Saturday, March 10, 2018

焱, Yan Fried Bee Hoon & Chicken Wings

Fried Bee Hoon ($0.60), Fried Chicken ($1.20)

Simple plate of fried vermicelli with fried chicken wings - got some to jest when Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee personally queued to buy it for his family. After the episode, queues at the already popular stall (#01-09) in the Redhill Lane Food Centre got really unbearable. That was in Jun, 2014.

Savoring the fare today got me to respect my prime minister's taste for food.

The springy vermicelli is lightly seasoned, just like home cooking. We really like it. The freshly deep fried chicken wings are savory, crisp, and juicy. One of the best you can get out here. I want to buy it for my family too.

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Beary said...

Redhill Market was closed for upgrading. The good stall has moved to 726 West Coast Market Square (#01-191).