Friday, March 8, 2013

IKEA 10-cents Meatballs - It's once in a lifetime!

Main queue that extends into the dining hall of IKEA Tampines

11:17 am - We arrived at IKEA Tampines and Ric joined in the queue.
11:50 am - Ric arrived at our table with 30 meatballs.

By this time, another serving counter opened to serve a 2nd queue while the 3rd queue at the Halal section grew much longer! Most dining tables were occupied and the dining hall was packed with both standing and sit down customers. Thankfully, the atmosphere is one of festive rather than chaos. It was like a carnival with the store Manager broadcasting messages of patience, welcome and thanks. 

After the food scares, the IKEA meatballs return to the restaurant menu today with this 1 day promotion.

Everybody was genuinely enjoying themselves; while some customers were busy packing away more meatballs than necessary, it seems. So much, it does become a little embarrassing...

Our plate of 20 Meatballs ($2 today, usual priced at $9.50)

We hasn't had IKEA meatballs for a while, and quite miss it especially after last week, when it was withdrawn from the shelf pending a DNA lab test to confirm that Singapore's stock has no link to the Europe-wide scandal over horsemeat in food product. Read story here.

This is our share of the promotion. And we are happy.
Alas, we prayed that the humankind will forever refrain from abusing food products and food animals.

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