 32 People's Park Hawker Centre
#01-1054 New Market Road (opp McDonald)
Tel: 6535 9338

Still, you can give me a Bee Cheng Hiang, anytime!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hakka Soon Kueh?

Hakka Soon Ban ($1 per piece)

A revisit to our favourite Hakka Soon Ban. You like Hakka Soon Ban? We like it for its richly varied ingredients and yam skinned; a winsome to plain Soon Kueh of mainly turnip.

We manage to obtain it today; some days it just gotten sold out even before 12pm, like how it was our last visit here. So, we eat and make takeaways, extra more today ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Woow! Digital Android Tablet PC

Android Tab 7 3G (US$285)

Ric just received his order of the Woow! Digital Japan latest 3G 7"inch Android tablet with capacitive touch screen (soft touch control with finger tip, not stylus). It's the latest touch screen technology and he is rather happy with its performance having played with it for the past week, comparing it back to his Apple iPhone.

I love its light weight of 500g, and that it held an 8 GB built-in NAND flash giving sufficient space for housing apps or any on-hand data storage.

What best? The pre-installed Android Market allows access to almost a million paid and FREE apps. Unlike APPLE which you need to pay for many apps type.

If you are looking for a user friendly and value tablet computer, this could be it. Woof!

Free Keyboard Case, and enjoy Free Shipping

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cheapest Satay, 30 cents!

Satay ($0.30 per stick), Rice ($0.50)

1 photo says it all - the cheapest Satay you can get in Singapore these years. All other hawkers had upped their price to $0.50 per stick albeit meatier serving.

I've blogged them here, in 2009 March. Prices remain unchanged till today ;)

宝源, Poh Guan Cake House

Have you got your Chinese New Year's Goodies and traditional cookies yet? Ric suggest we try long-established Poh Guan at Upper Cross Street this year; grandmom knows them by their traditional cakes ;)

Among the better known Pineapple Tarts, you should have samplings of their popular Green Pea Cookies ($14), Kueh Bangkit ($15), Prawn Roll ($13), Egg Roll in tin ($19), Bee Hive without Sesame ($12). Check here for their online price list.

That being said, because of the many temporary staffs roped in to help in this Spring Festival period, standards of these handmade pastries are not consistent across the thousand bottles produced.

Traditional Nian Gao ($35, $22, $15, $6 relative to sizes)

Nian Gao (a Chinese New Year cake made of glutinous rice) is a highly regarded food to be eaten during the Chinese Lunar New Year; it's considered "Good Luck" to consume one as it has the symbolism of promoting oneself higher in each coming year.

If you are visiting a Chinese friend in the New Year, try buying a Nian Gao as gift, it would be much appreciated especially by the old folks at home.

We love eating Deep Fried Nian Gao!

Gaint sized Nian Gao (price unknown)

Japanese Food in NTU, Canteen A

We do not dine much in Canteen A of NTU campus as it only opens till 3pm on Saturday. In fact, by 2pm many of the stalls were already packing up, such as our fave Hougang Minced Meat Fishball Noodles.

So we ordered from their adjoining Japanese Don stall.

Unagi Don ($3.80)

"So, Unagi for you?" Ric asked. You can always get a Unagi for me, i have no complaint ;) i love its gummy, lips sticking textures, don't you?

Ric hates that. Haha...

Pork Katsu Don ($3.50)

Don set here was served with Crab meat salad and mashed potatoes? Mashed Potato is something new for Japanese don set right? Mmmm...Western fusion ;)

Compared to our preferred Japanese food stall in their Canteen 1, this hawker here serves better Miso Soup.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

SANDS Infinity Pool & Jacuzzi

Soaking in a pool up 200 meters in the sky while enjoying a scenic view of the Singapore city line; this was the allure to us all into the freezing chlorine water ;)

We had scheduled our dip to the late morning because swimming at MBS is seriously cold dues to the strong winds at this altitude. But it was still biting as today's weather was cloudy with no sun; like many other, i too was shivering in the water. Haha...

Fortunately the opposite section of the pool is made up of hot jacuzzi tubs! These provide a view of the East Coast Park, the sea and the Garden by the Bay.

