Sunday, August 2, 2009

Batam Cracker Snacks!

Well, while the group of guys alighted for some massages at Indo Thai Massage near Mathahari Shopping Mall, we set our eyes on this little cart of Keropok goodies!

All looking so fresh!
It's unlike those packages we usually see in the Supermart!

They have the Spicy Melinjo, Banana, Spicy Tapioca, Cheese Tapioca and Plain Tapioca Chips! (from left to right)

We got 1 pack (500g) of these Cheese Tapioca Chips,

2 packs of these Spicy Melinjo Chips (Bitter Cracker).

And i had bargained down the price to Rp20,000 (S$3) for 500 grams pack with the super friendly seller.

Free food sampling for all!
You couldn't stop at 1 and would definitely haul home a 500 grams bag :)

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