Thursday, June 1, 2017

乔记面馆, Qiao Ji Noodle House

You like pancake with stuffing? I love it.

It is a basic staple food in China, but in Singapore we tend to pay a premium for it. This stall (#01-72) we are visiting at Blk 90, Whampoa Food Centre serves an economical one. Only a dollar fifty for a palm-sized piece. And they were fattened with stuffing!

Now we love to dip them into the vinegary sauce, complete with ginger strips. Yum.

韭菜盒子, Chives Pancake ($1.50)
猪肉馅饼, Pork Pancake ($1.50)

葱花饼, Spring Onions Pancake ($1.50)

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