Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bird's Eye View of Malacca Coastal Town

Day in, day out, Jalan Merdeka is a busy road.

At 10pm, the car parks begin clearing, packing the street once more as the shopping malls close their doors; and we had just returned from our Jonker Walking. Missed the shopping hour, yet we were too roused for sleep. Let's just lingered on for a while, to watch the lights... from the hotel floor.




Packed Car Parking at dusk

Alto Sky Lounge - Hatten Hotel

Running of Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz; overlooking Pulau Melaka

Good morning at the hotel's 22th level - the Alto Sky Lounge where their executive breakfast was served. And we caught the view of Melaka’s coastal township from another angle.

After a robust weekend, the town was quiet, and seemed to have slipped into stillness on this weekday morning. We too were making our leave for Singapore, but not before a fattening breakfast.

Jonker Walk Night Market (雞場街文化坊)

Night activity was a leisure stroll along Jonker Walk flea market - a long stretch of narrow road with numerous small shopping lanes cutting across it. Visitors would choose to enter Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat) via its two ends - besides the Hard Rock Cafe, or in our case, from the Tamil Methodist Church.

Performance Stage in Jonker Street - lovely Hokkien Karaoke Singing!

Since introduction of the Jonker Walk night market in year 2000, the street was closed to vehicular traffic on every Fri, Sat and Sun night from 6pm till midnight. It is extremely crowed! And as much as we had wanted to remain casual about our visit, we were sweating and squeezing to move along with the crowd. 

Think of having your dinner here? We were just glad to have eaten before coming; unless you don't mind to eat-standing.

Still, i thought we enjoyed the nostalgic walk immensely. It reminds us of Singapore's very own Chinatown of the 1800s!

Just make sure you grab tightly to your belongings; beware of pick-pocketing, the tour guide warned. And take in the sights, smell and lights of the night! We sure did.

Fried Oyster Omelet, Satay, Fresh Fruits Ice-Blended, Hot-plate Seafood, Fresh Oysters or Grilled!

BBQ Seafood!

Brightly decorated Trishaw for hire. Anyone?

Hard Rock Cafe with the Malacca River Cruise

Restoran Pei Zing (Melaka), 北京楼

Dinner was at Pei Zing, another long-standing Chinese restaurant in Malacca. And despite of our early dinner, i was surprised that everyone seemed hungry; even the kids were asking for seconds! Alright, we really enjoyed this dinner more than our lunch at Restoran L.T.P.

On the overall, we were impressed with the spicy dishes of pork in satay sauce and sambal squids, while the children finished the plate of sweet sour pork - i had earnestly helped too. 

Shark's Fin Soup

Cantonese Steamed Tilapia

Cereal Butter Prawns

Sweet & Sour Pork

Pork in Satay Sauce

Sambal Sotong with Ladyfingers

Choy Sum Vegetable

Hatten Hotel Malacca

Hatten Hotel along Jalan Merdeka

Splash infinite pool @ level 12

After a brief, but fruitful shopping at the Dataran Pahlawan MegaMall and Mahkota Parade, we crossed the road to our designated sleepover tonight - the Hatten Hotel. Location seems perfect as we surround ourselves with the food and shopping paradise, plus a 10 mins walk to Jonker Walk!

The package tour with Farmosa Holiday at S$170 per pax (exclude tipping) provide 2 way coach transfers, all meals and a night in the Junior Suit of the 4-stars hotel. At level 15, our spacious room comes with 'wall' view only; and a small living area with sitting sofa. The 2 LCD televisions manage to receive CNA news with occasion interruptions; grateful for the complimentary Wi-Fi access. And we wish to stay forever, underneath the raining shower!

Fabulous sleepover, we said. 
With a buffet breakfast to look forward to.

‘Hand’ and ‘Rain’ showers!! Complimentary Bath & Cleaning essentials. No Hairdryer.

In-room Safe, and Ironing facilities 

Mini Fridge with Coffee/ Tea Making facilities

Teochew Restaurant L.T.P. 林镇潘

We were on our 2-days-1-night Malacca trip! After the usual breakfast at Gelang Patah at 9am, we were quite famished when we reached Malacca at noon. This is our welcoming lunch in Lim Tian Puan - one of the oldest restaurants in Malacca, which offers pretty scrumptious fare.

We emptied the soup which the housewives were singing praises of; and the classy dessert of Teochew yam paste was expeditiously dealt with! Special mention goes to the steamed fish, claypot duck and suckling pig - a promising meal to start our short holiday, surely.

Cold Dish Platter

Baby Spinach Soup with Century Egg and Wolfberries

Golden Beancurd with Minced Meat

Claypot Teochew Duck

Cereal Butter Prawns
Teochew Steamed Red Snapper

BBQ Suckling Pig

Teochew Yam Paste with Pumpkin and Gingko Nuts

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ying Ji, 英记云吞面 - This is Char Siew!

Wanton Noodle ($2.50)

"Oh! My! This char siew is chewy! It's been so long since i tasted such delicious char siew, not even at those popular noodle stalls! This is real meat! Should roasted meat even be this chewy and juicy!?" i exclaimed sheepheadedly. "Yay, this is how they always serve it." Ric remaining cool.

So this little-known stall becomes our favorite, the very first one which i would gladly finish up all my Char Siew; snooping around for extras from other plates. It is this good. They are at Taman Jurong Market Food Centre; stall no. 03-172.

Order the $3 bowl at your own risk; unless you have a really big appetite!

Chicken Feet Noodle ($2.50)