Being in the pools here might have been a refreshing experience, but the fact that ticketed public can loiter about part of the swimming pool and come up close to the hot tubs meant a distressing sacrifice of privacy.

I was thus too shy to bask out easily on the comfortable pool couches in my swim wear... Well, for the experience, one just have to stomach that :\

Ric was actually feeling rather unwell today, breaking into cold sweat. I docilely took my final dip in the warm jacuzzi and settled besides him before we returned to rest in our room.

Four Leaves Milk Bread!

Filling of Milk Bread

I have a discovery today! Four Leaves Japanese Milk Bread from their Liang Court outlet!

It was exploding with buttery cream custard when i tore it open for a shot! Comparable to the popular Raisin Cream Cheese of Barcook Bakery; this is even softer and more lusciously creamy! Both costing a sensible $1.30 only. Both i want.

Milk Bread ($1.30) & assortment from Four Leaves

Friday, January 14, 2011

SANDS SkyPark Revisit

Barely a span of 1 month from our last visit to the SkyPark, we returned as hotel staying guest this time. Our room cards grant authorised entry about the SkyPark that was closed to the ticketed public for this shoot. The night remains enchantingly chilling.

Apart from the shots taken during our last visit, this new angle was by Ric as he extends my camera beyond the building facade! Has anyone drop their camera from this height!?

For an info, NO camera tripods nor professional photographic/ video-recording equipments are allowed on the SANDS SkyPark ;)

Ghirardelli Squares Chocolates

Ghirardelli - Caramel, White Mint, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate 60% Cacao

Like some chocolates with coffee? i do.

Ric bought from the Ghirardelli, fillings of Caramel, White Mint, Raspberry and Dark Chocolate. White Mint tasted like After Eight; both our favorite is the one with viscous Caramel.

I don't usually fancy Caramel, finding them too sweet but these from Ghirardelli is different, they are finger licking delicious!

G7 Cappuccino Hazelnut

G7 Cappuccino Hazelnut Coffee

After our heavy dinner, Ric made us G7 coffee he had specially bought for sampling; while i was soaking my tired body in the long bath, easing away my sore shoulder ;))

I could smell the aroma of hazelnuts distinctively from the cups! And the mix that ain't too sugary suits my taste buds. Yet, ultimately i prefer my coffee pure. 

Now we were re-energized for a night walk at the SkyPark before retiring the night...

Rasapura Masters Food Court @ SANDS

Probably the priciest food court in Singapore - the Rasapura Masters, but also the nearest you could get to affordable pricing of food in Marina bay SANDS.

Yeah, no fast food restaurants nor economic cafes in SANDS luxurious setup, the emphasis would be more on providing fine dining in their several celebrity chef's restaurants and classy cafes in the likes of Sweetspot, TWG Tea, TCC.

And it's certainly entertaining to dine by the 600m2 Skating Rink beside the food court! A place to see and to be seen ;)

Nasi Padang with rendang mutton, ladyfinger, beancurb ($7.10)

A meal here would cost from $6-$8, excluding drinks. You wouldn't say it's really expensive judging the bigger potion some stalls were serving up; could be shared by 2 person of smaller appetites.

Nasi Padang with sweet sour chicken, eggplant, cabbages ($7.10)

We decided on the Malay Nasi Padang stall, as we calculated a saving by sharing our 2 vegetables ($1.30 per Veg) and 1 meat ($4 per meat) between our plates.

Too weary were we, to explore the exhausting large extent of food selections here that ranges from Italian, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Western, Asian, Arabian cuisines!


17 Jan 2011, just read an interview of founder of the Koufu chain of food courts, including the Rasapura - Pang Lim, on the Life! section in The Straits Times.

When asked about the high food prices in Rasapura compared to our local food courts, he said, "... diners can still have meals costing $3 or $4 such as from the economy rice stall." He had also bought food from the vegetarian stall on a few occasions, paying $3 to $4 each time.

I certainly find his interview misleading and defensive; a decent meal here, with vegetables and just 1 meat dish sets you back at about $6 to $8 here. How can Pang simply quote by his vegetarian standards? The basis of high rental would have been more understandable..

Stay at SANDS Hotel!

So, what's so great about staying in the Marina bay Singapore Sands Hotel?

