Friday, March 22, 2013

Sasatinnie Face Mask

Gold Foil Tightening Mask, 30ml ($8.90, 6pcs per box)

The central air-conditioned unit at my new office is much drier and i am working hard to take care of the facial skin. Let's see if i persevere a weekly face mask routine. This week i have Sasatinnie face mask, from Sasa outlets. Made in Taiwan.

The mask is interesting that it contains gold foil and nano-gold molecules which promises anti-oxidizing power to strengthen moisture-holding, tightening skin and smooths wrinkle. It also has 2 extra ear hooks (on both sides of mask) to further promote the lifting effect.

I find the mask satisfactory. It smells light, and isn't too rich that it becomes uncomfortably sticky. Lots of gold foil wafting in its extra essence; and these are evident on the foil residues that stick to your face after removing the paper. Quite literally "to stick gold on face". But i didn't attach the 2 ear hooks as i thought it looked quite silly. I snipped them and applied them on my arms instead.

In conclusion, if you ain't bothered by heavy face mask, the Korean, the Face Shop which i had on last week was more effective and had a longer lasting effect that was obvious. Sasatinnie is good enough for an average mask that moisturised the skin easily, but without the wows.

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