I'll feel... it's all about the luxury of 5 star service - helpful service staffs, amenities, quality room fixtures and, of course, the all day access to the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, outdoor Jacuzzi and the Infinity Pool swim during you stay, till late 11pm - exclusive to hotel guests. That's about all ;)

Let's reveal Sands elementary accommodation, the Atrium Room.. after our late, tired and hungry check-in.

Our room was on the 9th level, blocked by the casino and without views of either the city skyline or the sea; but the lights from the long stretch of expressway traffic jams was equally exciting to watch ;)

Complimentary for the room, you get high speed internet access (wired/wireless), Cable TV and movies on 40" Philip LCD TV, water boiling cordless kettle, in-room safe, iron and iron board, local calls, daily papers.

All coffee/tea pack and drinks from the computerised mini-bar fridge are chargeable.

OH...! i was so tired; i just wish to sink into a hot bath tub!!! In fact, apart from the bed, the spacious bathroom in size bigger than my home bedroom is my favourite space in the Atrium.

There were another 2 roomy cubicles for the shower and toilet bowl; i typically lingered in the shower, easing off by the gentle splashes from the highly efficient rain-stimulated shower head... must get 1 such shower head for home!

YES! And the bath robes for the pool! My weary eyes lighted up almost instantly..

Thanks Ric for taking all these shots of the room, as he was equally exhausted... and for getting this weekend getaway for us <3

Jack and Jill - Takoyaki, Unagi, Salmon Sushi Wasabi!

Jack and Jill flavored Potato Chips, 52.5g ($1.45)

Finally an intriguing product from our familiar Jack n Jill! We were shopping for some snacks at Meidi-Ya for our stay at the SANDS hotel, and behold, Jack with Jill caught us ;)

Instructions on the packaging says there's a small flavouring sachet that you were supposed to empty into the potato chips, seal up the resealable ziplock closure, shake the bag and enjoy! And if you like your chips less salted, just don't use up all the flavoring salt - nice idea.

We didn't get the pack, cos our bags were already quite full; maybe the next time, or shall you can try and tell me how it tasted?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Poh Heng Jewellery - for Sis's Wedding

916 Necklace & Bracelet Set (22K-916 $64.50/gm, 24K-999 $69.50/gm)

Yes, Sister wedding is to be held in March this year. Well knowing that Gold prices had reached an extortionary height, we still wish to get her the customary gold pieces for keepsake.

Poh Heng Jewellery is where we swear by for guarantee Gold quality - its gold pieces don't seem to tarnish nor lose its shine after years! And as a mark of recognition, Poh Heng accept trade back of their gold jewelry wear at just 5% cut off to-date gold prices, this gave us such assurance.

Wishing you matrimony bliss, Sis..

Saturday, January 8, 2011

下酒菜, Red meat is for Red wine

Pork Teriyaki Set, with rice, crab meat salad and coleslaw ($3.50)

Beef Set, with rice, crab meat salad and coleslaw ($4)

Don't you love wine'ing with Red Meat? It seems a great pity that such indulgence could only be relished in restaurants/pubs in Singapore. And a bottle in such commercial setting easily sets you back at about $30.
We do this ;)
Pack our own Wine, make a takeaway from our favourite Japanese meat cooking vendor. Have a picnic! Breath easy in alfresco dining!

Margaret River, 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon

Willespie Margaret River, Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

A product of Western Australia and could probably be one that was bought at a bargain; i found it in my home - for your interest, it is spicy and dry.

But you know, a wine is a wine. It does its job when all you want is some bitterness to drown off life's boredom, frustrations, disappointment... Thank God for the beautiful chill evening that drizzles lightly, and a drinking companion; offering us the temporary escapement and comfort..

May the wine's bitterness wake us from our growing numbness... Cheers.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gelare Waffles Special

Lunch wasn't exactly satisfying, and i have the perfect excuse for dessert at Gelare; been wanting to get their Tuesday half priced waffles!

But Gelare's plain waffle left you wanting, the limited syrup & cream just makes you greedy for more. Next time i shouldn't scrimp and should include a scoop of ice-cream, at least - Ric be holding me by these words.

If only their coffee goes on promotion too; it would have been an absolute Tuesday ;)

Plain Waffles, served with waffle syrup and fresh whipped cream
(Tuesday Special at $3.70)